Case D702

Many cases which come to us are of cancer victims who have undergone multiple surgeries with still no relief in sight. Often they come to us after their insurance money has run out and most orthodox doctors turn them away -- often to die. In other cases, the patient finally says "enough," and looks outside orthodox conventional treatment. Meet a Floridian who made this very decision...

Case History: Mr. R.W. of Sebring, Florida, had a little problem. His doctors had told him he had melanoma on the back and left shoulder. All the tests came back positive, so on the advise of his physicians, he went ahead and had two separate operations to remove the melanoma. He then had autogenous skin grafts to cover the surgically treated areas.
Eight months later he was experiencing tremendous pain in his shoulder and under his arm. Doctors determined that the cancer had returned and recommended chemotherapy. Mr. R.W., disgusted and disillusioned, refused.
At about this time, Mr. R.W. found an ad we were running and proceeded to purchase Cansema (then under our Herbveil 8 label). He applied the product to the entire graft area. Over a period of 40 days, the cancers were removed and the entire area healed over. The photos below mark junctions in that process:
Note: Color copies of original color photographs were supplied to us. For visual clarity and speed of downloading to your computer, we have converted these to black and white GIF files. Click on the image to see a color scan of the original color copy. You will note that in most cases the black and white version has greater clarity.

PHOTO NO. 1 -- DAY 1

This photo shows Mr. R.W. before applying Cansema. The area is smooth with only modest scar tissue. In fact, if it weren't for the extreme pain, Mr. R.W. probably wouldn't have known that the cancer had returned. In first four days after applying Cansema, "holes" began to open up within the graft areas, with so much drainage that bandage changes were required two times daily.

PHOTO NO. 2 -- DAY 5

The entire skin graft area becomes one giant eschar with darker, dense pockets noting concentrations of cancer activity. Over the next 14 days, there was an average of 4 to 5 bandage changes a day because of the heavy drainage.

PHOTO NO. 3 -- DAY 8

In this photo we can see that the edema is subsiding and the eschars are becoming more defined.

DAY 11

The eschars are becoming smaller with rapid healing of the epidermis.

DAY 17

As the healing process continues, the eschars are becoming smaller still. Also the tissue doesn't look nearly as raw.

DAY 26

The former graft area has healed over with only some minor scabs still remaining.... Through the 36th day (10 days after this photo was taken) there was still drainage, requiring two bandage changes per day. On the 40th day, the area was completely dry with no drainage, no pain, and an outer appearance of being "healed over." Subsequent tests showed no remains of the cancer.

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