Jim Coleman's Story
-- skin cancer in Australia --

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Jim Coleman On occasion, we will hear from a someone considering an alternative cancer approach who repeats a refrain often issued by their physician: that testimonial pictures can deceive, that some preparations such as Cansema Salve appear to work for a while but the cancer usually returns, that if Cansema worked so well why isn't it "FDA approved" (in the case of the U.S.), etc.
Never mind that the physician making these comments has never worked with escharotic preparations, knows nothing about it, and is among the less than 1% of medical doctors who have ever been exposed to it - even tangentially.
Cases like those of Jim Coleman help dispel the majority of these ill-founded comments. The fact is, the majority of users do not see their cancer return (i.e. that is, once Cansema, using either the internal or topical versions or a combination, has been used to clear the target area, the majority of users fail to see cancer reappear in that area). Moreover, its low cost, lack of proprietary protection, and self-administratability almost guarantee that it will not be admitted to mainstream medicine any time soon.
Jim hails from Australia, a country that has a high incidence of skin cancer per capita -- because of the genetic disposition of its majority Caucasian population as well as the relatively high level of sun radiation to which people in that part of the Southern hemisphere are exposed. (For this reason, Alpha Omega ships a substantial amount of product to New Zealand and Australia.)
He has used Cansema periodically for nine years.
None of the cancers he has removed during that time have returned.
Below we faithfully reproduce the letter sent to us in April (2000) from his wife, Gillian -- word for word.

Hi James,
Thanks for all your help. We thought we were right in not getting the
cancers wet but most people are not told this so it's good getting
backed up on what we were already told. The cancer in the middle of
Jim's forehead that we had to treat for a second time seemed to be
tightly stuck so last night with the aid of some tweezers and a fair
bit of force I was able to pull the whole thing out without leaving
anything at all there,  much to Jim's relief. It shocked him so I
gave him some Rescue Remedy and he was a little shakey for a couple
of hours.
I've enclosed some photo's of the latest ones done on his forehead as
well as some others that have been done in the last 4 years.
As you'll notice in these photo's he's suffered quite a bit of skin
damage and these cancers are frequently popping up.  He's 69 but spent
years working in the country as a young man without a hat or any other
protection.  He constantly uses a mobile phone in his work and we've
been wondering whether this is also a cause of the problem with the
extra radiation he's exposed to every day.
We first discovered the marvelous effects of this ointment about
9 years ago when Jim had a carcinoma erupt on his bottom eyelid.
He had it removed surgically but within weeks it was back.  The
surgeon operated again but within days it returnad and the surgeon
said it was the most aggresive one he'd seen. He sent us to one of the
top Specialists in Australia who was quite worried about the cancer
and suggested radical surgery where he would cut all the flesh out
under his eye about an inch down and to the corners of the eye.
They would then do a skin graft and sew the eyelids together for
about 3 weeks to allow the blood to flow through again.   He said
there were no guarantees that they would be 100% successful but that
we had no alternative but to do it.   We were quite upset as Jim
would probably come out looking like dracula and the operation would
probably not get all the cancer anyway.  Jim's mother had died
10 years previously because of the same thing.  A cancer just under
the eye.  It was cut out but within 12 months the cancer had spread
to the brain and she died.
So as you can imagine we didn't know what to do and decided to seek
out other treatments.   It was then that we heard about a naturopath
that was having a huge succes rate with this ointment.  We had the
treatment, one application and the whole thing came out within
10 days never to return. The ointment got into his eye and caused
horrendous pain for hours but after that he was right and it all
worked.  The specialist personally rang us when we cancelled out on
the operation as he was really concerned that unless Jim had the
operation this very aggressive cancer would follow the nerve path to
the brain and kill him.  Well, it's 9 years now, he's still alive and
athough he's had many dozens treated with this ointment and often been
in terrible pain, he feels it's the only way to go.   I thought I'd
share this story with you for the benefit of the many who may wonder
whether they are doing the right thing by giving it a go.
Gillian Coleman


This was taken just over 2 1/2 weeks ago the day after applying Cansema.

This was 3 days later.

This was 4 days later... It became so swollen just a day after this was taken that he looked as though he'd been hit in the eye. It was nearly closed up.

This one was the stubborn one that has only come out last night with a lot of tugging.

This is a frontal view of the previous photo. As you'll notice the other side just over the left eye has almost cleared up with no scarring. All the previous photos were taken within the last 3 weeks. The following are cancers treated over the last 4 years.

This was take about 3 years ago. This cancer on the back of the leg had been twice cut out surgically about 6 years previously but had returned. After treatment with the ointment it has never come back.

This was also take about 3 years ago when Jim had several done at once. This big hole has left a small scar. Notice the surrounding skin with other cancers to be treated.

"This was 2 years ago. Poor Jim is in a lot of pain, but it all cleared up."

"Below is a photo of Jim and I just so you'll see what we look like normally without ointment and scars!"

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