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"Depletion of Ozone so Bad,
Mass Extinction could be within 7 years."

"First we had Guy McPherson's estimates
of human extinction by around 2025.
Now an aeronautical engineer who
dubs himself, 'IRay' is indicating that crops
won't grow outdoors within 7 years
because of ozone layer collapse.
Does it make any difference that
remote viewers in the 90s provided
exact details that match what's
happening in the atmosphere now?
Or can we simply sweep all this evidence under
the rug and agree to relegate it to 'doom porn'?"

Greg Caton -- Meditopia author Cuenca, Ecuador - Dec. 9, 2017 --- Two days ago, an associate sent me a link to an interview put out by the YouTube channel, Leak Project, run by a certain "Rex Bear," who also maintains a web site by the same name. In this particular YouTube installment, which was posted on December 6, Rex interviewed an aerospace engineer, who goes by the internet moniker, iRay, who, in turn, maintains a data-rich website of his own called, Sacred Seeds.
Since you might not have one hour and fourteen minutes to sit through this interview, allow me to give you the short version: Our sunlight has been moving from UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet light towards UV-C and even microwave rays for years now -- light which is not friendly to life on this planet. Dane Wigington attributes this shift to chemtrails (geoengineering) and went so far as to put out an article in August, entitled, Geoengineering is Causing Lethal UV Radiation Exposure.
Now, mind you, there is nothing particularly original about the suggestion that ozone depletion could wipe out most life on earth. Why not? Well, for one, there are scientists who believe that this is precisely what caused the horrific Permian-Triassic extinction event, just 250-252 million years ago. (Note that Permian and Triassic refer to geological periods. The authors of this article use a different geological marking system, wherein this event marked the end of the Ediacaran era and the beginning of the Cambrian period. But regardless of the names used, we are still talking about the same event.) So as not to understate the severity of the event itself, it may be illustrative to point out that this event caused such colossal damage to ecosystems worldwide that it took 10 million years for life to recover.

What struck me as jaw-dropping about this interview wasn't simply the implications of the data that iRay had accumulated, which by itself is quite impressive and convincing. What struck me as amazing was the correlation to one of the early chapters of Meditopia which I penned in September, 2004, just before going to prison, which provided information that precisely matched Ray's conclusions. Though written 13 years ago, the information seems even more relevant now.
Entitled, Meditopia: The Inevitable Collapse, I pointed out there are several concurrent global events that point to a great cataclysm. Prominent among these was mass die-off of life on the planet surface, much like the Permian-Triassic event, that would be initiated by the outright collapse of the ozone layer. I illustrated that we've known for a long time that we were losing the ozone layer and that the causes were anthropogenic:

Central to my presentation were two quotes -- one by Dr. Hans C. Moolenburgh in the Netherlands,( 1 ) with whom I had communicated personally, and the other was a passage written by the late, great investigative reporter, Jim Marrs. ( 2 )
Of the two, Marrs relevation was more revealing and disturbing. I realize before I proceed that there is a great deal of disinformation in the media and even the alternative media about remote viewing, its accuracy, and validity of its methodologies. Nonetheless, the information provided sounded legitimate to me then, and it sounds even more legitimate now. It deals with formerly classified military reports from remote viewers on future earth changes that he was able to uncover. My comments are in brackets:

[Taken from 'The Enigma Files' -- gleaned from CIA remote viewers in the 1990's]: The report contains this sobering assessment: "Atmospheric ozone depletion / replenishment was perceived to be driven by a natural ebb and flow process -- a geophysical cycle. But this process has become overwhelmed by manmade activity -- The complex natural ozone cycles / patterns, in combination with the manmade alterations, make it extremely difficult for present scientists to figure out just what is happening. A long series of tests, research, and small-scale experiments, using several types of chemicals, will be undertaken -- but these efforts to stop the ozone decay will have little or no impact -- they are only 'Band-Aid' approaches. A critical point is reached, circa 2005-2012 -- [as is often the case with psychic viewing in the future, these dates were made invalid by temporal extension, a common phenomenon]. The destruction will begin a runaway course, in a fashion analogous to metastasis (the transfer of malignant cells from one location to another). During this period, the problem -- and its potential consequences -- will no longer be subject to question . . .
The ozone decay will not necessarily be slowed down, but its effects temporarily ameliorated by coincidental volcanic activity. One such related event will be the explosion of an 'extinct' volcano in the North American Cascade chain . . . The volcanic activity will literally and figuratively eclipse the ozone problem, but decreased sunlight will wreak havoc with crop production in many places. Chaotic weather patterns in combination with decreased sunlight will necessitate the construction of huge environmentally-controlled greenhouses, so that food production can carry on without being subject to vicissitudes of climate / weather. Unwittingly, these structures form the templates for technologies that will become increasingly critical to sustaining human life. They will begin to be seen as sanctuaries -- then habitats, as society begins to 'migrate' into them . . .
A point is reached where very little life is seen outside of the artificial structures. The atmospheric outside these 'biospheres' is almost antiseptic. The sky is striated and multi-hued. Earth's remaining (surviving) inhabitants have either been driven underground or into these very large, climate-controlled domes, which now house complete medium-sized cities. Our children's children are residents there. There is no perceivable violence. Most creative energy is directed to questions of survival . . . "

The second quote came from Hans C. Moolenburgh, M.D., who was influential enough to get the Dutch government to suspend the practice of poisoning its citizens, as is done in most of the rest of the Western World, through the flouridation of its drinking water. At that time, Hans was working on a fictional work, called Lillianna. Many people who find out how governmental institutions work choose to wrap their presentations inside a cloak of factionals, or "non-fiction novels." When I read the following passage about the mass culling of life on earth through the deliberate destruction of the ozone layer, I understand why:

" ' A special committee of our inner circle has discovered that real difficulty on earth. It has carefully studied history in all its aspects, especially that of the last 250 years, and come to the conclusion that the enormous proliferation of human life, the population explosion, is the cause of all evils. '
'We have,' he said proudly, 'at last found an ideal method to curb this teeming fertility and bring the world population back to acceptable proportions.'
The professor then proceeded to talk about the ozone layer that protects humanity against the devastating effects of solar radiation. The layer is, as we all know, already deteriorating under the influence of several man-made factors, one of them being space missiles.
'But now,' Dirk Slager said, 'we will destroy the ozone layer on purpose in order to cull humanity and other proliferating life to 1% of its present numbers.' . . .
'As long as the elimination process lasts . . . the elite and their passive and totally obedient slaves will be living under enormous protective domes.' "

We know from the work of Dane Wigington that the destruction of the ozone layer IS deliberate. We can reason that this is the true reason for the construction of over 200 deep, protective, classified, underground cities. In fact, I believe that the "Planet X narrative" is just a cover. ( 3 ) If the ozone layer were "recovering," which is the position of officialdom, ( 4 ) then investigators like "iRay" would not be able to document such sharp, dramatic increases in dangerous solar radiation penetrating through to the earth surface. But even if the demise of humanity were not at the hands of mass starvation and all the social ills that come with habitat collapse caused by a diminished ozone layer, it would be something else. Something else that gives people in power the psychopathic pleasure that they crave -- a matter I cover in exhaustive detail in my most recent book, "The Joys Psychopathocracy."
I have felt for the entirety of my adult life that I would experience some kind of end of "life as we know it" as time progressed. The "what" that leads to this change is not nearly as important as how we use the unfolding events to better ourselves spiritually. This, too I cover in detail in my latest book.
It is time to put away the things of this world that are material -- the things that are dying all around us. It is time to seek out the treasures of what is permanent, enduring, and favorable to "the good."
I can see no greater purpose for living at the time in history.


  1. Hans C. Moolenburgh, As Chance would have it: A Study in Coincidences, Saffron Walden, The C.W. Daniel Company Limited, Essex, UK; 1998. p. 161. Throughout this section, Hans is summarizing parts of his unpublished work, Lilianne (see p. 159).
  2. Jim Marrs, PSI Spies, AlienZoo Publishing, Phoenix, Arizona; 2000; p. 176.
  3. Among those who take the position that the DUMBs (Deep, Underground Military Bases) were built to protect the Elite from the ever-elusive "Planet X" is investigative reporter, Bob Fletcher, See: I've met and spoken to Bob personally and I do not believe that he's being disingenuous. But my opinion is that the decimination of the ozone layer is a more likely cause.
  4. This is what is communicated in the following PowerPoint presentation, which presents the orthodox ("fake news") position:
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