Quikheal Salves
For use in quickening the "heal-over" phase in conjunction with Cansema or other topical escharotic salves; also good for sunburns and blisters...

QuikHeal Green: Code 960 | 0.8 Oz. | $ 9.95 (available)
QuikHeal Blue: Code 962 | 0.8 Oz. | $ 12.95

Introduction: QuikHeal is an ozonated product and technically falls into a category of products called "bio-oxidative." If you are unfamiliar with common uses for either ozone or its companion, hydrogen peroxide, we have a set of organized links to help bring you up to speed on our hydrogen peroxide page.

Background: For years it was our standard practice to recommend either Vitamin E ointment, Vaseline®, or aloe vera gel after reaching the "decavitation" stage when using the Cansema Salve to get rid of skin cancers. Our indifference was based on the insignificant variance in reported results in using these three different products.
Cuba In the last half of of 2000, we began following up on reports that certain materials from virgin olive oil to garlic milk, when highly oxygenated with O3 (also called "ozonation"), greatly improved and accelerated skin healing over other commercially available topical healing salves. Moreover, ozonated oils were being successfully used in Cuban public health facilities with reportedly excellent results. We were aware of the benefits of hydrogen peroxide bathing (also a form of bio-oxidation), but not the degree to which its topical application could help our Cansema customers.
In November, 2000, we began giving away free samples of what was to be named "QuikHeal," to see how well it accelerated the skin healing process. Some of our customers reported healing of substantial decavitations IN JUST ONE DAY. Others reported much faster skin healing than with any other topical, and yet still others reported back just marginal results. Nonetheless, NO ONE reported that they did not feel a noticeable improvement in using the product (now called "QuikHeal Green").
Storage & Stability: Quikheal is not as stable as the majority of our products. It begins to lose its effectiveness after a couple of months if not stored properly. To maximize stability, refrigerate this product after you receive it from Alpha Omega Labs. You will be able to tell visually when your Quikheal begins to lose its efficacy: after a while it will begin to "de-ozonate" and the white or off-white color of the ozonated oil will begin to become clear. Given enough time, you will eventually be able to "see through" the oil, just like you can look right through olive oil you purchase in the store. As Quikheal loses its opacity, it progressively loses its effectiveness.
Proven Traditional Uses: Pure Ozonated Olive Oil (Quikheal Green) is successfully used in clinics through Cuba to inexpensively treat fungal infections (i.e. jock itch, athlete's foot, etc.), bed sores, leg ulcers, herpes simplex, hemorrhoids, vulvovaginitis, insect bites and stings, acne, and a variety of dermatological conditions. Cubans also use the product systemically, filling capsules with the product to treat gastroduodenal ulcers, gastritis, giardia and peptic ulcers.

Ingredients & Viscosity: The QuikHeal Healing Salves are available in two varieties: Blue and Green. Green is the original formula and is pure, 100% ozonated extra virgin olive oil. Blue is stronger and starts with a base of ozonated olive oil, in addition to ozonated extracts of aloe vera concentrate and garlic milk. Both have a thick, highly viscous consistency.

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