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visionary, ceremonial plant preparations to make yours the visit of a lifetime.

Medical, Dental &
Entheogenic Visitations
World class medical and dental services are available in Ecuador for roughly 10% or less of the cost of what they are in the U.S., Canada, and most of Europe. The questionnaire below will allow us to get sufficient information to give you a quotation, including travel and lodging, for the services you require or desire during your visit.
[This information last updated: January 18, 2020].

Introduction to Medical, Dental & Entheogenic Tourism
he best example for the tremendous need for our service comes from an incident that happened to me personally. In March, 2015, I was working on a very demanding project that required me to stay up for a series of evenings, well past bedtime. Caffeine tablets just didn't seem to be cutting it anymore. An employee told me that university students in our area who had to stay up late when craming for exams used "Alertex" (the local brand of Modafinil). It's a pharmaceutical drug. I'm an herbalist and naturopath, so I should have known better. But, like an idiot, I took it.
After a couple of hours, after taking the recommended dosage, I began getting the worst migraines I've ever had. The worst I've ever even heard of. I vomited to the point of dry heaves and couldn't even keep water down. It was apparent that I was among those who didn't respond well to this drug. I knew I was in really serious trouble. I was on course to suffering from severe dehydration. So I had my wife drive me to Clinica Latino here in Cuenca -- a widely known, very respected, state-of-the-art hospital.
I stayed in the hospital for two days. I had a extensive blood work done, a CAT scan (the doctor wanted to check to see on the off-chance if I had a brain tumor), with nurses regularly visiting to check on me. After two days, I was well on the mend, so I decided to go downstairs, pay my bill, and go home. My total bill came to $545. Upon giving friends in the States full details on what happened to me, I asked what that hospital stay would have cost stateside. Most responses fell in the $15,000 to $20,000 range. Most people would agree that $545 is significantly less than $15,000. (New math!)
This is not an isolated incident. My friend, Dr. Bill Easley, who at that time was living with his wife in Edmonton, Alberta, needed dental work. Not a routine dental cleaning, but extensive dental work. He and his wife came to Cuenca, where they both got caught up on dental work. He told me later, "I saved so much money, I paid for this entire trip and then some." These comments are common coming from those who visit for medical and dental services here. I myself have never paid more than $15 here for a thorough dental cleaning. Moreover, if you know who to go to, there is virtually no difference in the quality of service between the better practitioners here versus those in the U.S. Practitioners in Ecuador use the same first-world equipment and many have been trained in the States, and then returned to Ecuador because of its superior quality of life.

Want to pay reasonable prices for medical / dental? . . . Great.
Step outside your bribery-soaked, ridiculously overpriced system.
obody in Ecuador needs medical or dental insurance. Oh sure, they have it here. It runs about $50 a month with the majority avoiding it. Why? Because Ecuadorians feel that $50 a month is highway robbery for health care insurance. And why pay it when the cost of quality medical and dental services are such that you can pay it out of pocket? Health insurance makes no sense.
Those in the "first world" find this bewildering, but only because they've become acclimated to a health care system that is completely out of touch with economic reality. Years of lobbying in Washington have created a system where health care costs have increased astronomically and nobody questions the illegitimacy of it anymore. The same ridiculous conventions exist in the other so-called "First World" countries. (Maybe they're "first" because they do a better job of milking the citizenry out of their hard-earned money.)

Travel the Multiverse with an experienced psychonaut as your guide
ince the publication of my book, The Gospel of 2012 According to Ayahuasca (2012), I have been asked by numerous people to provide personal guidance in the use of well-crafted entheogens. (I do not use the terms, hallucinogens, psychedelics, or even psychoactives when referring to these materials. I find the words off-putting since they are often used as pejoratives by people who don't understand these botanicals, which are considered sacred by indigenous peoples.)
For years I have put off these requests, because there are others in South America who are providers of the raw herbals used to make entheogens. Lately, however, requests have become more numerous now, and since I have a legal structure in place to provide guided entheogenic experiences, I have decided to provide this service at the same time we provide our medical and dental "tourist" service to our customers. What separates my approach from others who provide "psychedelic retreats" or "sacred journeys" is that I remove all the touristy trappings. I don't simply provide the entheogens. I guide you on your journey, as an experienced psychonaut who -- to date -- has personally done more than 300 "vision quests" using a variety of entheogenic compounds -- each with different properties. In my mind, taking entheogens only becomes meaningful if they open you up to a truly positive, transformative life experience. I answer more questions about this service in the Visitation FAQ section.

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Cathryn Caton, N.D.
Co-Founder, Alpha Omega Labs
October 22, 2018

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