Fake Product Questionnaire

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Complaint Verification In submitting this Questionnaire I am representing that I have purchased one or more products that I believed to: (1) come from Alpha Omega Laboratories, but now understand originated from a different supplier, or (2) were true, accurate, and legal as to the trademark, product name, and/or contents represented, but were not.

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Section I: Customer Information
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Section II: Offending Vendor Information

    Name of Seller:  
Website (if appl.):  
 Address of Vendor:  
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  Date of Purchase:  
Name of Product(s):  
Submit any other information about the vendor you feel is relevant:

Section III: Unmet Expectations

Explain how the counterfeit product(s) failed to live up to your expectations:

If you have addition comments, please send email to support@altcancer.net.

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