Neem Tree Oil Suppositories Neem Tree Oil Suppositories

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To Users in the U.S.: .. None of our suppositories, nor any of the information provided herein, have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Neem Oil Suppositories - overview The vermifugal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties of neem tree oil have been extensively documented. Using 600 mg. of pure, unprocessed neem tree oil per suppository, this product takes advantage of this scientific fact to create an experimental product that we are now providing for our affiliated practitioners -- (hence the low price).
Neem Oil Suppositories can be used in either vaginal or rectal applications, but our area of focus is on the potential for use as a prophylactic. The use of neem tree oil (Azadirachta indica) in vaginal form as a prophylactic has been used for thousands of years in India (at least since the sixth century, B.C.). Our concern, of course, is that although sufficient toxicological data has been amassed to demonstrate its safety, there is insufficient data to ascertain the true extent of its ability to not only prevent pregnancy, but also STD's, as has been alleged, including bacterial (i.e. gonorrhea, syphillis, etc.) and viral (i.e. HIV, hepatitis, etc.) sources of transmission. There are, however, tests that confirm its vermifugal properties - especially against nematodes. Only the passage of time and the construction of well-designed and executed clinical tests will provide additional certainty as to its effectiveness.

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In addition to our own neem section, the web has extensive, well-researched documents detailing our current findings on the properties of neem tree oil. Below, you'll find a few among the many:

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For rectal or vaginal use only - as advised by your health care practitioner. Use following colonic evacuation. Freeze prior to use. Keep out of chilren's reach. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, suffering from hemorrhoids, or prior to surgery.
Before removing suppository from container, be sure to wash hands thoroughly with anti-microbial soap. Lightly coat the suppository in olive oil before inserting past the sphincter muscle. The best time to use this product is just prior to bedtime; otherwise, remain sitting and reclining after insertion for about 30 minutes, or until the suppository has entirely dissolved. Users with poor colonic mucosal integrity may experience a mild stinging initially. If this occurs, notify your health care provider.


Cocoa butter, lecithin, neem tree oil.


This product has a dark color and carries the strong "herby" smell of neem oil. Culturally, Indians regard all aspects of neem, including its organoleptic properties, in a very positive way. It is premature to judge whether or not this appreciation will be transported to the West, especially given the highly personal, intimate activities incorporated in the product's suggested usage.