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Fukushima: A Verifiable ELE

Coming to Grips With the Ultimate Conspiracy Theory Fact
And Realizing That If the Major Governments of the World
Can Suppress An Extinction Level Event of This Magnitude,
They Can Suppress Anything

Greg Caton -- Meditopia author The Fukushima Daiishi nuclear disaster occured on March 11, 2011, an unfortunate accident following a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and its subsequent tsumani. At the time, I didn't think too much of it . . . partly because I learned in the fourth grade that Japan and the American hemisphere are separated by a somewhat substantial body of water, but more importantly, I was still serving time in U.S. federal prison on a trifling probation matter. (I document that nonsense in Chapter 3 of Meditopia, and since it made me a "cause célèbre," I won't rehash particulars here.) The facility in Texas where I was detained is affectionately referred to as "Bloody Beaumont" by the inmates, because of the high number of incarcerated there who don't make it out alive. So I had better things to worry about than a malfunctioning power plant halfway around the world.
Or so I thought.
Five and a half months later, I jumped on the first flight out of the U.S., so I could return home to my wife, Cathryn, and our peaceful life here in Ecuador that the U.S. crime syndicate had so rudely interrupted. That put me even further away from the problem and on the other side of the equator, where the trade winds blow from east to west.
Some time in 2013 I began to get news from friends in the alternative media and scientific community that Fukushima was far more serious than was being reported by the mainstream media. It has been disturbing that peaceful life ever since.

It was an innocent enough beginning. In the fall of 2013 I had just concluded an interview with a prominent person in the alternative media. Instead of hanging up, I asked my host if we could cover some "odds and ends" off the record. At some point early on, I asked what did he felt was the most pressing issue on his radar screen . . . NDAA, the struggling economy, eroding civil rights and increasing police brutality in the States, collapse of border enforcement . . .
"None of those things," my host said,interrupting me mid-sentence. "Nothing else that is being reported by anyone, on any topic, in any media venue -- anywhere -- even begins to compare to Fukishima. I have interviewed people who work in oceanography and biology who tell me privately that Fukushima is an ELE -- an extinction level event."
"That sounds like a pretty healthy piece of doom porn," I said, hyperreflexively and almost dismissively. Throughout my entire adult life, I had lived through one overstated disaster after another. Between the threat of peak oil, Three Mile Island and other "China Syndrome" wannabees, Y2K, 2012, Edgar Cayce, Mass Dreams of the Future, a lifetime of financial Armageddon predictions, a lifetime of tension concerning the imminent sliding of my home state of California into the Pacific (beginning with the hype around "The Late, Great, State of California" [1968]), etc., etc., etc., etc. this just seemed like yet another piece of eschatological hyperbole. Scratch that. Eschatological nonsense.
"No, it's extremely serious," my host interjected. "Since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we've been making the world increasingly more radioactive and hostile to life. There were more than 2,000 nuclear bomb tests conducted from 1945 to the early 1990's alone -- and that is only the ones officially acknowledged. I have friends 'in the know' who tell me with a straight face that 'homo sapiens' have perhaps 30 more years . . . probably less . . ."

Less than a month following this interview, I happened to meet up with some friends at a local German pub who are, in turn, friends of Lauren Moret. A geophysicist who used to work at Livermore National Laboratory, Moret has done more to articulate the extreme danger that Fukushima poses to all life on earth than any other that this author is aware. Her online assembly of presentations is impressive -- (though they are hardly restricted to the isolated accident at Fukushima).
Through studying Moret's material, I became acquainted with the work of Dane Wigington and his website on geoengineering. (The relevancy is that by comparing the two phenomena, you come to see that irradiating and poisoning the general public are interrelated and exceedingly deliberate.) This, in turn, brought me to the very same conclusion of our near-term destiny as that of Professor Guy McPherson, whose website contains an unusually impassioned plea that after thoroughly examining all the facts, please do not commit suicide.
When I stopped to reflect on the overlapping themes of these contributors' works, I couldn't help but see that their collective message had been speaking to me my entire life, I just hadn't been listening . . .

When I was sixteen, I read Richard Maurice Bucke's seminal work, Cosmic Consciousness (1901). It had such a deep impression on me that years later I became enamored of the work of Walter Russell, a Renaissance Man of the highest order, who entered into cosmic awareness himself in 1921. Russell then went on to discover plutonium and complete the Mendeleev chart of elements years before it would be officially recognized, crediting other, lesser minds. The current Periodic Table of Elements is vastly inferior to the one Russell created -- a problem that could be readily fixed, if only modern science wasn't so wholly devoted to keeping people stupid . . . a matter I address more vigorously in my previous Ashwin entry.
In 1957, while I was still an infant, Russell wrote and published Atomic Suicide with his wife, Lao. One of the points that Russell stresses is that the damage to the environment that is created by even one power plant exceeds that of many nuclear bomb explosions. This is because the environmental damage created by tons of radioactive waste from these is incalculable -- (then and now, apparently). Part of the problem in Russell's delivery -- as Bucke made abundantly clear is his book -- is that he was speaking from a cosmically consciousness mind. The most knowledgeable and brilliant among us is still a kindergartner compared to someone who has ascended to Russell's level. In fact, there are students of Russell's work (this one included) who have spent years trying to understand his principles and still fall short. So far into the stratosphere of man's intellectual capabilities did Russell ascend that few people's work are so challenging.
This is unfortunate, because in hindsight, no message of the past century has been so vital: that if you gather together and concentrate these heavier weight metals --- these "destroyers" in the Divine Plan --- then you will destroy life itself. And destroy it, we will . . . for we are only in the beginning stages of the sixth great extinction and when we are finished, and I mean that in every sense of the word, our handiwork will continue on long after we're gone.
Even the bacteria here on earth aren't going to make it.
I did not see the truth of this, for myself, until last week.

"Look children! See all the plastic animals in the zoo!"
That's right. Here at our local zoo in Cuenca, Ecuador, our resident "black rhinoceros" (rinoceronte negro) is a plastic recreation of the real thing. There are no more left. They went extinct in 2014. Now, of course, this plastic monostrocity has to be accompanied by a sign blaming this sad affair on criminal gangs of animal traffikers, but the truth is that this scene is a metaphor for what humanity is doing to the entire planet as we continue to lose over 200 species of life per day.
I had a ayahuasca vision quest not long ago where I was able to peer into ocean habitats at more than 20,000 feet below sea level. At one point, I heard a "guide" say to me: "Are you aware that you are killing off species of life that you had not even discovered yet?"

For the past couple of years, I've had the time to contemplate the effects of being here on South America, on the "other side" of the equator. A number of authorities have stepped forward to proclaim, or at least intimate, that the southern hemisphere is safe from Fukushima (though our friend, Dr. Mark Sircus knows otherwise). It has been suggested that governments should begin mass evacuation of billions to the southern hemisphere. This doesn't make sense to me, though, when you consider that as early as 2012, even rains in Southern Brazil were coming up highly radioactive.
In 2009 -- well before Fukushima -- I brought a Gamma Scout -- a geiger counter made in Germany -- so that I could stay on top of the alpha, beta, gamma, and x-ray radiation, all threatening to good health with sufficient exposure. It wasn't all that expensive. I believe I paid a few hundred dollars.
Since my return to Ecuador, my wife and I check the Gamma Scott frequently. In fact, we keep it in the office. Nonetheless, over all this time, we have never once had an "alert." Day after day, we check the measurements, and sure enough . . . we are well in the safe zone.
Since the readings are "off the chart" in the U.S., perhaps it is safer living here. Perhaps South America is somehow protected. Perhaps the reported threats to our side of the globe are overstated.

Last week that theory got shot right out of the sky.
We were visited by a friend who owns an identiFINDER R400 (formerly IdentiFINDER 2), which -- when you add neutron burst detection capability and all the necessary add-ons, runs somewhere around $34,000 . . . clearly outside the reach of the average consumer.
Apparently, unbeknown to me, my friend had done readings in Central America and at various places in our general area (3 degrees south equator). What he has found is most disturbing. Aside from the usual radioactive isotopes . . . actinium-228, antimony-124, barium-140, cerium-143, cesium-135, chromium-51, cobalt-60, iodine-131, iridium-192, molybdenum-54, neptunium-237, samarium-153, stronium-91, thorium-232, etc., etc. more disturbing still were the sheer number, amplitude, and persistence of "neutron storms." Neutrons are ten times more destructive to life than gamma -- and, in case you doubt that, contemplate the fact that neutron radiation is the basis for one of the most destructive weapons to life ever invented: the neutron bomb.
What the Elite of the world have done is create a situation where all life on planet earth is being "neutron bombed" --- admittedly at lower levels, but consistently nonetheless, every second of every day, regardless of where you live on this planet.
No wonder cancer is exploding worldwide (as if it wasn't high enough already) -- and there is no place safe on earth, certainly no place to which one could safely evacuate, and as Leuren Moret well articulates, none of the governments with access to the relevant information needed to protect the public is disclosing it . . . only those of us who are investigating this privately and have the temerity to dare speak the truth openly.
What can be done to counteract this worldwide "Fukushima neutron bombing"?
We cover that next . . .

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