January 31, 2020

Facebook Is Now So Determined
To Ban Free Thought, They're
Censoring Private Messages

his week brings us yet more news of growing censorship from multiple sources -- public and private. First, we get a wonderful public service announcement from Conservative Society.org -- in fact, the title of this post is the same as theirs. The author complains that his private messages on Messenger (Facebook) are being censored, and he's getting Orwellian messages like: "This message was removed because it includes a link that goes against our Community Standards."
I've had the same messages, which is why we're now using WeMe.com.
Next we received an email this morning from Mike Adams to all NaturalNews.com subscribers. The headline read: "Emergency alerts from Natural News - Sabotage, coronavirus, censorship." Mike goes on to state: "The fact that you are receiving this email is a miracle. We have been under a full week of insane sabotage and censorship efforts, which severely disrupted our ability to send emails to our subscribers. As an important note, if you don't receive emails from us each day, always check the NaturalNews.com site directly by typing it into your browser as "NaturalNews.com"
We have the same problem. At Alpha Omega Labs we routinely send out newsletters that have special offers, discounts, and news of note. Sometimes we send one newsletter a month, sometimes we send several -- it depends on what's going on. Today is January 31st, and our our last newsletter was sent out January 9, 2020. We aren't sending out as many anymore, because so few people get them. The IP address of our entire server has been blocked by all the leading tech companies as a "spammer" -- even though we have only ever sent out emails to our existing customers. We've never "spammed" anyone.
The censorship is so bad, that -- as I reported a few months ago -- my book, Black Salve, was BANNED by Amazon. As a result, we only sell this very important book on my bio site in the online store.
How quickly we have descended from Voltaire's moral pronouncement at the time of the founding of the Republic, "I may not believe a word you say, but I'll fight to the death your right to say" to what we have now. "If you don't agree with everything I say, I'll report you for hate speech."
Unfortunately, this is part of the zeitgeist of our time.

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