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Improved Postal
Service &
Rate Change

In the effort to tighten operations, shorten delivery times, and improve service, the Ecuadorean Postal Service has increased its international shipping rates, the first such increases since 2006.
To minimize the effect of this change and keep rates as low as possible for our customers, we are including our "discounts" -- (provided by the postal service because of our volume of shipments) -- in our new rates, effectively subsidizing the shipping cost.
We will be posting the new rates on both of our Order Forms, and, of course, you can check out the rates yourself by placing an order and then aborting before completing the process.
We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause, and, again, will continue to do everything possible to bring you the best products possible at the best prices.

Health Centreforce
Continuing Inquiries
About Our
'Fake Product
Compensation Program'

As a result of the decision by Health CentreForce to discontinue, after several years, the illegal use of our U.S. registered trademark, Cansema® -- (see last month's Ashwin), we are now getting inquiries from customers, asking if we will continue to support the Fake Product Compensation Program for duped customers of Health CentreForce and the other counterfeiters still on the market.
The short answer is, "yes."
For those unfamiliar with the program (first introduced last October [2008] on our opening page, where it continues to reside), its purpose is to compensate individuals who have been victimized by counterfeit and pirated versions of our products during my false imprisonment that we felt we needed to respond. We have been able to identify the following list of producers of such product :
  • Jennifer Wilson (Australia)
  • George S. Ackerson
  • Elaine Hollingsworth
As we have stated previously, we didn't know the extent of the problem. But within the past few months, we have reached a veritable avalanche of angry customers who purchased products from counterfeiters using one or more of our trademarks and did not get the intended result.
We want to thank all the customers who have taken advantage of the Fake Product Compensation Program, as well as those who have provided additional details concerning both pirated products and those within the U.S. Government, in particular, who are assisting counterfeiters in order to extract bribe money.
Without your valuable input, we would not be able to provide additional details to the public concerning regulatory wrongdoing.

Dark Messages From the Amazon:
Preparing for the Ecological Apocalypse
& The Revenge of Gaia
"The earth does not belong to the white man; the white man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood that unites our family . . . If we kill the snakes, the field mice will multiply and destroy our corn . . .
(And so) whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
Chief Seattle [ 1 ]
Ted Perry version of famous Seattle speech (1854)

We shall not cease in our explorations
And at the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And to know the place for the first time
T.S. Eliot
Four Quartets (Little Gidding)

Above: This picture appears to show what might be three distinct lakes or large pools of water. In actuality, what it shows is the Rio Pastaza -- the border between our two largest provinces, Pastaza and Moreno Santiago. Home to about a dozen indigenous groups, including Shuar, Achuar, Hoarani, Sarayaku, Jivaro and Chechua, there are no adults living in these expansive provinces who have not witnessed the earth changes underway.
The area you see above, for instance, was one large solid river just 30 years ago. Climate changes have had dramatic effects on fresh water levels (not to mention the impact of a hydroelectric dam upstream) and even here -- where population density is a tiny fraction of what it is in the urban areas -- the ill-effects of mankind's overarching footprint can be seen in untold ways, subtle and not-so-subtle. (This is made all the more disturbing when considering the area's remoteness. Most of the places I now visit inside the Amazon require the employment of a small plane to reach them. They are, for all intents and purposes, inaccessible any other way.)
It is the mark of these ill-effects to which this edition of the Ashwin is devoted.

Guayaquil, Ecuador -- (June 8) . . . Tonight, after returning from Baņos, where I was visiting a fellow herbalist, I happened to get a phone call from the States.
In the course of that conversation, the subject of Earth 2100 came up -- a two-hour ABC program (see official site), espousing an apocalyptic view of the future if mankind doesn't reform his ways soon, that aired just six nights ago (see one of the official trailers from YouTube, scored to Frou Frou's "Let Go," or a less dramatic version with more intellectual gravitas. Better yet -- click on the Wiki link above). For those of you who participated in this media event -- still hungering for more because the History Channel's gruesome, recurring renderings of 2012 doomsday predictions just isn't producing enough adrenaline anymore, and for those of you who didn't . . . I have news.
It's too late to reverse what's coming . . . and only an uninformed observer or unabashed propagandist would think that we'll need 90 years to get there.
Given the frantic pace that underground military bases and huge city dwellings have and are being built by the Power Elite over the past 65 years, I suspect they know it, too. [2]
This Ashwin details how I spent five years of my life coming to that conclusion -- actually, "revelation" would be more apt -- how it dovetails with the work of Alpha Omega Labs, and how one amazing "vision quest" contributed to the process.

While imprisoned in the U.S. on bogus FDA charges -- (an issue I summarized in last September's Ashwin, with greater expansion in Chapter 3 of Meditopia) -- I devoted my time to reading over 350 books on history, medicine, politics, philosophy, agriculture, entheogens . . . and escatology.
The real mind-bender in the group was Terence McKenna's first book, The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens, and the I Ching, which developed Timewave Zero, a numerological sequence which uses the rise and fall of "novelty" to explain critical junctures in human development -- including the beginning and end of civilizations. (Reduced to a mathematical formula, Timewave Zero is available as a software program, called Fractal Time). Therein McKenna established what appears to be the winter solstice of 2012 as an indefineable "end" to the current cycle.
I had already been exposed to Man's propensity to become attracted to specific future dates as significant points of chaos in the time continuum -- having witnessed (and participated in) Y2K. Even in absorbing the material in McKenna's first book, I found the concept itself unoriginal, having first been exposed to "2012" as a significant date when reading Ken Kalb's The Grand Catharsis (originally published in 1969).
So, for me, it wasn't about the date. It was about processes. It was about trying to figure out if my own civilization was on the verge of collapse -- forget trying to nail an exact date -- with the same rapidity as the three grand examples provided in Tainter's The Collapse of Complex Societies.
After I got out of prison (March, 2006), I read the majority of the extant literature on "2012" and in May, 2007, flew to Sedona, Arizona to participate in a "Wisdom Gathering" at Dr. Chet Snow's, where five prominent leaders of different indigenous groups shared their surprisingly common visions of an imminent collapse. (The two I found most compelling and impressive in their presentations were Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma, who summarized the Hopi prophecies (see Waters) and "preparation" activities (primarily dealing with storable food and water in underground dwellings) which members of the Hopi nation are currently engaged in ... and Lakota activist, Russell Means. Fortunately, I was able to spend private time with both men to get more details on their views. Grandfather Martin was able to point to photos of ancient petroglyphs and divine the coming of "what you would call a police state -- right here on Turtle Island [the United States] ... and here -- do you see this? The dotted line that leads away? That represents people like yourself who are leaving because you sense what's coming!" Not long after the Elite turn the United States into a fascist hell-hole -- in Grandfather Martin's view of the ancient Hopi prophecies -- earth changes would begin in earnest -- (read Book of Revelations, Chapter 18, substituting "United States of America" for "Babylon" . . . and you'll get the general idea).
As for Means, the man was almost giddy over the very idea of a complete collapse of civilization, "I'm routin' for our Mother . . . I'm cheering for Mother Earth . . . and you know what? . . . I can't wait! . . . Boy, I just can't wait!!"
Three and a half months later, I left the U.S. to live in Ecuador. (My wife and son had already moved there.) And among the things I set out to do was to speak with indigenous leaders and shamans to see if there was any correlation with what I was hearing in North America. I also sought out to have my own entheogenic experiences, so that I, too, could travel the path that Terrence McKenna and his brother had travelled over 35 years earlier in this same corner of South America.

"You Have 40 Years - No More."
On May 17th (2009) I drove with friends to El Coca to visit with Master Shaman, Francisco Siguenza ("Don Bartolo") -- who runs a school for shamans in Orellana Province. He doesn't call himself a "Master Shaman," but it the only way I know to describe someone who is so well-respected among indigenous visionaries, that he is sought out by hundreds of other shamans from tribes throughout the Amazon region.
My interest was not so much centered on his extensive herbal knowledge as it was the reports I was receiving concerning his prophetic visions.
According to Don Bartolo, he first began to receive apocalyptic visions in 1984, and it was at that time that he received startling, clear images of massive, worldwide flooding -- something akin to the story in Genesis of Noah and the flood. He says he has repeatedly seen the Amazon basin being covered in water and the western coastline of South America up to the Andes destroyed by massive tsunamis. Initially he was told, "You have 40 years . . no more" (which would equate to the year 2024). However, he reports that in more recent visions he has been told that the Purification would have to begin sooner.
Interestingly, his visions mimic comments I hear all over the Amazon. Don Agustin Grefa of Tena told me a year and a half ago that impending earth changes were widely seen by Amazonian visionaries . . . that he saw early signs of these changes manifesting in 2011 so that most earth people would be aware of their imminence by that time . . . and that children were already being taught how to survive in the extensive cave systems that exist throughout the province there (Napo).

Puyo - Museum - May 18, 2009 The day after my journey to see Don Bartolo, I visited the director of the local museum in Puyo, anthropologist, Carlos Hidalgo, to discuss the recently discovered end time writings on the ancient ruins of Copataza. [ 3 ] Located in Pastaza Province, the stone carvings, now deciphered, talk about the changes in the earth at the end of the current age. Although an exact date has not been assigned to the ruins, they are so old that neither the Shuar nor the Sarayaku who live in the area around the ruins -- found where Rio Copataza and Rio Pastaza meet -- have an explanation in their oral traditions as to who or what produced the monuments.
Hidalgo, himself an intense academic with extensive knowledge of the cultural anthropology of the area, speaks volumes about the beliefs of the local people as it pertains to massive, impending changes -- all linked to man's abuse of Earth Mother (Puchamama).
Traces of evolving "end of times" ethos in the Amazon come from the most unexpected places. In Pastaza, women of the Sarayaku tribe are known for their ceramic work. While visiting one ceramist, I happened to ask about a tableful of various strange looking creatures, "Oh, those," the Sarayaku woman replied, "Those are demonic entities. They live in the trees, streams, mountains -- but they are not permitted to come out until the end of the age. When this time comes, which is soon, they will be let loose . . . "

There was a cool breeze in those early morning hours of November 11, 2006. I had gone to the beach to spend time with Ed Tuttle and his wife, Tonya, who run a retreat not far from the shore, called Samai. Appropriately, their website is called Sacred Journey.
Back in those days I was scurrying back and forth between the United States and Ecuador -- focusing on trying to solidify Ecuador Passion Fruit, and preparing for my exit. (I had already received premonitions that corrupt FDA officials were manufacturing perjured testimony against me -- standard operating procedure these days -- making it impossible for me to finish my probation, no matter what I did. My choice was to leave the U.S. -- or go back to prison on yet more drummed up charges.) [ 4 ]
The previous August (2006) I had my first Ayahuasca experience in a one-on-one vision quest which I took with Ed at the retreat. Several more journeys were taken that fall and now I had come back for a weekend of meditation and repose. [ 5 ] About 11 p.m., I drank my third glass of the concentrated concoction, then went off with Cathryn, back to our room, to finish our visionary journeys alone.
Over the next four hours, I was caught in alternating fits of profusely vomiting the bitter brew . . . and reclining to experience the visions -- ever intent on unlocking their inner meaning.
About 2 a.m. -- after hours of viewing what appeared to be bands of gold ribbons passing from right to left -- all with engravings, in letters consistent in form, size, and style . . . something I can only describe as a cross between Sanskrit and Hebrew, time momentarily froze. My heart stopped . . . breathing ceased . . . I felt as if I had fallen into some altered, super-conductive state of awareness . . . and then it happened.
"Change The World."
Not only were the letters not foreign or unrecognizeable, but the message was clearly written in English. It was the first time in several hours that I had seen anything that had any decipherable meaning.
"Change the world?" I asked within the confines of my own mind. "How can I change the world? I couldn't even save myself or my family!" I protested. [ 6 ]
"You can and you must . . . it is written," came the reply -- clearly, unmistakeable, as if God himself were speaking into my ear . . . except this was a level of divinity or spirit beyond sex or gender, pure, full of love and compassion, and as distinctly real as if someone you know were standing next to you and speaking into your ear. [ 7 ]
I saw many things those early morning hours -- most of which I will leave absent here because so much of the instruction was quite personal. In time, after many months of reflection, I have come to believe the admonition to change was global, as if applicable to the entirety of humanity. I also came to believe that "Change the World" embodies our embracing, rather than rejecting, the "beauty in the breakdown." That as eternal spiritual beings, a wider vision of our world will allow us to see that the Earth can and will take it upon herself to do away with this horrific, Luciferian class of Elitists who are intent on destroying the earth, because we either cannot or will not stop them.
At Alpha Omega Labs, we deal with cancer patients all the time who begin to experience a type of Herxheimer Effect after Cansema initiates a die-off of their cancer. Fever, fatigue, sometimes nausea . . . these are all "Herx symptoms" through which we have to counsel people. And there are two ways to view Herx symptoms: that it's a horrible thing, having to deal with unpleasant healing symptoms, OR, more positively, that something good is happening, the inconveniences are of short duration, and the end result will be a state of health.
Mother Earth is about to unleash a die-off of her own . . . a pruning of what is corrupt and unreformable. I don't know the date. I wasn't told. I have only been shown the processes and how they will unfold. For her part, Alpha Omega Labs is involved -- as are others in Ecuador -- with growing, storing, and sharing the information on, hundreds of medical plants in the coastal, mountain, and rainforest (Oriente) regions. It is akin to the "monastic option" proposed by Morris Berman. [ 8 ]
What world we create after the petri dish has been cleaned out should be our focus now. For our sake and for the sake of all living creatures on this planet, that world should take into account our conscious recognition that this act of house cleaning was necessary . . . that our unspoken Declaration of War against mother nature was a Declaration of War against ourselves.
And it is in that return to our roots, to our Mother, to what is pure and unspoiled, that we will find ourselves . . . that we will end this 6,000 year Luciferian nightmare. [ 9 ]
Viewed in that context, there is nothing to mourn or regret. In fact . . . it would appear that everything is running just as it should.
. . . for, in all actuality, it was probably planned this way from the very beginning.

Greg Caton --- Founder
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador


  1. The haunting, prophetic words of Seattle are discussed in the closing (right column) section of Meditopia - Chapter 5.
  2. Read Richard Sauder's book, Underwater and Underground Bases, the followup to Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?. Hear also Phil Schneider's comments on the subject, made in 1995, shortly before he was assassinated for talking too much.
  3. Astonishingly, there is little information on Copataza available on the internet. Because of my busy schedule, I have been able to visit places around the Copataza ruins, but never the ruin site itself.
  4. This is covered in extensive detail in the second section of Meditopia's third chapter.
  5. If you've never been on a vision quest -- the ayahuasca variety is best theatrically represented in the movie, Blueberry (Renegade), despite its Southwest U.S. setting . . . Makes sense . . . Director Jan Kounen is no stranger to South American shamanism.
  6. What came to mind in that moment was the memory of my pleading in U.S. Court -- the helplessness of having to agree to charges that everyone in the Court knew were a farce, including the judge and the prosecutor . . . driven by threats the prosecutor made towards my wife and my 7-year old son if I didn't do whatever they wanted. This forever leaves a sense that one can do little correct or reform an endemically corrupt culture or society.
  7. Shakespeare wrote, "Many a truth has been spoken in jest," and so I find it ironic that the late stand-up comedian, Bill Hicks -- crude though most of his material was (at least by my sensibilities) -- should have so eloquently described, in one of his routines, Five Dried Grams, the experience of using an entheogen to experience the Divine. Referring to his personal experience when taking magic mushroom (Psilocybe mexicana L.) he comments: "Ya know what happened when I took 'em? . . . I laid in a field of green grass for four hours, going, 'My God, I love everything!' [Big laughs.] The heavens parted. God looked down and rained gifts of forgiveness upon my being, healing me on every level, psychically, physically, emotionally. And I realized that our true nature is Spirit, not body -- that we are eternal beings, and God's love is unconditional, and there's nothing we can ever do to change that. It is only our illusion that we are separate from God, or that we are alone. In fact, the reality is, we are one with God, and He loves us . . . . Now, if that isn't a hazard to this country. [Big laughs.] You see my point. How are we going to keep building nuclear weapons? You know what I mean? What's going to happen to the arms industry when we realize that we're all one? It's going to fuck up the economy! [Big laughs.] The economy that's fake anyways! [Bigger laughs.] . . . You can see why the Government's cracking down . . . on the idea of experiencing unconditional Love! Isn't it interesting that the two drugs that are legal -- alcohol and tobacco -- two drugs that do absolutely nothing for you whatsoever -- and drugs that grow naturally upon this planet, drugs that open your eyes up to make you realize how you're being fucked every day of your life . . [Big laughs.] those drugs are against the Law. Wow!! Coincidence? I don't know. [Big laughs.] I'm sure they're motives are pure . . . "
    Hysterical . . . but true. Listen to the first four minutes into this link.
    Interestingly, in my psychonaut journeys, I have found that marijuana is very deleterious to the process of self-discovery . . . to say nothing of its damaging effects on cognitive function and memory -- both short and long term. The "ayahuasca spirit" went to far as to warn against people who took entheogens for recreational purposes and not serious self-discovery and was particularly emphatic on this point concerning the use of marijuana.
  8. Taken from Morris Berman, The Twilight of American Culture. The jist of Berman's "monastic option" draws from a historical phenomenon that occurred at close of the Roman Empire. Briefly stated, as the Dioclesian Dynasty came to a close and it became obvious to all Roman citizens with eyes to see, that the Empire was on the verge of collapse, various monasteries took it upon themselves to create hidden libraries in the attempt to save what they regarded as the most important writings (knowledge) of their civilization. Uncovered many years later, Berman claims that much recovered information from these libraries would later help in the creation of the Renaissance. He claims that sensitive individuals in today's collapsing civilization would be wise to follow suit. A fictionalized version of such a library -- created for future generations -- is found in Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose, made popular by the movie of the same name.
  9. The themes incorporated into the closing paragraphs of this Ashwin are expanded upon in Chapter 5 of Meditopia.

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