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WOT: Latest Big Pharma Slander Campaign
What Unfettered Rot Orthodoxy Has Wrought

Greg Caton -- Meditopia author Back in April, 2009, I wrote an article, provably discrediting one of Big Pharma's pet projects, Stephen Barrett's Quackwatch. This disreputable operation is devoted to the systematic discrediting of any and everything that doesn't direct credibility and sales to the Medical Industrial Complex. As you can surmise, this author, Alpha Omega Labs, and Cansema® are all prominently covered therein -- in the most pejorative terms possible.

Quackwatch isn't working.
There are so many people "waking up" to the ubiquitous deceit that runs throughout the entire foundation of modern, orthodox medicine, that a large segment of the population no longer believes their well-crafted myths and storylines.
Time to change tactics.
A few days ago, a friend emailed me to ask if I knew anything about WOT® -- a website with the obstensible purpose of protecting consumers against disreputable internet merchants. In fact, "WOT" stands for "Web of Trust," and the lead line at the top of the site reads, "Would you like to know which websites you can trust?"
"A laudable project," I thought. After all, we ourselves have been called on the carpet for being so outspoken about other websites that deceive the public, take money without shipping product or providing credible customer service, post false information or representations, etc. Only when I dug a little deeper was I able to uncover its covert purpose.
In the lower right hand side of the opening page, there is box that reads, "Check the reputation of your favourite website." I had already been forwarned by my friend that every alternative health care website he knew had a "poor" rating. Not given to take his word for it, I entered one of our most trafficed websites,
The WOT system rates websites in four areas. These areas and the rating given to are / were as follows:
  1. Trustworthiness: Very Poor (5 out of 100 points)
  2. Vendor reliability: Very Poor (3 out of 100 points)
  3. Privacy: No rating.
  4. Child Safety: No rating
Because of our strong commitment to reliability and service over Alpha Omega Labs' seventeen (17) years as an internet company, I knew something was amiss. So I called a close friend to have several of our customers join the site; and post honest, positive ratings to the system. Two of our associates had their WOT membership summarily cancelled shortly thereafter, and the other posts failed to make the ratings budge.
The fix was in . . . and then I realized that this was just another tool of orthodoxy to defame whatever it is that they don't like. Even someone as reputable as Mike Adams -- a friend for the past 13 years -- best known for his leadership at the helm of has warned about this development in a recent article, wherein he claims, "WoT is being exploited by some truly evil groups who are using it as a censorship weapon to try to stifle websites featuring natural health information."

At no other time in history have consumers had to work so hard to get honest, unbiased information on the things that matter most. We live in an age when financial irresponsible governments can use their muscle to obtain favorable credit rates . . . protesters of unfair policies can be thrown in jail for exercising their right to assemble . . . politicians can get elected with the use of fraudulent voting machines that are deliberately designed to provide no audit trail . . . vendors of natural products can be imprisoned for publishing true, accurate, and verifiable facts about their products . . . and now internet merchants that provide superior products and services without having made the appropriate payoffs to the right politicians can be defamed without recourse.
Nonetheless, we can fight back against even the most sophisticated "censorship weapon." Below I have posted the links to Alpha Omega Labs' websites wherein you can make your vote heard. To be frank, I cannot say that it will do any good . . . but I also know that nothing possible ever results from doing nothing against this kind of online tyranny. We should at least try. Here are the links:

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Greg Caton --- Founder
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador

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