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The Ashwin is a regular webzine for ΑΩ Labs' customers -- August, 2003 Edition
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To Our Readers in the U.S. -- The products/devices mentioned on this page, and the information presented herein, have not been examined or evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Adminstration. Therefore, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Traditionals

There are agencies in every advanced country regulating the sale and marketing of pharmaceuticals or products claiming to have pharmaceutical properties. Considering how ubiquitous promoters of useless, even dangerous, products are, no one could sensibly argue that these agencies do not fulfill a critical role.
However, as we argue in our herbal suppression page, too often these agencies work in violation of the mandates and statutory authority that created them. This is true even of herbal formulas with ethnobotanical histories of successful use that go back hundreds of years.
Although made popular in the mid to late 20th century, each one of the above three formulas (and their variations, created to provide some questionable proprietary differentiation, based on pricing motivations), have indigenous roots that make them older than the entirety of modern orthodox medicine. Two of three endured extensive legal battles by orthodox medicine to smear any thought that these products had any validity to them whatsoever -- despite histories which, placed juxtapost to modern pharmacology, could only be characterized as ancient.
This month we introduce, Essex Botanical, Hoxsaic, and Mojave Nectar on this site. (These products are made in Canada and resold by Alpha Omega Labs under special arrangements with the manufacturer).
Priced at only $18.95 for a 32 fl. oz. (roughly one liter) bottle, we feel these products offer an important nutraceutical adjunct to the ailments for which they have been traditionally used for countless generations.

Prospero IV

Prospero & Reforma
Within the past thirty days, two formulas were introduced -- both of them highly touted among CAM physicians and naturopaths alike -- from Dr. Donal J. Carter, a celebrated formulator and nutraceutical researcher. These formulas are: Prospero, designed for men with BPH and related prostate problems; and Reforma, for women suffering from symptoms created by menopause and PMS.
We especially encourage our practitioner/resellers to examine the information on these products carefully.

Beta Glucan
This month we introduce a stronger, more potent Beta Glucan product: Beta Glucan Plus (Code 541, 60 capsules x 500 mg., $39f.95). See product details.
Note to our Readers: This is 10th edition of the 2nd year of our Ashwin (pronounced "Ah-sh' win"), covering August, 2003. Previous editions are archived. If you have questions, email us.

Ion Cleanse - Control Panel
Latest in a new lineage
of external detoxifiers

ionCleanse is not the first of its kind --- but we believe it may well be the best. The use of the machine is familiar and was well popularized with the introduction of the Q2 B.E.F.E. Water Energy System: the patient or user places his feet into a bath. Next a device which passes current into the water is placed into the bath. These devices are easy to use and results can be realized within a few days. See product page for more details.


Herbal Destination Tidbits Belize

In our ever ending search for the herbal secrets of various indigenous groups, last month took us to the Cayo District of Belize (map) -- the only English-speaking country in Latin America and home of the late Mayan herbalist, Don Elijio Panti.
Click to Enlarge Mr. Panti is a medicinal herbal legend, even today, and his protege, Rosita Arvigo, still practices in San Ignacio. (Ms. Arvigo is the founder of Belize's six-thousand-acre Terra Nova Medicinal Plant Reserve and the Panti Mayan Medicine Trail -- a popular and educational tribute to Don Elijio.
If you ever happen to visit San Ignacio, you might also visit the humble abode of Harry Guy -- a local Mayan herbal healer with a rather remarkable track record, according to locals we spoke to. We were struck with the rather DIRECT advertising we saw in Cayo, and when we asked a local attorney how they could "get away with it," he answered simply, "How can they NOT get away with it? The people here have a deep and abiding respect for herbal traditions. It is part of our culture. Modern medicine cannot take away the people's respect for herbal methods that have worked successfully for hundreds of years..."

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