Our Position on Practitioner Referrals
January, 2009 -- We are regularly asked to provide practitioner referrals. In the past, we performed this service freely and without restraint. However, as more people learn about the dangers of outdated (but highly profitable) methods of orthodox treatment -- and this is particularly true of cancer treatment (i.e. chemotherapy, radiation, and most instances of radical surgery), referring practitioners has become a dangerous practice . . . not for us, but for the practitioners we are referring.
We have received reports of practitioners, particularly medical doctors (M.D.'s), losing their license to practice, being caught up in sting operations, and even being imprisoned. Since we cannot determine in advance the intention of those who come to us asking for a referral, we have, sadly, come to the conclusion that it is better not to provide referrals, and thus risk endangering the livelihood of those practitioners who use our products.
We deeply regret having to take this position. We hope you understand that the current gestapo climate created by the pharmaceutical companies and, in particular, the FDA (with its worldwide influence), has left us no other reasonable or compassionate alternative.
We will continue to provide technical support on all our products, as we have done since inception; and you can continue to funnel your medical questions to us, which will be handled by members of our staff, including the medical doctors with whom we work here in Ecuador. But we can no longer make referrals to our practitioners outside Ecuador -- and thereby create additional risks for those within our health care community.