January 28, 2020

Chemtrails, CoronaVirus &
The Transparency of Fake Narratives

"In 1981 Dr. Richard Krause of the U.S. National Institutes of Health published a provocative book entitled The Restless Tide: The Persistent Challenge of the Microbial World, which argued that diseases long thought to have been defeated could return to endanger the American people. In hearings a year later before the U.S. Congress, Krause was asked, 'Why do we have so many new infectious diseases?'
'Nothing new has happened,' Krause relied. 'Plagues are as certain as death and taxes.' "
Laurie Garrett
The Coming Plague (1994), p. 5

ost of my readers will remember the famous children's story growing up: The Emperor's New Clothes. The popular Hans Christian Anderson story tells of a vane king who is obsessed with the magnificence of his wardrobe. The story revolves around two swindlers who convince the king's counsel that they have created the ultimate fabric from which clothes of such splendor are created that only the dim-witted cannot see them. The story concludes with a parade in which the King displays his divine new attire and is greatly admired by all, until a small child -- speaking with unquestionable innocence -- utters the obvious: "The King is Naked. He has no clothes."
Our civilization, our global culture, has attained to a level of absurdity that is not unlike The Emperor's New Clothes. We are trained to ignore the obvious, and threatened if we fail to hold true, with commitment bordering on religious fervor, to the magnificent attire of our hidden masters and their many agendas -- when the truth is, they are naked at best and vile at worst.
I saw this clearly when I became absorbed in studying the chemtrail phenomenon first, after watching the twin documentaries, What in the World Are They Spraying and Why in the World Are They Spraying. I was subsequently introduced to Dane Wigington's site, Geo Engineering Watch. When you put all the information from these videos, Dane's sites, and private interviews with about not less than ten acquaintances in South America who left the U.S. because they could not tolerate the high level of spraying there, a clear picture emerges. This despite the fact that we are instructed to believe that chemtrails do not exist. How could they exist? They're an elaborate conspiracy theory, so says that oh-so-not-loveable intel agency hotbed of disinformation, Wikipedia. The contrary argument, abundantly provided in the two documentaries I just cited, is that they are doing a superb job of killing entire biological ecosystems.
Two years ago I began getting calls from physicians in the U.S. (as many are privately my customers) who began telling me about a phenomenon they called Chemtrail Respiratory Syndrome. The symptoms are marked by coughing, fatigue, and occasional flu symptoms. I've talked about this before. In every case, I was asked not to repeat the name of the person who reported this to me. "This is the death of anyone's career who makes this public," I was told.
Strangely, the U.S Congress is floating a plan to commence with chemtrail spraying -- even though anyone who has eyes to see, knows that the governments of the world have already been allowing it for more than 25 years. It's like passing a bill to allow these metalized craft that we'll call "airplanes" to travel through the air --- more than 115 years after the fact. Ok -- granted -- that's an exaggeration, but you get my point.
It is a pattern I see repeatedly in my work. It was brought to mind again this month in the form of a new epidemic.
Yes, this month's elitist exercise in scaring the public comes in the form of a evolving viral epidemic in China called by a coronavirus, which has serious, potential economic implications. There's no question that it's serious, or it is doubtful that WHO would have declared it a global pandemic. Moreover, as is always the case, the government in question (in this case, the Chinese), is downplaying a catastrophe of their own making, rooting in the theft of biologicals that they stole in order to weaponize them -- something that is the standard "MO" of the Chinese regime. You get a better sense of how important it is to the governments of the world to possess, cultivate, and test the most lethal germs that the mind can conjure if you read Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Germ Laboratory. It's a story about the U.S. germ lab in Plum Island, New York. But make no mistake about it. Governments around the world engage in this nonsense. And although Dr. Richard Krause may have been right -- "plagues are as certain as death and taxes" -- it certain doesn't hurt the microbials' parasitic cause to have host government assisting them in their weaponization. One might write this off as a potential conspiracy theory were it not for the fact that Chinese biological weapons experts foolishly left their fingerprints on this Wuhan coronavirus in the form of "HIV insertions" that would never occur naturally on their own. Then again, they may have had secret connection to U.S. intel agencies which have also been working to weaponize and publicly test coronavirus strains using bats as a carrier medium.
And that, boys and girls, brings me to the point of this post: for although chemtrails and coronavirus may seem unrelated, they both share an obvious common relationship: they both lead to a common end. The first is ostensibly done to help modify the weather and the second is the innocent outbreak from an uncommon killer virus whose outbreak periodicity is impossible to predict. This is what we're supposed to believe. And what we're supposed to believe disregards the obvious: that both are engineered tools that serve a euthanasic end. They both assist in "thinning the herd."
That this goes on and the common man is no more the wiser is one of the greatest tragedy of our time.

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