Powdered Herbal Combinations / Wholesale / Private Label

Maca Manna is an example of a product
that is made in the 18 oz. (510 g.) format.
Specialty Herbal Blends
Code 500HB0118 oz. x 1 Unit Price/ea: $34.95 = $34.95
Code 500HB1018 oz. x 10 Units Price/ea: $26.21 = $262.10
Code 500HB5018 oz. x 50 Units Price/ea: $22.71 = $1,135.50

e provide a program for our wholesalers to obtain single herbals in powdered form in this bulk format -- or special blends can be requested. The prices above are "averages" which would be applicable to about half the single powdered herbals that we ourselves carry. It is posted just to give interested parties some idea as to where the prices might fall.
Single units (purchase of just one unit) are priced at $34.95 each. Ten units cost $26.21 each and represent a 25% off discount. Fifty units drop further to $22.71 and represent a 35% off discount. A fifty unit order total $1,135.50.
Again, this is just a "spec" page to give some idea as to approximate cost. For more information and to discuss specifications, please write to us at support@herbhealers.com.

Survival Tabs are yet another example of a product line we carry that uses the 18 oz. format, although in this case, the end product is neither custom formulated nor a powdered herbal blend.