Applying Cansema... Cancerolytic Herbs:  A History of Supression

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Politics in Healing by Daniel Haley Politics in Healing (2000)
Written by a former New York State Assemblyman, Politics in Healing deals with hair-raising accounts of suppression of proven cancer therapies by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and the American Medical Association (AMA). Covered in detail are Hoxsey, Koch, Rife, Krebiozen, "DMSO," Colostrum, (Gaston) Naessens, Electromedicine, Hydrazine Sulfate, and the ongoing battle involving Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski.
Haley's solution is clear and simple: a freer market in non-toxic therapies, to provide competition to the multibillion dollar drug companies, to drive their prices down and provide access to treatments that really work. (p. 481) [ Enlarge || Purchase].

The Politics of Cancer Revisited The Politics of Cancer Revisited (1998)

"We are not winning the war against cancer. We are losing the war. The number of Americans getting cancer each year has escalated over recent decades, while our ability to treat and cure most common cancers has remainted virtually unchanged" ... so begins the position statement on the cover on the cancer expose book that even Pulitzer-prize winning author, Ralph W. Moss, credits with "almost single-handedly keeping this issue alive and before the public for all these years." The "Revisited" issue was published 20 years after the debut of the original ("The Politics of Cancer"). Extensive in its supporting research and devastating in its indictment of the Medical Industrial Complex (with focus on the National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration), Epstein details the focus how the profits of diagnosis and treatment have overshadowed the importance of prevention and the elimination of cancer-causing agents from our food, air, water, and environment. (p. 770) [ Enlarge || Purchase].

When Healing Becomes a Crime When Healing Becomes a Crime
(2000 edition)

We discuss this monograph in some detail in our video gallery in conjunction with movie that Kenny Ausubel's book inspired. Sufficient to state here that the story of Harry Hoxsey, N.D. conforms to the other volumes presented here on the corrupting effects of money, power, and politics on the 'war against cancer.' When Healing Becomes a Crime provides a historic glimpse into the dark forces within the Medical Industrial Complex that have inhibited the efforts of earnest practitioners for well over a century. (p. 461) [ Enlarge || Purchase].

Beating Cancer With Nutrition Amish Folk Medicine (1992)
Beating Cancer With Nutrition (1994)

"Dr. Quillin makes a very complex subject simple and understandable. This book is a 'must read' by anyone interested in cancer."

Charles Farr, M.D., Ph.D. - nominee for Nobel prize in medicine

Dr. Patrick Quillin has written two excellent books dealing with alternative approaches to medicine. The picture at left shows the second volume, about which Dr. Linus Pauling wrote: "Dr. Quillin's book should be of value to every cancer patient." Our Cansema Skin Cancer Treatment System is mentioned in the first volume as an effective skin cancer cure under the name of our old company, Applied Botanical Research. Dr. Quillin can be reached (as can information on ordering his books) from the Cancer Treatment Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The number is (918) 496-5410. Purchase ("Amish Folk Medicine"); Purchase ("Beating Cancer With Nutrition").

World Without Cancer
Alive And Well World Without Cancer:
The Story of Vitamin B17 (2nd Ed., 1997)
Alive And Well: One Doctor's Experience with Nutrition
In The Treatment of Cancer Patients (1994)

Both these volumes (put out by American Media in Westlake Village, CA; number: (800) 595-6596), point the reader in the same direction: cancer is a nutritional-deficiency disease; there are effective cures; but government is doing everything in its greedy little power to suppress it. As if you didn't already have enough sources of information already that point to widespread conspiracy in the Medical Industrial Complex, here is another set of works that provide yet more solid proof. Purchase ("World Without Cancer").

Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicine
The Definitive Guide

by The Burton Goldberg Group
(Future Medicine Publishing, WA - 1993)
The cancer section spans only 30 pages of this mammoth work (p. 556-586), and yet most of this section is dedicated to alternative approaches. We highly recommend the work because of its impressive scope and broad area of coverage. It covers a broad swath in terms of ailments and available alternative treatments. As you peruse the book and realize how much of the information presented never discussed within the orthodox community, you are, once again, refocussed on the degree to which treatments which do not earn substantially for practitioners are either ignored or suppressed. Excellent, comprehensive, thorough. (p. 1068) ----- [Purchase].

On the Suppression of Cancerolytic Herbs

Over the preceding two pages we have supplied access to a wealth of information on the suppression of legitimate, effective cancer cures by the medical/pharmaceutical cartel, as well as information on a wide range of alternative approaches. Since our specialty is herbal preparations with anti-cancer, anti-viral properties, a more specific word about how suppression has affected our work is relevant...
On October 2, 1981, the Board of Scientific Counsellors, Division of Cancer Treatment, National Cancer Institute voted to abolish the NCI research contract program dealing with the development of antitumor agents from plants. In Jim Duke's eloquent, but brief introduction to Dr. Jonathan Hartwell's book, Plants Used Against Cancer: A Survey he makes the simple observation: "I fear this signals the end of significant government-sponsored research in the United States on medicinal plants, leaving research to the pharmaceutical firms, who have shown relative disinterest in plant products."

As the manufacturers of Cansema, a simple herbal preparation that has greater than a 99% rate of success with basal cell and squamous cell skin cancer, not to mention its success in treating melanoma, we have witnessed this and worse. Over the last twenty years, Western governments (particularly the U.S. Government through its Food & Drug Administration) has literally outlawed entire species, even genus, of cancer-fighting herbs. We don't just mean individual products. In some cases, we mean the entire genus of plant, scrub, even tree. In some cases, the "outlaw plant," had a centuries-old, proven history of effectiveness. And in the case of chapparel (larrea tridentata, larrea mexicata, and three of species in North America), the FDA action was provoked by the most insignificant of data (in this case that chapparel was "hepatotoxic" to those with weak livers.)

One plant after another has been banned as illegal. At any usage level, using any distillation method, using any part of the plant... period. Bloodroot, pokeroot, chapparel, purple lepacho... and proposed is even red clover! Mysteriously any plant that has shown strong anti-cancer properties has been removed from store shelves and placed on "blacklists." And yet the plants that have been banned are those which exhibit the most promise and are empirically the most effective when properly processed. These plants are not banned by legislatures. There are no laws enforcing such bans. These are "policy directives," bureaucratic decisions made without any input from the electorate or members of the everyday practicing health care community. These decisions are made by government workers with close ties to the pharmaceutical industry. There is no accountability to the electorate, only to large corporations whose profits in such obscene practices as radiation and chemotherapy treatment must be protected as all costs.

You should not take our word for any of this... you should research these matters for yourself. The only guarantee we can give in the validity of what we do is our money-back warranty -- something no pharmaceutical company in the Western world will provide on its cancer treatment products.

In the end you and only you are responsible for getting at the truth and protecting you and your family's freedoms against the medical industrial complex. Exercise these freedoms diligently. And share your successes with your neighbors.

The truth will not indefinitely be suppressed. At all times, you can make a difference.

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