With the cost of "Bob Beck" devices and
other square wave generators as low as
they are, it's becoming the home remedy
every household should have.

'Bob Beck' Device
We currently carry the following Bob Beck unit:
$99.00 -- 'Bob Beck' Blood Electrifier with accessories
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(ships from Slovenia / 9 v. battery not incl.)

When we first posted the opening chapters of Meditopia in 2004, I inserted a piece on the introductory page that discussed the value of a certain class of bioelectronic device:
" Why is the variable, biphasic low frequency square wave generator being suppressed? Why don't medical authorities want the public to know how inexpensively they can control their own 'pathogenic microbial load' and both prevent and treat a host of diseases? Could it have anything to do with pharmaceutical corporate profit? After all -- it takes $50 in 'Radio Shack' parts to make this device. (Discussed at the end of the Escharotic Preparations video). "
Although we used to build our own "Bob Beck" devices by hand, we've now worked out an arrangement with a manufacturer in Slovenia, that is able to provide devices with the same functionality, for a fraction of the price of similar units on the market. ( See : ElectronicKitComplete). There are still plenty of good schematics on the internet, if you wish to build your own -- even instructional videos on YouTube. However, since most people have neither the time nor the expertise to do this, it is valuable to have access to an inexpensive source on the net.

Introduction: This device was named after the late Dr. Robert C. Beck, D.Sc. (a retired physicist at the time he began promulgating his findings). For those not familiar Beck's blood electrifier and its properties, know that there are excellent videos on YouTube, including: The Bob Beck Protocol - Part I : An Introduction (1:32:45), which covers this device and three other crucial facets of Beck's protocols and The Bob Beck Protocol - Part II : How to Do the Beck Protocol (1:46:33). There is also excellent material on Bob Beck's own namesake website.

Excellent articles are available at Cancer Tutor that cover the specifics of Bob Beck's protocol. See Bob Beck Protocol Stage III Protocol (5 Articles). Additionally, the material on Bob Beck in the Blood Electrification section of the highly recommended Educate Yourself website.
Lastly, see the link in the right column for more information on this valuable technology. [ User instructions ]

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Robert Becker's The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life is a broad, wide-ranging introduction in the vital role of electric currents in the maintenance of life. Although aged (this edition was issued in 1998; mine in the 80's), the material presented is still fresh and indispenable for those wanting a sweeping introduction to the subject.

Dr. Tennant covers the essential relationship between voltage deficiency and disease. It changes you entire worldview about role for of electrical current and disease. (I used to think of my dogs as my "megafauna collection," but now they're my "electron donors"! You'll know what I mean when you read the book.)