January 17, 2020

Hoxsey's Success at Curing
Cancer Finally Declassified
"We're not miracle men. We don't profess to cure all cases of cancer. We don't guarantee a cure. Nevertheless, thousands of men, women, and children once stricken with cancer are still alive today as the result of our treatment . . . I defy any other doctor or hospital on earth to match that record."

Harry Hoxsey, N.D.
You Don't Have to Die --- (1956), p. 3

arlier today I received an email from a good friend. The message was short and to the point: "Check out this video." To be frank, it was the title of the YouTube that grabbed my attention: "REALIST NEWS: Hoxsey Cancer Cure Document Declassified from 1952! They knew then!!!" The video ran 16:44 in length and was posted by a YouTuber who goes by the name "jsnip4." You'll find he's pretty prolific if you go to his channel.
Now, mind you, the subject matter of the video itself wasn't news to me. I've known about the work of Harry Hoxsey, N.D. from my earliest days as an amateur herbalist in the 1970's. I posted an article about Hoxsey on the Altcancer.com site sometime in the late 90's. What was interesting about this YouTube -- well, there's two things actually -- first, it revealed the release of a govermment document where the success of Hoxsey's methods, quite close to what we do at Alpha Omega Labs, was CLASSIFIED by the U.S. government and had only recently been declassified. Among the juicy tidbits in the declassified document was the revelation that the AMA would never allow a celebrity or noteworthy person in the public arena to publicly acknowlege that they were cured by this inexpensive approach. Can't allow that, can we? Doesn't anyone remember that Hollywood actor, Steve McQueen, was making good progress at an alternative clinic in Mexico before he agreed to invasive surgery -- at which point he died the very next day? Nothing suspicious there, right? Nahhh.
Secondly, and of even greater importance, is the fact this YouTube was taken down just 20 minutes after I received the link. I listened to the entire video, and then when I hit refresh . . . POOF! Taken down. If the content of videos like this was just nonsense, would it really be necessary for Google, Facebook, YouTube, and the rest of the Big Tech crowd, to be so heavy-handed in censoring it?
Think about it.
Think about it really hard.
As I discussed in a previous post, it should cause you to really consider who you can trust when it comes to your health care. Those who have a track record? Or should you trust those without evidence of efficacy who use mafia tactics to enforce false narratives?
We have bigger much problems than Fake News --- where the bullshit is so transparent that only the zombified can any longer cozy up to it.
Fake science. Fake medicine. Fake education . . . our civilization is infected with manifold false narratives wherever you turn, and it is the role of the Thinking Man to come to informed conclusions independent of the unending chicanery of those in authority.

Postscript: -- (21 Jan 2020) -- A couple of people felt that I should have tracked down the source documentation. This is probably it -- found, no less, in the online library of the CIA. (Yes, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency keeps an online library of declassified documents -- and what could be in greater need of secret classification than a document proving that those in authority knew about highly effective cancer cures in the 50's and earlier that really worked?) I'll post it here, because you damn well know they will delete this after word of the implications of this document gets out.
Oh -- and while we're on the subject of the CIA's involvement in documenting promising cancer cures that absolutely require official suppression, check out this little gem of a reported cancer cure in Hungary going back to 1953. (I'll go ahead and archive it here.)

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