March 28, 2020

"No Test, No Tell":
An Unspoken Coronavirus Contradiction

or the past eight weeks, I've been maintaining a Coronavirus News & Developments section for my readers and customers. Actually, truth be told, I think I would do it as a diary to myself if nobody else read at at all. As time went by, the tone of this project began to shift from one of simple observation to one of advocacy. This development emerged from the simple fact that a handful of truly outrageous absurdities in how the "pandemic" was being handled graduated into a veritable mountain of "smack you in the face" cases of cognitive disonance -- sufficient to make a reasonably intelligent person go apoplectic.
This process, this painful submersion into some twisted 2020 version of "dark night of the soul" only got worse earlier this month. I myself got "the flu." Because of my considerable knowledge as an herbalist and nutritionist, I rarely get sick, but this was like no illness I had ever had before. I had a fever that would come and go, and the head and chest were "hotter" than the rest of the body. My lungs hurt so bad, it felt like someone had taken a blow torch to them. I had trouble breathing, and, in fact, it felt like I was only using the top 25% of my lungs. Additionally, the right side hurt more than the left, which I initially attributed to the anatomical fact that the right lung is bigger than the left. I had no phlegm, but I coughed every time I attempted to inhale more deeply. There was this horrific "crinkly" sound at every inhale and exhale.
The fatigue was inescapable. Even after I used my own remedies to kill the virus, I had to deal with two weeks of nagging fatigue -- to the point where I spent a good deal of time working from my bed. The simple act of walking around or even sitting up only made me feel more tired. Nonetheless, despite all of this, there was nothing about the viral infection itself that prevented me from working my normal 80 hour work week. I did, however, cease my weight training sessions.
Despite all of this going on -- even while maintaining my Coronavirus News & Developments, it took a couple of days for it to dawn on me that I had CoVid-19. The symptomatology was the same as other CoVid-19 sufferers, and, in fact, there were no other potential pathogenic factors that could work to create this strange collection of symptoms. As I began to share my experience with friends and family, I soon discovered that about a dozen other friends in Ecuador had also had CoVid-19. There were variances in some of the symptoms, given the varied immunological constitutions involved, but it was clearly the same illness. As this widening group of former CoVid-19 sufferers expanded, we began to come to certain inescapable conclusions:
  • SARS-CoV-2, or whatever other name you want to this viral hoax, is not contagious. If you're this mean son-of-a-bitch, and you're intent on giving your virus to other innocent souls, give it up. You will fail. This isn't smallpox. The idea that this virus is contagious is a complete myth. I don't wear a mask or anything else protective around my wife or others close to me. I am the only one in my inner circle who "got this thing." I have other friends who have had or are currently having the same exact experience.
  • Deadly effect of the virus is ridiculously exaggerated -- No wonder the CDC in the U.S. is forcing health care workers to hyper-inflate coronavirus deaths. You can't get people to continue to pee in their pants in sheer fright over this stupid thing, until you use fake numbers to keep the public jacked up.
  • Wanna Die from the Coronavirus? Hire somebody to murder you. Having spent several hours already talking to friends about their CoVid-19 experiences, it is our collective opinion that the only way you could die from this Coronavirus is if you had mismanaged care -- either mismanaged self-care or victimization through iatrogenesis (which is now rampant, but I'll get to that in a minute.) There is a reason why the vast majority of deaths attributable to this Coronavirus were elderly and infirm. If you are old and already wrestling with one or more serious medical conditions, Coronavirus can easily be the "straw that breaks the camel's back." Keep in mind that we lose 60 million humans on this earth every year -- to old age, terminal disease, accidents, etc. It would be an easy propaganda maneuver to attribute 20% of those cases to Coronavirus and say that the virus is now killing 12 million people per year and is the worst pandemic in modern history. This wouldn't be any less fraudulent than any other public initiative concerning this virus that we've seen to date.
  • 5G is the most logical etiological source for this coronavirus phenomenon -- On the Coronavirus News & Developments page, I cover a couple different lectures by Dr. Thomas Cowan, who makes a very compelling case, but also his recommending reading of Arthur Firstenburg's The Invisible Rainbow is now essential to understanding how we got to this point. Interestingly, Ecuador did a series of 5G tests in Guayaquil and Quito last summer. There is not one case of CoVid-19 in Ecuador's eastern Amazonian provinces, which are farthest removed from where the 5G tests were conducted.
  • This entire Coronavirus phenomenon is highly pre-engineered and choreographed. Dr. Thomas Cowan recounts how it can take years to crack the genome of a given pathogen. It tooks decades to do this for Lyme's disease, which surfaced in 1975. And yet -- Chinese "scientists" cracked the genome of SARS-CoV-2 and had the results in publishable, journalistic format in a mere two weeks. As Cowan has pointed out, "That would only be possible if you knew what you were looking for. It would only be possible if you had either been associated with this virus for many years or you were an integral part of its creation and design."
I had a conversation with an attorney friend on the U.S. West Coast recently. Both he and his wife have had CoVid-19, and are just coming out of it. He asked me if I had been tested for the virus.
"No," I replied, "I wasn't formally tested nor do I have any of my friends been tested."
"And why not?"
"Well, by the time I fully realized what I had had, it was almost over. It's cold and wet here in the High Andes. People get flu all the time and nobody shits their pants over it, unless their particular strain comes with a nasty case of diarrhea. And as for my friends -- look -- they are working people. Everybody I know works for a living. So what incentive do people have to go in, get subjected to a test that is notoriously faulty and often leads to a false positive, and then get quarantined -- unable to work or have a means of surviving -- just so that they can be prevented for passing an impassable disease that isn't contagious to another human being? Who would be crazy enough to sign up for that?"
"No test, no tell. . . . I get it. . . . It's the same here."
"Excuse me?"
"No test, no tell. That's what you're describing. People are avoiding authorities, who will only hurt you and will do nothing to truly help you; they keep quiet; and if they get the disease, they quietly get it treated and avoid the hospitals, the one place where you are likely to enter and not come back out alive. And besides, who wants to get treated like a leper? Who wants to be subjected to social ostricizing? Who wants to be locked away without a way to make a living --- a victim of public officials who haven't figured out yet that the virus could potentially harm you, but not having a way to eat will definitely harm you?"
"Is this a widely held opinion?"
"Oh hell, yes. I wasn't tested, like yourself, and none of my own friends have been tested. Self-quarantine isn't about not spreading the virus now. It's about not getting grabbed by Nazi health workers from the State and having some half-based medical test condemn you to a leper colony. Also, you never know when they're going to use this as an opportunity to introduce a mandatory vaccine that isn't necessary in the first place. We all know the statistics on that. After you survive the virus, you'll have the greater challenge of surviving the vaccine."
"This all makes sense to me," I commented.
All this having been said, I am not, for a moment, discouraging anyone from getting a test if they want to get a test. By all means. The same with vaccines. If you want to get vaccinated, it's a personal choice. As a libertarian, I personally believe that any attempt to give anybody a mandatory vaccine is a criminal act. But understand that there are unintended consequences that are arising out of the CV phenomenon, and those developments tell us a lot about what people think privately about this current global world "pandemic."

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