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We dumped Facebook
. . . and moved our Group to
We dumped YouTube
. . . and moved our videos to
We dumped Google
. . . and we're working with

The exodus of the truth-seekers from
the Ministry of Truth Propaganda begins.

ast July, as I've previously mentioned in several articles, I posted a YouTube last July, commenting on an article put out by Mike Adams at Natural News with the headline, "Google to block all anti-cancer, "anti-vax" and anti-GMO websites at the browser level as tech giant goes all-in with pharma drug cartels."
A great deal has happened over these past five months that tell us that, despite his courageous effort to alert the public, even Mike Adams underestimated the severity of Big Tech's alliance with the "Deep State" to muzzle anyone and everything whose narrative or message is different from their "official story." Just since mid-October (2019), the following has occurred:
  1. Black Salve groups -- none of which have nothing to do with Alpha Omega Labs, per se -- have been completely removed by Facebook.
  2. Private individuals who have been the most vocal in the alternative medical community, like "Binnah Boo" in Australia, have had their accounts suspended completely.
  3. My book, Black Salve, has been banned from Amazon, and I lost my publisher (CreateSpace), which is now owned by Amazon.
  4. YouTube has erased countless videos having to do with Black Salve. Google continues to meddle with the algorithms to make it difficult for people to find us. Google's activities have been so scandalous and ostensibly illegal that the Wall Street Journal just did an expose on their racketeering activities, which work to directly undermine the First Amendment. This even goes beyond Google's obvious efforts to void democracy by determining who wins elections. Facebook is engaged in the very same illegal activities -- namely to help determine who wins elections. It's activities in promoting only the most liberal political points of view has already been well-established.
  5. Yahoo and AOL have begun blocking our mail, and in many instances, people find our correspondence in their SPAM folder.
Since we can expect no help from law enforcement to curb these numerous and obviously illegal, unconstitutional activities, we all have to act on our own to protect ourselves. With this in mind, we have taken the following steps:
  1. Moving from Facebook to MeWe -- Although our Facebook page -- (as of this writing) -- is still up, we are abandoning it. There is no sense in remaining on a platform where you can get censored and have your Group removed without notification, and without any semblance of an appellate process. Those wishing to talk about Black Salve or any of the other hundreds of products carried by Alpha Omega Labs are encouraged to join the Alpha Omega Labs group at
  2. Moving from YouTube to Brighteon -- We still have videos up on YouTube as of this writing, but with YouTube removing videos without notice that have to do with natural products or natural healing modalities, we're dumping them now so removal of our videos isn't something we have to worry about. We're parking them over at Mike Adam's video platform, Brighteon.
  3. Moving from Google to -- You can shorten the URL to "" and still get there. We're disturbed by their playing with the Devil by open invitation to add "Duck" to Google Chrome (see below), but if you examine the search results, you still don't have the censorship you witness if you do any poking around on Google. Until something better comes along, this is what we're recommending.
  4. Moving from (Google) Chrome to Bravo -- We are highly recommending to friends, family, and customers that they dump Chrome in search of a less surveillance-oriented internet browser. Our current recommendation is Bravo. However, even now, there are constant developments in the browser market, and our suspicion is that with the negative publicity that Google is getting from their clandestine, heavy-handed search results tactics, other options will be coming.

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