Neem Testimonials

Below we have re-printed a selection of testimonials from satisfied Neem users, given to us by our supplier of raw, organic, Neem extracts, leaves, bark, and other Neem derivatives. We ask all Alpha Omega users who are just now trying our quality Neem products, to supply testimonials on the success of their use as well!
"When I put your neem cream on my herpes lesions, I get immediate relief from the itching and burning. Overall cure time has gone from two to four weeks to approximately four days. Taking the neem leaf capsules and tincture simultaneously is definitely responsible for more infrequent occurrences. I gave some cream to a friend and he had the same results."

Athlete's Foot
"I put the cream on my athlete's foot which was open and often bleeding. My feet were completely healed in two weeks."

High Blood Pressure
"I only take half the high-blood pressure medication after taking the capsules for less than a month."

"I am only 13 years old and I apply the neem cream on my face before going to bed for my acne. I do this after washing with your neem soap. It really works! After only two weeks my acne is almost gone!"

"My whole family uses the neem lotion after going to the beach and we never peal even after getting sunburned. It seems to completely rejuvenate the skin."

"I had a small patch of eczema on my cheek which is completely gone. When I am at work I use a surgical mask and it causes a burning inflammation at the corners of my mouth. I have not had this problem since using the neem soap and applying the cream after my bath."

"I had a wart on my arm for years before I started applying your neem lotion. It's all gone now."

Heat Rash
"I have a heat rash on my chest that goes away after applying the tincture after a bath."

General Rash
"I had a persistent rash in the center of my back that was caused by harsh, hot water while bathing: after putting your neem lotion on it for two days it has disappeared and never come back."

"I had a hard knotty mole on my chest; it felt hard, and very dry. I rubbed the neem oil on it for about a week and it completely disappeared."

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