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CanCell Controversy What do all of the names above have in common?
Answer: They are all branded names that have been used to describe the evolution of a series of formulas first created by Mr. James Sheridan, a chemist from Roseville, Michigan. Mr. Sheridan called it Entelev. In the 1980's, Mr. Sheridan joined forces with a metallurgical engineer named Ed Sopcak. Mr. Sheridan and Mr. Sopcak met regularly to brainstorm on how the formula might be improved. Mr. Sopcak called what he manufactured CanCell and became a public spokesman. And each formulary incarnation has a following of people who swear that it cured their cancer, AIDS, or other degenerative disease.
A miracle cure? ... Or a complete hoax?
That's what we wanted to know - (and we found the truth to lie somewhere closer to something quite miraculous ... but let's continue.)

Knowledge of the Entelev & Cancell formulas have been widely disseminated through the CanCell Controversy book (image above - available from But undoubtedly, the largest source of dissemination has been the thousands of end users who claim that one of these "Sheridan" formulas cured their cancer, multiple sclerosis, auto immune diseases or rheumatoid arthritis. Are these reports accurate? To people we ourselves have interviewed, yes. Of course, the orthodox medical community would take exception to these reports, and, true to their 'modus operandi', the Sheridan formula and Sheridan's attempts to provide a theoretical structure to explain the formula's effects have been universally condemned by the likes of the National Cancer Institute (USA), U.S. Food & Drug Administration, American Cancer Society, BC Cancer Agency, not to mention lesser known sycophants to the cancer industry, such as Medicine Online, Healthy Sketicism, and QuackWatch. (It is worth noting that in the end Mr. Sopcak did not agree with Jim Sheridan on how the formula worked and went down an altogether different path into homeopathic medicine. The Sheridan family is in possession of a letter sent by Mr. Sopcak saying that Entelev/CanCell -- the dark liquid version -- was always invented by Jim Sheridan and belonged to the Sheridan family. Mr. Sopcak came up with a homeopathic version which he also called CanCell much to everyone's confusion and talked about them interchangeably, which, of course, caused a lot of difficulties.)
Never mind that Cancell was tested by the National Cancer Institute itself and found to outperform Taxol - a leading chemotherapy agent of choice.
(Interesing, how often this pattern appears to repeat itself.)

As if things weren't confusing enough...
We've all heard the expression, "success has a thousand fathers, but every failure is an orphan." Such as been the case with the work of James Sheridan - which, in part, helps explain the proliferation of names. A number of people have managed to acquire pieces of Sheridan's and/or Sopcak's technology over the years. The most notable is a promoter named Jerome Godin (Medical Research Products) who renders an account of his relation with Sheridan which is disputed by the Sheridan family. (Note: The Sheridan family does not dispute how Mr. Godin got the technology that he uses, since they do know how he got it. They do know it is an offshoot of an early formulation passed on to him by a "friend" of James Sheridan. Although Alpha Omega, for the purposes of historical accuracy, has attempted to determine what actually happened, the best we can now determine is that the "so-called friend" of James Sheridan gave his version of the technology to Goden. But we know with certainly that James Sheridan had no direct relationship with Godin. In fact, he never knew him -- contrary to information now found on the web. In fact, Medical Research Products renders an account of Godin's relationship with Sheridan and his means of acquiring the technology that is strongly disputed by the Sheridan family.)
So our search also required us to source the best "version" of Sheridan & Sopcak's work. (Note: We do not sell the "clear homeopathic" version that the late Mr. Sopcak produced. It is our opinion that it is not as effective.)

How we got involved
Otto Warburg People who are familiar with the work of Alpha Omega Labs know that we take an active interest in products and technologies that prove themselves to be the 'genuine article.' We couldn't care less if something does or does not have the blessings of the powers that be. Their interests were shown to be counter to those of the patient's long, long ago.
Although some of the superlatives used by author Louise B. Trull in her CanCell book appear exaggerated, we cannot deny that a number of notable cases have come to our attention over the years where customers are able to claim unmistakeable benefits from the use of Sheridan's technology. As in the case of our Cansema & CanSupport products, some of these cases involved very advanced cancers for which conventional medicine failed to bring any measure of relief. (Most of the positive reports came from users of Protocel Formula JVS-23 and EJS-50 ... for an update, read testimonials delineated by ailment).
Currently, there is one company that has the blessings of both the Sheridan and Sopcak families and is producing a line of products using the two inventors' technology. The name of the company is Renewal & Wellness and in April (2002) Alpha Omega Labs entered into a cross-marketing agreement with their organization. (As fate would have it, two principals of Renewal & Wellness had successfully used Cansema Salve and both of our companies were able to share a sizeable amount of information which suggests that products made by both companies may well be synergistic.)
We believe that when used according to instructions, Protocel products (see column at right) may offer substantial benefit to those suffering from a number of degenerative diseases that alter healthy cells (aerobic cells) making them life-threatening anaerobic cells that make up cancer, MS, auto immune diseases and rheumatoid arthritis. We are so convinced of this, we are adding Protocel products to our brain, prostate, colorectal and breast cancer bundles -- empirically following the cancer types for which we have received the most number of positive comments from end users. (Note: as with Cansema and CanSupport product lines, it is important to strictly follow instructions when using these products. For instance, you cannot take JVS-23 or EJS-50 while also taking Vitamin C. It substantially reduces its effectiveness.)

Anaerobic Cellular Reduction Technology
A number of theoretical models have been used to try and explain how Protocel and its predecessors work. The best explanation to date is a model referred to as Anaerobic Cellular Reduction Technology, as explained by Renewal & Wellness, using both a slide show and a less visual, but more detailed explanation below:
"What does the word 'anaerobic' mean? "A microorganism which flourishes without free air". Webster, Contemporary Dictionary, page 25. When it comes to cells in our body, we have two kinds, "aerobic" a healthy cell which uses oxygen, and "anaerobic" an unhealthy cell that does not use oxygen. To regain health or to maintain one's present level of health, the immune system has to daily remove all unwanted anaerobic cells. If they accumulate, they may become fertile ground for destructive elements, that if not removed, can destroy one's life.
Anaerobic Cellular Reduction Technology (ACRT) is a scientific term for a new technology developed through extensive research that, in a very unique way, causes a modest but safe interference in the cellular structure. (The human body comes equipped with several, vitally important, built-in, natural healing and restorative systems or mechanisms, to bring about optimal health. However, most often, our diets, lifestyles, habits and environment have rendered these mechanisms largely ineffective.) Protocel's two formulas were formulated, using the breakthrough technology, to assist these natural mechanisms and to enhance their effectiveness. Certain modified natural compounds, which have been selected for their effect on electrical-current functions within the cells, are used in the production of both Protocel formulas. These selected compounds have a particularly unique oxidation-reduction potential and are formulated in such a way as to affect certain key cellular and biochemical transformation processes. The uniqueness of the technology is that it promotes lysing (the breaking up) of unwanted cells, while causing no loss of function in healthy cells.

Dietary Adjunctive Advice / Storage
For best cleansing results, restrict your daily intake of the following: Vitamin C (to 100 mg.); Vitamin E (to 32 IU); Coenzyme Q10 (to 60 mg.); Selenium (to 60 mg.); no Essiac Tea or Burdock Root. Storage: Each Protocel product has an expiration date affixed to the bottom of each bottle. None have to be refrigerated, but they should be stored in a cool, dry place. If you wish to refrigerate any of the products, that is up to you. (You may refrigerate Protocel, if you choose. However, do not let it freeze as the bottle could break. Freezing will not destroy its effectiveness, but if it does freeze by accident and the bottle does not break, allow it to thaw at room temperatures and shake vigorously before using.)

Product Queries
Because of the specific nature of the instructions regarding the use of Protocel products, we invite users to email us with their questions.
See order page.

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There are two products that carry the name "Protocel": JVS-23 and EJS-50. Both work using the same mechanism of action, which has been described as Anaerobic Cellular Reduction Technology (which we discuss below). A more thorough description of both products is provided:

JVS-23 - This "original" version has been taken by thousands of users and has been proven by "in Vivo" (live subject testing) to be effective in a large percentage of cases. One 16 ounce bottle is a 2 month supply and costs $98.00.

EJS-50 - Adding further technology from Ed Sopcak, this newer formula has an altered oxidative state and many users report that it works "faster." One 16 ounce bottle is a 2 month supply and costs $125.00.

Other Aids
Just as Alpha Omega Labs - through years of experimentation and clinical feedback, has developed adjuncts that it recommends with its own proprietary products, so have the people at Wellness & Renewal.

Pro Enzymes

Pro Enzymes - When anaerobic cells slip under the body's "radar screen" of a less than optimal immune system, the cells start trying to hide their identity from removal. They do this by attempting to place protein fibrins into the membrane around the cell. Pro Enzymes have been designed to dissolve the protective protein fibrin covering to make exposure to the immune system much easier. When clearly identified, the immune system will attack and remove the altered anaerobic cell as a waste product. Slide demonstration. A two month supply (180 Capsules) costs $50.00


ProGe-132 - The mineral germanium-132 introduces oxygen to the core or nucleus of the anaerobic cell, which immobilizes it. Immobilized cells are then removed by the immune system. A two month supply of ProGe-132 (120 Capsules) costs $75.00.

To U.S. Users: No Protocel product has been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, none of the products on this page is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

User Instructions
A calibrated medicine dropper is supplied with each purchase of Protocel. The dropper is graduated in teaspoon fractions, i.e. 1/4, 1/2 tsp., etc. (in milliliters also). This makes it easy to measure the correct amount for each serving of Protocel. Always shake the bottle of Protocel well before withdrawing the product. Various methods of taking Protocel may be used:
Administration: SHAKE BOTTLE WELL. For normal daytime dosage, stir 1/4 tsp. (5 ml.) of Protocel in distilled or spring water, or juice such as: grape, cranberry, apple, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, or V-8 juice with low sodium. Drink at once. JVS-23: For best results, take Protocel JVS-23 every 4 hours throughout the day, plus a double amount at bedtime. For example, take at 7:00 a.m. / 11:00 a.m. / 3:00 p.m. / 7:00 p.m. and double the amount at 11:00 p.m. (five times a day). EJS-23: For best results, take Protocel EJS-50 every 5 1/2 hours throughout the day. For example: take at 7:00 a.m. / 12:30 a.m. / 6:00 p.m. / 11:30 p.m. Do not double your 11:30 p.m. dosage (four times a day). Notable Physiological Changes: The body eliminates toxic waste (body debris) material in many different ways. Sometimes it is through body perspiration, extra crusting on the eye lids upon waking, excess ear wax, pimples, easy-to-break small water blisters, a red rash, changes in the stool and urine. In the stool, "body debris" is something evident by discoloration of changes in texture, but more commonly an egg white substance appears mixed in the stool at various times. When "body debris" occurs in the urine, it may turn the urine a darker yellow or orange or have the appearance of clear bubbles that are not air bubbles. When the body is in a cleansing mode it often has a slight loss of energy, as the whole body works in unison to eliminate these toxins. As the cleansing progress becomes more complete, expect to see an increase in your energy levels.