Essential Oil-Based Candies / Wholesale / Private Label

Code 500EO011g. x 10 Pieces Price/ea: $19.95 = $19.95
Code 500EO1010 x 10 Pieces Price/ea: $14.95 = $149.50
Code 500EO5050 x 10 Pieces Price/ea: $12.75 = $637.50

his page exists to provide specifications on our "medicinal candies" for wholesales and private label customers. The right column contains print specifications. Each package of candies contains 10 pieces -- each one 1 gram in weight, with an available "payload" of 100 mg. of essential oils -- (which can be drawn from our Alma de la Planta medicinal oils page, of which some, but not all are available for internal consumption using this medium).
Candies can be flavored using natural fruit flavors, including (at present) orange, lemon, tangerine, strawberry, or cherry.
"Spec" units (purchase of just one piece) are priced at $19.95 each. Ten units cost $14.95 each, or $149.50, and fifty unit orders drop further to $12.75 each, or $637.50. Depending on the flavor(s) used, these prices may be negotiable.
For more information and to discuss specifications, please write to us at

Each unit consists of 10 candies, formulated to specification. Current tooling allows for a viewable, transparent image area, allowing for a 1" high x 3.5" wide label both above and below the transparent area. We can provide you with a quote to have the bags pre-printed.
The reverse side of the bag allows for an image area of 3.5" wide and 4.25" deep.