The discovery of a russian scientist can
change the course of mankind's history…

Hydrogen against aging,
illnesses and death!

The discovery of doctor Volkov is a hydrogen bomb,
which will explode in each man,
renewing all mankind.


One of the most important questions of mankind is a healthy longevity. Nobody wants to be ill. People try to get rid of illnesses in different ways. With the help of starvation diet and herbs, physical exercises, yoga and meditations. The potent clan of doctors - pharmacologists searches for “tablet from thousand illnesses”.

There is the only one trouble in all these researches - the reason of human aging and death were unknown. There has not been any THEORY OF MEDICINE until now.

In Russia doctor Vladimir Volkov made a revolutionary break. The discovery, made by him, has allowed in some years to cure dozens of people suffering from illnesses, which were considered incurable and intractable. Hundreds of people have got rid of distressing illnesses and have found health. Moreover, now an effective rejuvenescence has become possible.

Doctor Volkov has discovered a Biological clock of the Earth - natural mechanism, according to which all flesh lives, grows old and dies on the planet Earth. On the basis of this discovery the Universal theory of medicine which allows to struggle successfully against man’s illnesses and to stop the process of aging was created. The time will show for how long the discovery of doctor Volkov allows to prolong human life. But today it is clear, that what mankind dreamed about in fantastic novels had become possible.

The advances of humanity in the field of medicine and biology, chemistry and physics, including physics of space underlie discovery of Biological clock of the Earth. The most correct attribute of truth is simplicity and clearness. Lie is always complicated, elaborate and verbose. All the great things are simple.

Due to Biological clock the cause of death was found and named, it is a hydrogen deficiency of an organism. The process of aging is an increasing consumption of cell water for the production of hydrogen ions. And the illnesses are the numerous masks of aging of an organism incorporated in a biorhythm of Biological clock.

Calculated according to Biological clock of the Earth the duration of human life makes about three hundred years. A long time ago scientists found out that human cells have the potential of almost one thousand years. And it is necessary to find essential conditions for the cells and human (set of cells) to live so long.

Doctor Volkov has found. Whether the pharmacological companies want it or not, the mankind is presented with a fait accompli. Due to the Internet.

Elixir of youth predicted by Nostradamus, is found. And today it is accessible to any human being.

With the help of Biological clock of the Earth each person can independently carry out prophylaxis of aging and probable diseases.

It is said, that all the great discoveries are owed to a chance. The history of discovery that we are speaking about, came not by accident, but from the diagnosis. Doctor Volkov at the end of the 1980's decade found out - he had an incurable disease. The author of the future discovery started to search the way of struggle with death. In three years it became clear, that he won.

The analysis of the mechanism of disease development has allowed to make the conclusion about the similarity of processes taking place in our organism, irrespective of a kind of disease. The conclusion was obvious, and so improbable, that it was really hard to believe it. Not only that it was theoretically possible to treat any diseases, it was an opportunity of a rejuvenescence of an organism and prolongation of human life in several times!

That knowledge, that we would like to share, is little-known yet.

The commandment of the doctors of the whole world “do not harm!” forced the doctor – the author of discovery - to check the validity of new knowledge in a struggle for patients` health time after time.

During seven years of clinical researches the patients with some cancer diseases have completely recovered, the glomerulonephrites, bronchial asthmas, benign tumors and set of other diseases of kidneys, liver, heart, respiratory ways were defeated. There is a fast convalescence at infectious diseases, inflammatory processes and traumas both acute and chronic.

About the treatment of incurable, as was considered, patients the documentary film was made and it was shown over the Russian television. The film about the miracle.

After convalescence, the process of rejuvenescence of an organism begins. The gray hair change to your natural color, the wrinkles smooth, and the stiffness in joints disappears. Man does not catch cold any more, the influx of vital forces and rising of physical and mental performance is observed.

And what about the fact that after application of “Elixir of youth” for one year, on dogs, whose rate of metabolism exceeds human one in several times, biological age of old age group (8-10 years), was determined by the veterinarians as 1-2 years!

We would like the knowledge, which helps to be healthy to any human, to become accessible.

We want the effective treatment with a new method to be carried out in each country.

Our main wish is to make human life more joyful and more intelligent and not dependent on illnesses of the body.

We understand that it is very difficult to help those who need, even having the developed system of clinics. Therefore we consider that the Internet can appreciably facilitate this task.

We exchange the knowledge for your interest in the health and longevity.

Today it is possible to say, that discovery of doctor Volkov allows to struggle for the liquidation of diseases that were incurable before.

And the main part is that a man can and should have long life. The dream to have a healthy body at eighty years and to look as thirty is not impracticable any more. The world is on a threshold of immortality.

And we would like to share this discovery with everybody!



We appeared in the Internet in January, 2002. We are often asked: «How does the world scientific community and mass media react to your discovery?» - The world scientific community and mass media need time to comprehend and to accept the fact of this discovery. Naturally, the first reaction is that all this can be a trick, or a fraud at the worst. So only the people, who run their eyes over the text or read just headings, can think so. These are the people who are not capable to analyze.

In the theory of Doctor Volkov you will not find any facts, which would contradict knowledge of modern science. Unfortunately, the nature of people is jump to conclusions. Time will clear things up.

But we are already receiving the letters from the scientists of different countries of the world with comprehension and recognition of the discovery. There are minority of scientists who does not understand or does not want to be bothered with comprehension. And this minority does not show anything but emotions. THERE ARE NO ARGUMENTS AGAINST THE THEORY! “Biological Clock of the Earth” - is the fundamental law of nature, which will appear in all school textbooks in the near future.




Now Doctor V. Volkov is the head of the laboratory of biorhythmic researches of the Russian National Institute of Health, Saint Petersburg. We offer your attention the author's popular scientific statement of the research “hydrogen against aging, illnesses and death”.

The discovery of doctor Volkov includes:

  • Biological clock of the Earth - mechanism of Life and Death;
  • The author's theory of biological filters - mechanism of development of various diseases of man, including original representation of cancer illness;
  • Found as the result the FORMULA for LONGEVITY and Universal Medical complex, and also the mean of achievement of longevity - Healthy Life-Style.

Firm pillars of the discovery are:

  • Role of Light quantum (photosynthesis) in a vital activity of man;
  • The law of Life by Claude Bernard in hand of organs - biofilters of man system;
  • Relationships of cause and effect of the Law of unity and the struggle of opposites;
  • Importance of ions of hydrogen for photosynthesis function in man's organism - "Elixir of Life" ("Elixir of Youth").

As a whole, the book represents the Theory of Medicine, which has been considered impossible to create.

Yours faithfully
Andrey Tereshenkov
International Fund "H+longevity"


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