The Story of Phoebe Latham
[ CanSupport & Diffuse Brainstem Glioma ]

by Jim Wright --- (U.K.)

I first came into contact with Frank (Phoebe's dad) two years ago through my (alternative cancer) website. He rang me to order B-17 (Laetrile, Amigdaline) for his little girl and to ask my advise on the dosages. As he told me of Phoebe's illness the tears ran down my face and I had difficulty in talking to him I felt so upset. Never having supplied anyone so young with B-17, I rang Jason Vale in the USA who has supplied over 27,000 people. [Editor's Note: Mr. Vale's site, ChristianBrothers, was taken down by the U.S. FDA late last year.] Even he was unable to give any worthwhile advise.
I advised Frank as if it was my own daughter and told him the adult dose (6 per day 500 mg. tablets) but to start with one tablet, and to monitor her response before increasing. In a few days he rang me to say she was on 6 x 500 mg. tablets a day plus Megazyme Forte digestive enzymes. This was in November 2000.

Bad news for Frank and Carol

In February 2000 Phoebe had been diagnosed with an advanced stage 'Diffuse Brainstem Glioma' - which is fatal in a majority of cases. Phoebe's prognosis was at the most, eight months. Thinking that she would be gone before Christmas 2000, Frank and Carol took little Phoebe to Disneyland, Florida. (Wouldn't you?)
I asked Carol when she had noticed there was a problem, and she said: that Phoebe had began to develop a limp and was dribbling a lot but that children often did that so they didn't take much notice. The teacher at the nursery then said there was something wrong with her grip, which made them decide to investigate further.

March 2000
After many hospital visits and tests, the diagnosis was a brain tumour, with no hope of a cure, just a possible extension on her life through the treatments. The tumour was in such a critical place in the brain, that even a biopsy would cause paralysis.
Phoebe then received Radio Therapy in March 2000 for six weeks, which was very distressing for the little girl and her family.

April 2000
In April, Tamoxifen was administered at the rate of five times the adult dosage, this caused some horrendous side effects, including hair growing on her back.

November 2000
A turn around came in November 2000, when her father, who had been researching natural alternatives on the Internet, started Phoebe on high dosages of B-17 for 4 - 5 months. Unfortunately the B-17 caused Phoebe to have hot flushes and nausea, this, along with the terrible taste of the ground tablets made it increasingly difficult to administer.
During this time Phoebe was also on steroids, this, no doubt caused her excess weight.

March 2001
As her health began to improve, Frank and Carol decided to try and get Phoebe off steroids, this caused serious side effects, and she became so ill that the B-17 had to be stopped. The reason for this is that Phoebe ate nothing for 5 - 6 weeks and with no food in her stomach the B-17 caused sickness.

April 2001
By the end of April 2001, Phoebe was off all medication. B-17 was reintroduced and within two days there was a dramatic improvement in health, so much so that they all took a much needed week's holiday.

A Real Breakthrough
Because of the problems in giving Phoebe B-17, Frank was researching the Cansema products as an alternative. At this time I had been in touch with another cancer sufferer, Nick Bragger.
Nick had Stage IV terminal cancer and was a very ill man. Chemotherapy had left him with no saliva glands so he could not taste or enjoy food. Destruction of his bone marrow by the Chemo had left him very weak. Due to no T cells being produced for his blood, the Hospice would call every two weeks to give him a blood transfusion.
Nick was so weak that a bed was set up downstairs for him. He was on B-17 which was probably sustaining him, but was not giving him the healing that he and Betsy were hoping for.
Around March/April 2001 his wife Betsy rang me to say Nick had started on Cansema Tonic III and that Nick, to use her own words "was a new man." His bone marrow was actually recovering and he had started to produce blood cells. He no longer needed a blood transfusion. He was even going out on his own in his car. (I wish I could say he was cured, but unfortunately he later died. Betsy feels that if only they had known about Cansema Tonic III before his body was so badly damaged by chemo, he would have stood a much better chance. Nick is greatly missed he was a wonderful man.)

Back to Phoebe
After hearing Nick's story from Betsy I rang Frank to tell him about Cansema and he immediately ordered some. Phoebe started responding to this very powerful Amazon herbal product. She didn't mind taking it and there were no side effects.

The doctors are now saying that Phoebe is a miracle, but a miracle is something that cannot be explained. She is now taking the full package recommended by Alpha Omega Labs, which produces and sells Cansema Tonic III, CanSupport for Brain Cancer, and HRx water treatment, which balances the body fluids. Phoebe is now five years old. This year a charity for the terminally ill are taking Phoebe to Lapland to see Father Christmas (the real one).

Some would say Phoebe is terminally ill! But I wonder?????

Frank Latham and Betsy Bragger will talk to anyone who needs encouraging. Their telephone numbers are available from my office.
01639 871 777

Outside UK:
44 1639 871 777


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