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"The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media . . .
We'll know our disinformation program is complete when
everything the American public believes is false.”

William Colby (1981)
Former CIA Director --

Orthodoxy's Pathetic
War Against Escharotics

From 'Missing Noses' to 'Holey Heads' The Scare Tactics
of Modern Medicine's Apologists Shows No Bounds . . .
or Capacity to Feel Embarrassment When Exposed

Greg Caton -- Meditopia author First of all, before I get started, I wanted to apologize for not "staying current."
A customer recently wrote us and wanted to know if we were still alive, since I hadn't put out an Ashwin since May of last year (2013). In response : well . . . yes . . . we are alive and well. Gracias por preguntar -- (thank you for asking), and I apologize for not putting out more material. In defense, I should say that to this point, I haven't felt compelled to write any more Ashwin articles, unless something truly mind-blowing and uncovered elsewhere in the alternative media crosses my desk . . . Give me something original, head-spinning, which others cannot or will not discuss, and I'll pick up a pen . . .
This didn't happen until earlier this month.
A little background, however, is in order first :
Last April I got a series of emails from friends in Australia saying that a big media event had been set into motion there stating a 55-year old man had a huge hole in his head, resulting from the use of "Black Salve." I had no way of knowing whose Salve they were talking about, but this mainstream media event was obviously designed to go viral . . . and it did. The point of the event was to alert the public that this skin cancer treatment was "bogus," as stated in an article in the Medical Journal of Australia; articles carried warnings as to the graphic nature of the "images," and stated that the man in question narrowly escaped living the rest of his life with a hole in his head." [All these links were working as of the time of this article, September 14, 2014. Let's see if they end up taking any of them down.]
The sheer number of inaccurate statements made in both the mainstream media reports and in the Australian journal article did not surprise me. My online book, Meditopia, is replete with one ridiculous "article of faith" produced by conventional medicine after another. You don't get very far in your study of medical orthodoxy before you ask yourself, "Just how much bullshittier can it get?" . . . and the answer is, "It has no end." For as the William Colby quote at the beginning of this article illustrates, it is the very nature of "authority" to exercise its power to convince people of things that defy their own experience. You should expect nothing less, because that, in itself, is the true measure of power.
I learned this in 2003 during my ordeal with the FDA. The story of Sue Gilliatt is a case-in-point. To this very day, you will hear physicians, nurses, and hospital personnel of every stripe talk about how using "black salve" causes people to lose body parts. "Look at the case of that poor woman, Sue Gilliatt." Apparently, it doesn't matter that in a July, 2004 sworn deposition, Sue Gilliatt admitted under oath that she planned to sue us before she ever received any product, that she was cancer free after the use of our salve, and -- most astonishing of all -- it was not our Cansema that caused her to lose her nose. In fact, she removed her own nose with embroidery scissors -- a fact that caused one of our associates to remark in the aftermath, "I guess it really helps your product liability case if you're completely psychotic." (As a result of working with federal prosecutors, Gillatt and her attorneys were able to nimbly extract $800,000 from my product liability policy in the States.) None of these facts, none of the astonishing revelations of this sworn deposition, made any difference to my U.S. Federal sentencing judge, Tucker Melançon, who threw me in prison for 33 months as a direct result of the Gilliatt matter. In fact, I later learned that it hurt my case that I pointed how fraudulent the Gilliatt matter was -- (for, as we learn from the French philosopher, Voltaire, "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.")

Fast forward to earlier this month :
Without any solicitation, we received a surprise email (addressed to Cathryn) on Sept. 1st from the "55-year-old" man who was the subject of the "The Great Australian Black Salve Scare of 2014." I didn't realize this until I got to paragraph six. (Note: He has asked for anonymity in anything we reproduce from this incident.) His letters below, like those in our Cansema Testimonial Section, are unedited, except where indicated :
Hi Cathryn. [ snip : first five paragraphs ] . . . some of my moles have been icebergs (one which got the titanic) here is the link from last year. Originally only a couple of mm across and it was 30mm across in the end. I ended up at the doctors because of the pain and foolishly let the doctor take a pic. Two journal articles later and it went viral in mainstream media. It has completely healed with minor scarring. [ Bold / underlined text added ]. [ snip ] Thank you for your time [ Name Withheld ]

The next day -- Sept. 2nd -- we received a follow-up email providing proof-positive that this entire scare campaign was a ruse. Please read the letter below carefully and then pay particular close attention to the last two images, which were never reproduced in any follow-up story by the mainstream media, nor will they ever.
Hi Cathryn I actually put some intrasite gel (soothing/hydrating gel a little like vaseline) on the eschars last night, before receiving your email. One eschar is now very active in wanting to pop this morning. The others are showing positive signs as well. Please find the pics of the "man with the hole in the head". As can be seen from the final pic, there is really only some skin discolouration, which is nothing in the big picture. [ Bold / underlined text added. ] To explain why there is a hole in the eschar, the first application with bloodroot paste had the eschar pop within a couple of weeks, but it was not healing properly. A fresh application with amazon cream reveal the true extent of the mole. It took several weeks to finally come off, and the wound healed quickly. I have taken well over a dozen moles off with bloodroot paste/ amazon cream over the years. It is my luck that of late I have been finding some larger ones hiding under the skin. Feel free to use these images as they are from my phone and I am the copyright owner. I wish to remain anonymous of course. Many thanks & kind regards [ Name Withheld ]

People who have read my previous articles on the official position of conventional medicine on a host of topics might get the impression that I regard orthodoxists as inveterate liars and fraudsters. For example, I've written a compelling paper as to WHY modern medicine cannot and will not ever come up with a legitimate cure for cancer and I take the inarguable position that it was never possible for modern medicine to heal more people that it has maimed, poisoned and killed.
These claims are hardly original.
Ivan Illich created outrage in 1975 when he suggested that since Homo Sapiens had no natural predators, the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) has stepped in as a force of nature to fill the void.(2) Its job is to kill us and take our money with no less precision than meat-eating carnavores in the jungle hunt their prey, kill them, and eat their bodies.
I can think of no better, irrefutable example of Medicine's disconnect from reality and unremitting perniciousness -- even from modern medicine's most psychopathic apologists -- than that of my own dealings with the U.S. FDA, which authoritatively sits at the very apex of the MIC.
In 2008, the FDA had me placed as their "#1 Criminal" in an article they ran in Parade Magazine, entitled "Who Are the World's Most Wanted?" Realizing that when it comes to lying through your teeth, the sky's the limit if you're backed by the world's most powerful military and there are no punitive consequences, no matter what legal, ethical, or moral boundaries you cross, the FDA decided to elevate my case to a Twilight Zone episode. My picture, photoshopped to make me look bad, was placed in papers all over the U.S. with Osama bin Laden. I was put on the Interpol Red List with a cavalcade of false claims -- (an event which the Mainstream Media refused to touch, but which was subsequently covered by Mike Adams and Alex Jones). Eventually I was kidnapped (Dec. 2, 2009) by the U.S. State Department in a scandalous event that violated so many laws that after I returned to Ecuador in 2011, a ministry of the Ecuadorean government held a Special Session that ruled that everything that had occurred to me was "without legal foundation." In other words, U.S. operatives had violated so many domestic and international laws in the course of my kidnapping, that this "deportation" would be expunged from federal records here. (Far more detail on this incident, along with supporting documentation, is provided in Chapter 3, Section 3 of my free online book, Meditopia).
The same people who behave this way are the same people who will tell you that radiation or chemotherapy, with its 2-3% survival rates (3), are appropriate therapeutic approaches to treating cancer. And the same people who dispense your pharmaceuticals are the same people who measure their success, as Colby so elegantly puts it, by leading you to a point where "everything you believe is false."
Think about that the next time you read or hear of a article or news report about how someone's life was destroyed by using a natural product that has worked successfully (with little to no side effect) on ordinary people for centuries if not millennia. (4)
Get past the weather, sports, birth, marriage, and obit sections and you quickly realize that the news doesn't exist to inform you.
It exists to test your stupidity and measure your gullibility.

Greg Caton --- Founder
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador


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  4. Read Chapters 1 and 2 of Meditopia, so you understand how escharotics have been around for at least 500 years -- probably much longer and have cured untold people of various cancers during this time.
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