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Neem Hand & Body Lotion 8 Oz

Neem in a rich, moisturizing lotion that leaves your skin vibrant.
SKU: 0062-OS
Limited quantity. Price good until sold out or sale end.

Only $6.95 Was $14.95
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Neem Leaf Capsules - 440 mg. - 90 caps.

Neem has many benefits when taken internally. Read the details at "View Details" screen. 90 Capsules
SKU: 0048-OS
Limited quantity. Price good until sold out or sale end.

Only $8.95 Was $15.95
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Neem Lotion with Aloe Gel 8 Oz.

A Neem lotion with a cooling Aloe.

SKU: 0093-OS
Limited quantity. Price good until sold out or sale end.

Only $6.95 Was $14.95
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Neem Pet Shampoo (Soap Free) - 12 oz

Give your dog or cat the benefits of health skin and fur with a clean shine. SKU: 0086-OS
Limited quantity. Price good until sold out or sale end.

Only $8.95 Was $15.95
Next Page is one of the largest providers of black salve and bloodroot products in the USA, we pride ourselves on quality products and timely delivery.

We Manufacture Most of Our Products
We manufacture all of our bloodroot and black salve products in our own lab. Our black salve is made with wild-crafted herbs, DMSO and Zinc chloride. The difference between our black salve and other black salves is the amount of bloodroot and zinc chloride. Most black salves have over 40% zinc chloride and that is what can cause damage to health tissue. Therefore, we have increased the amount of bloodroot in our black salve and reduced the amount of zinc chloride. This process has reduced the burning or stinging of the black salve and has reduced the possibility of damaging health tissue, but with the desired results of the traditional black eschar salve. Take a look at our black salve section.

We Create Unique Black Salve and Bloodroot Oils
We also provide black salve oil and bloodroot paste oil. These are exceptional products that perform as black salves but in a milder form. The base oils are neem and olive oil. We are the only company that produces black salve and bloodroot oils.

Internal Cleansing Products
We also recommend that you take a look at our cleansing products. Presently we have the Old Amish dewormers and 7 day cleansing programs. Other cleansing products will be added in the future. We have elaborated on just a few of our products.

New Website
We hope you have noticed our web site has been changed to better help you find the product you need. You may also notice we have removed content that can be interpreted as making medical claims.  The FDA has very strict rules about showing any medical claims, testimonials, etc., and we must follow their guidelines. 

If should also be pointed out that our signature product is the black salve. We ship over 2,500 black salves and bloodroot pastes per month with over a 95% customer satisfaction.

Call or Email Us
Give us a call if you have any questions or comments. It is also recommended that you check back frequently as we add products weekly and also have specials. All of our products are shipped within 24-48 hours. So take your time and look at our products.  

Custom Formulations
One final point is that we can also custom formulate any black salve, if you have a specific black salve formula we can make it in any quantity.
Black Salve Cancema Graviola Bloodroot Tinctures and Capsules
Bloodroot Based Black Salve Cancema Graviola Bloodroot Tinctures and Capsules
Bundled Adjunctive Programs for Specific Cancer Types Old Amish Dewormer to Fight Parasites Full Strength Lugol's Iodine
Bundles for Immune Support Old Amish Dewormer to Fight Parasites Full Strength Lugol's Iodine

Let us help you stay on top of the latest news and studies on options available to individuals with cancer.

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The FDA has very stringent rules about claiming medicinal benefits for herbal remedies. While we believe our products are effective, they have not been tested nor approved by the FDA.

Because of this, we make no medicinal or beneficial claims for any of our products. If you would like to research what many holistic practitioners believe you can visit a site such as You will need to  cut and paste the address into your browser.

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