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The Ashwin is a monthly webzine for ΑΩ Labs' customers -- Mar., 2002 Edition
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AO Heart Drops
Note to our Readers: This is the sixth edition of the The Ashwin (pronounced "Ah-sh' win"), covering March, 2002. Previous editions are archived. If you have questions, email us.

This month's Ashwin is quite brief and centers around the addition of three new products, comprising what we will hereafter collectively refer to as our "Healthy Heart" products.
Since so many of Alpha Omega Labs' customers have coronary problems, it had been our desire, for some time, to make available superior products from the alternative health care field to help in this area. Our initial foray, we believe, is a most respectable one: flax, heart drops, and a proprietary product from the U.S. called Medicardium - which allows people to obtain, without needles and without time-consuming clinical visits, the benefits of chelation therapy.
All three products are listed on our new Healthy Heart page, which will be updated regularly with new products that support coronary health.
Next month, starting with the April issue of the Ashwin, we will begin to detail the science behind scalar wave technology and its effects in enhancing the properties of phytochemical and other organic compounds.
For now, enjoy a long, happy, heart-healthy life.

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