Product Comparison Page
It seems trite to say that transfer factors are not made alike -- and this is particularly true of "non-specific" versus antigen-specific formulations -- but it's true. Differences between Immune Factor and the vast majority of other products now on the market which purport to be transfer factor, in whole or in part, are substantial. Below we note the differences.
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Immune Factor
Methods & Properties
Versus Competition Comments
High potency Questionable potency 1 to 3 capsules per day to achieve superior results from competitors 10 to 20 capsules per day.
Alpha-lipoic Acid
No alpha-lipoic acid
in product
Alpha-lipoic acid is known to push cysteine to glutathione in the human body.
Low-molecular weight fractionation Questionable molecular weight fractionation Immune Factor through proper fractionation assures no allergic reaction to albumin and milk solids potentially contained in competitive products.
Lyophilization process
(no heat)
Spray dried
(high heat)
Preserves fragile growth factors and entities that promote immune function.
Lactoferrin in concentration minimally 5 g/L. Lactoferrin unknown if present at all Consistently controlled quantities assures consumer a product that pushes elevated glutathione production.