Case No: 072201 (July 22, 2001)
Specs:   30 pound dog, 12 year old dog -- mast cell tumor.

Below is the thread of correspondence between Kelly Leeman
and Alpha Omega Labs' herbalist, James Carr, on the
status of her dog's mast cell tumor (June/July, 2001):

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Decavitations can be VERY nasty looking -- and very raw.
Drainage during this stage (because the area is loaded with
spent granulocytes and serous material) is common.
Rarely is there any pain connected with them, however,
and secondary infection is even more rare.   I would still
have your vet keep an eye on him.   H3O would help with
the heal over (and would QuikHeal), but either way it
will occur -- sooner than later.

James Carr
Alpha Omega Labs  (

At 03:56 PM 07/22/2001 -0700, you wrote:
> My dog is acting normal.  His vet is amazed because of 
> how nasty the site is.  There seems to be no pain, we can
> still change his bandage with no resistance whatsoever.
> We now have much more drainage then ever before.  He may
> be sleeping a little more but other than that he is eating
> well and is playful, although not as playful as usual.
> Kelly

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From: James Carr 
To: Kelly Leeman 
Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2001 1:31 PM
Subject: Re: Mast Cell Tumor


At 12:59 PM 07/21/2001 -0700, you wrote:
> Well we had a bit of a problem in that my dog got the bandage
> off and removed the eschar before it was ready so he had a lot
> of blood loss.  But, yeah, the tumor is gone.    My dog is
> slowing rebuilding his red blood cells.  I have not given 
> him any of the Cansema Tonic since this incident because 
> I did not know if it would hinder his body's ability to replace
> his lost blood.  Can you tell me if the Tonic will help increase
> his body's ability to replace his lost blood, hinder his ability,
> or make no difference whatsoever.

I'm not sure, Kelly -- and the reason is that Tonic III was
created with a very specific purpose in mind:  maximizing
cancerolytic (cancer-killing) effect.   It may help increase
red blood production -- or it could have an effect that is
entirely neutral.   If your dog "appears" to be fine, and
his behavior is unchanged, he will probably just fine.
Mammals, be they humans, dogs, cats, horses, etc.,
are well attuned to detecting the need to regenerate
lost blood, and unless there is something that inhibits
the marrow's ability to create red blood cells, they
body can handle a significant blood loss.   

Describe your dog's current behavior.   How are
his eating habits?   Sleeping habits?   Please

James Carr
Alpha Omega Labs  (

From: "Kelly Leeman"  
To: "James Carr"  
Subject: Mast Cell Tumor 
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 12:40:42 -0700 

> The second round with the salve produced more discharge
> and swelling than the first round.  At this point, we are still
> seeing the tumor but it seems unlikely that it will fall off.
> It is hanging out the lower end of a mushy swollen area.
> Any suggestions?

(Response:  July 10th, 2001; 21:21:00 -0000):


The "second results" you report sound quite
normal to me.  Your question seems more to
center around the final "heal over" process,
since removal of the necrotic growth is now
imminent (if it hasn't already happened
by the time you get this)...  Our users make
use of two products to quicken the process
and minimize scar tissue:  (1) QuikHeal
(usually "Green") which is ozonated olive oil,
which involves a technique and technology now
widely used in Russia, Germany, and (hard
to believe) even socialist Cuba (Havana has
a sizeable ozone therapy clinic, which
utilizes ozone, among other things, on a variety
of patients with burns, lesions, lacerations,
and small wounds).

The other is H3O which uses a different method
to keep the area free of microbial growth and
helps quicken the healing process.

But either way ... even if you did NOT use either
of these products, you are well on the way to
getting rid of this growth and getting the area
healed over.   Anything adjunctive which you use
to aid the process at this point is just that:
a helper and expeditor.

James Carr
Alpha Omega Labs  (

> Kelly Leeman


At 07:59 PM 06/27/2001 -0700, you wrote:
> The death of the tumor appears to be progressing nicely.  
> The mass has two sides.  One in which the tumor is coming out
> that we can spray with saline when we are cleaning the site 
> and the other side which appears to be just skin but when 
> we spray that side there is pain involved.

I wouldn't use saline solution.  Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 - 3%)
would be a better choice.

> My question is should we hit the non tumor side with the 
> salve (this side never has had salve applied) prior to the 
> other side decavitating or should we wait until the process 
> is finished to use the salve again?

As long as pain management issues are not present, you can
apply the salve on the other side now.

James Carr
Alpha Omega Labs  (

From: "Kelly Leeman"  
To: "James Carr"  
Subject: Mast Cell Tumor 
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 20:59:03 -0700 

> Thank you so much for the Cansema products.  My dogs tumor sight,
> although it still looks just awful, has a large mass that is
> actually starting to detach itself from his leg.  I think the
> salve did its job and did it beautifully.  Although I was not
> prepared for the sight of the tumor during its stages of death
> or the rather nasty smell of the discharge, I am very thankful
> I found your products!

Kelly ...

Again... it's doing what it's supposed to.
I grant you:  the decavitation is going to look NASTY and raw.
But give it a week to 10 days and your dog will be in good shape.

James Carr

From: "Kelly Leeman"  
To: "James Carr"  
Subject: Mast Cell Tumor 
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 17:46:35 -0700 

> I put a very little bit of the salve on what I believe
> was my dogs tumor on Tuesday morning.  On Friday, something
> major league is happening at the site.  His vet says it looks
> awful and thinks it is growing and she believes she can see
> the tumor because it grew so large it ruptured the skin; however,
> she believes that the tumor that is on the exterior is dead 
> because there is no noticeable pain involved.

This is usually the case.   The mass itself is dead.
The "rupture" is inevitable, but by the time you get to the "heal over"
stage, there is no capillary damage, although in some cases you
end up with a little scar tissue.   In most cases, even this goes
away in a matter of a few months.

> We have much more swelling then before and there is a lot of 
> drainage.  There is also some bleeding involved.  To me, these 
> are all signs (with the exception of the bleeding) that the salve
> did its job.  Is it suprising that such a small amount would 
> have such extreme effects.  The tumor appears to be large, 
> maybe golf ball sized.  Any ideas how long it may take this
> to run its course?
Yes.  About two to three weeks.

> Any comments you have would be greatly appreciated.
Kelly ... there is nothing you have descrbed that does not sound
typical.  It is strange to you only because you're not familiar with
escharotic preparations and their action -- but everything you
describe is as it should be.

James Carr

> Kelly Leeman


At 09:22 AM 06/20/2001 -0700, you wrote:
> I applied a small amount of the salve to my dogs swollen
> leg where the I think the cancer is (because it is more
> tender and looks different than the rest of the area).
> I applied it yesterday morning.  Last night there was no 
> reaction, this morning there is a small scab.  Is it safe
> to assume that since a scab was created, it got to some
> of the tumor?  Should I apply the salve again?

There are no absolutes in this work, and although the scan
normally means you've "got it," there may always be deeper
residual cancer growth you missed.   It is never a clear-up
call -- even for dermatologists or vets who use Cansema.
A good measure is the size of the forming scab relative
to how big you thought the cancer was.   What you might
do is apply once more over the area for good measure --
and then let this area "cycle out."   That is, let it go 
through the stages of drying up, coming out, decavitation,
and heal over -- just like you see on the site.  After that,
when it has healed over (will take about 2 weeks), you
can apply again to see if you get any reaction.
At the same time, you should still be using the internal
version (Caps or Tonic III) because from what I can gather,
we are not sure if this target growth was primary or
secondary (i.e. isolated... or was it the result of 
metastasis from another site?)
James Carr
Alpha Omega Labs  (


At 09:00 AM 06/19/2001 -0700, you wrote:
> Thank you for the information.
> What type of responses will the exterior site 
> of the tumor have using the Tonic alone?  

The Tonic uses different mechanisms of action than the Salve does.
As you may know, the Tonic III can be used either internally or
externally.   We usually recommend it for internal use -- it is messy
and cumbersome when used externally.   Under its action, the
tumor slowly reduces in size ... until it is gone, or the remnant
is benign.  It acts more slowly and is not as immediately
aggressive as Cansema Salve is.   If time is not pressing, you
can always start with the Tonic -- and if it is not working fast
enough for your purposes, switch to the salve.

James Carr
Alpha Omega Labs  (

From: "Kelly Leeman"  
To: "James Carr"  
Subject: Re: Tonic 
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 09:00:32 -0700 
Thank you for the information.
What type of responses will the exterior site of the tumor have using 
the Tonic alone?  

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From: James Carr 
To: Kelly Leeman 
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001 7:30 AM
Subject: Re: Tonic


At 11:18 AM 06/17/2001 -0700, you wrote:

> I have received your Cansema Tonic III and I am using it to ]
> treat my dog's mast cell tumor.  He is/was taking over the counter
> medications of benadryl and tagamet to control symptoms as well as
> a prescription chemotherapy drug called Prednisolone to control any
> systemic response.  Is it recommended that I continue or discontinue
> the use of any or all of these products while treating with Cansema
> Tonic III.  I do not want any drug interactions to hinder the benefits
> the Tonic will provide.

There are no contraindications, so you can continue with
the chemo drug if you want to.  The decision is yours --
although many users, when they see the results that
the Tonic III is providing, go without the chemo.
Tonic III is a targeted killer of cancer cells.  
Chemo drugs are indiscriminant killers, period.

> I also purchased the salve.  I am told that his tumor is relatively
> small in size; however, the area around the tumor is seriously
> inflamed (5cm) with mast cells.  Would it be helpful to try putting
> the salve on the inflammation?  Nothing is helping to reduce the
> inflammation and that symptom of his tumor is the most bothersome.
> Any recommendations would be helpful.

If the growth is small, as you indicate, and it is close enough
to the dermal layers for the salve to grab it, then, yes, apply
it at once.   It will only mildly irritate healthy tissue, so either
way, you aren't taking any real risks here.

> The specialist wants him to go through another surgery (been there,
> done that), a skin graft, radiation, and chemotherapy.  He is 12 years
> old and I refuse to put him through any more of that treatment in the
> hopes that it may cause remission.  I am hoping that your treatments
> will cure his cancer or, at the very least, make the remainder of his
> life as comfortable as possible.

We've seen amazing things on the vet side.
Following the protocols for Tonic III and the Salve.
Yes, your dog is older.... but we've pulled through
much older.   Be hopeful -- and keep me posted.

James Carr
Alpha Omega Labs  (

Reply-To: "Kelly Leeman"  
From: "Kelly Leeman"  
To: "James Carr"  
Subject: Re: Mast Cell Tumors 
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 14:45:35 -0700 

Thank you, I have placed my order, I think.  I didn't get an email
confirmation though.

Any ideas how quickly the tumor should respond?

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Subject: Re: Mast Cell Tumors

> At 08:57 AM 06/08/2001 -0700, you wrote:
> >Thank you for responding so quickly.  He is 30 pounds.
> Okay, Kelly ... then go with 10 drops in the morning; 
> 10, in the evening; total of 20 drops per day.
> James Carr
> Herbalist
> Alpha Omega Labs  (
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> >Subject: Mast Cell Tumors
> >
> >
> > > Hi...
> > >
> > > At 12:06 AM 06/08/2001 -0400, you wrote:
> > > >I saw the testimonal concerning the treatment of a cat with mast cell
> > > >tumors.  I have a 30 lb. dog with a mast cell tumor.  Would your Cansema
> > > >Tonic work on a dog?  If so, in what dosage and what are the possible
> > > >side effects.
> > >
> > > Yes, it works on dogs.
> > > Dosage -- answer this first:   what is your dog's weight?
> > > Side effects:   possible nausea, but this is only in a small number
> > > of cases.
> > >
> > > James Carr
> > > Herbalist
> > > Alpha Omega Labs  (