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The Ashwin is a regular webzine for ΑΩ Labs' customers -- December, 2008 Edition
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To Our Readers in the U.S. -- The products mentioned on this page, and the information presented herein, have not been examined or evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Media Update
Our media interview with Dr. Howard Peiper of Journey to Wellness Now (Oct. 4) has been posted to the archive section of their site. (Hear interview in the second hour.)

Our Deep Gratitude
To Customers Assisting
Our Campaign To Weed
Out Fake Product

Bevan Potter
Health CentreForce
Producer, Fake Cansema
To recap: this past September, we produced our first Ashwin since our closing by the FDA on September 17, 2003. Because of our five year hiatus, we felt our customers deserved a explanation of what really happened, since the U.S. Government's version is so mind-numbingly fictitious, that I had to write an extensive chapter in Meditopia® to explain the grisly details.
At about this same time, we introduced our Fake Product Compensation Program because so many people had been victimized by counterfeit and pirated versions of our products during my false imprisonment that we felt we needed to respond. We have been able to identify an extensive list of producers of counterfeit, pirated product :
  • Jennifer Wilson (Australia)
  • George S. Ackerson
  • Elaine Hollingsworth
We didn't know, at the time, the extent of the problem. But within the past few months, we have reached a veritable avalanche of angry customers who purchased products from counterfeiters using one or more of our trademarks and did not get the intended result.
We want to thank all the customers who have taken advantage of the Fake Product Compensation Program, as well as those who have provided additional details concerning both pirated products and those within the U.S. Government, in particular, who are assisting counterfeiters in order to extract bribe money.
Without your valuable input, we would not be able to provide additional details to the public concerning regulatory wrongdoing.

Health Centreforce

Reprinted with permission from Dees Illustration
"Ours is a world living hundreds of years behind its intended stage of development. Only a complete knowledge of this loss will allow us to recapture this world of wonder."
Gerry Vassilatos [ 1 ]

A Devolutionary World:
The High Cost of Suppression

Early last year (2008) I posted the case of Dr. Brian O'Leary, a former NASA astronaut, better known for his written works on suppressed alternative sources of energy. We still have this announcement on the front page, along with the link to his Cansema® testimonial.
Quite apart from his cancer case, I was intrigued with Brian's work because it is so parallel to our own: researching the many areas of technology -- (in our case, medicine; in his, energy) -- where suppression has had an impoverishing effect on humanity and the world at large. My current work, Meditopia® lays out my own arguments -- but Dr. O'Leary has written many books and articles to support his own position.

This month, Brian O'Leary, is hosting The Camelot Conference along with the founders of Project Camelot, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan. The Conference runs January 9-11, 2009 at Brian's Ecuadorean eco-retreat, Montesueños. (For those of you who don't know, Project Camelot is a site devoted to interviewing researchers and whistleblowers, providing them an outlet to get their stories out. They are behind some of the most interesting and popular views on YouTube.)
Far more important and relevant than the fact that Cathryn and I are attending -- (I will be on one of the panels) -- is the significance of events like this one, where you find seekers of knowledge in developed countries having to travel to far away places to be able to freely discuss their views without fear of retribution.
The hallmark of any evolving civilization is adaptability . . . and central to adaptation is the ability of that civilization's members to freely communicate inconvenient truths.
We've lost that.
We've lost freedom of speech.
And it isn't clear if and when we will ever get it back. (The reality of this was evident when Alex Jones posted his "Message to the Future" -- full of truisms that too few of us are willing to face.)
As we begin 2009, I can think of no more urgent message to pass along to my friends than the need for a resurgent wakefulness. We all need to wake up to what's happening around us . . . because there are much worse things in the world, engineered by design, than an oppressive economic depression.

Greg Caton --- Founder
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador


  1. Gerry Vasillatos, Lost Science. The quote is taken from the book's introduction, and the link goes to the book's placement in the bibliography of Meditopia.

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