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"Weight Control Compound For
The Significantly Overweight"

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FAQ Man'fr Product Presentation

Nearly all weight-loss supplements now on the market fall into one of three categories -- thermogenic, that is, they speed up metabolic functions within the body to help burn up more calories; kerosis-inducing, which are patterned along the lines of the Dr. Atkins' Diet -- that is, they provide high protein and very restricted carbohydrate intakes, thereby causing the body to draw from its fat reserves and create "ketones" -- appetite-suppressing (self-explanatory).
Our introduction of Anorex (made by Klein Becker usa), together with our protein beverage, Ketozyne, covers all three bases. Anorex is both a thermogenic and appetite-suppressing product, using natural ingredients and a patented process to achieve its clinically-tested aims, and Ketozyne is a protein beverage system to assist the body in achieving short-term ketosis, which assists in rapid weight-loss.
Anorex is already a popular product and is available from a variety of web sites (though the majority at not nearly our low price points - both Anorex products carry an MSRP of $153.00). Ketozyne is not.
The Klein Becker presentation for this product is excellent and should be thorough read before using. We also provide a special FAQ section for this product - much of the material also having been abstracted from Klein Becker materials.
Extensive customer service for this product is provided by Klein Becker as well as Alpha Omega Labs. Email us with any query you may have.

How Overweight Am I?
The extreme prevalence of obesity in most Western cultures has caused the standards of what constitutes "overweight" to be politically tainted. (Should we be surprised?) One standard that has not tainted is the Rice Program.
Dr. Walter Kempner (M.D.) founder of the Kempner Foundation, developed the Rice Reduction Diet Program. His studies led to the following weight charts, which indicate, given your height, what your ideal weight is -- your best weight for optimum health.* Note that these figures do not indicate statistical averages, or lower means, but strictly indicate your "best" weight. Dr. Kempner recommends also that you reduce the weight indicated by 10 to 15 percent if you suffer from diabetes or heart, kidney, or blood vessel diseases.

Height Weight Height Weight
4'11" 91 5'2" 110
5'0" 94 5'3" 115
5'1" 97 5'4" 120
5'2" 100 5'5" 125
5'3" 104 5'6" 130
5'4" 108 5'7" 135
5'5" 112 5'8" 140
5'6" 117 5'9" 145
5'7" 122 5'10" 150
5'8" 127 5'11" 155
5'9" 132 6'0" 160
5'10" 137 6'1 165
5'11" 142 6'2" 170
6'0" 147 6'3" 175
6'4" 180
6'5" 185

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What If I Don't Want
To Use Supplements?

There are plenty of contrarians who question the use of supplements, let alone drugs, to create weight-loss, no matter how natural or efficacious the formulas.
The McDougall Plan - Dr. John A. McDougall Dr. John McDougall created quite a stir in 1985 with his radical departure from the usual orthodox advice concerning weight loss. Among his recommendations were a vegetarian diet (the book is a major assault on the meat and dairy industries) and an increase in the consumption of natural fiber foods that are filling but low in calories. We feel that increasing high fiber, low calorie density foods has real merit. But it does it work? For most people, the answer is "no," and for those who are substantially overweight (20 pounds or more), there is a real need for a program that works in a timely manner, is convenient to implement, fitting in with today's busy lifestyle, and is cost effective.
We have that program.

Other Lifestyle
Changes That Help

For those who are familiar with our work, a major focus of our research at Alpha Omega Labs has been cancer treatment. Early on, we realized that lifestyle issues, including diet, exercise -- even mental states -- were too important not to mention. In fact, we do not believe that most degenerative diseases can be treated successfully with externally administered drugs or supplements without taking lifestyle issues into consideration.
Addressing obesity is no different.
In 2002 we started using our Health Zone to help those with degenerative illnesses examine various elements of their lifestyle to see if by adjusting certain factors they could aid in their own recovery.
We feel this same practice is helpful for those who suffer from obesity. Although there are many parts that do not apply to weight gaining -- (in fact, point #13 in our "Top 28 Things You Can Do . . . is itself a focus on watching you weight, with particular attention applied to the importance of regular exercise), this section still is helpful in that it encourages self-reflection and examination so that a proper balance is struck between health supporting practices and personal lifestyle choices.