Mr. Robert L. Banks
A Pictorial Narrative of An Amazing Melanoma Recovery

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R.L. Banks: March 11, 2001 R.L. Banks: April 12, 2001 R.L. Banks: April 12, 2001

R.L. Banks: April 17, 2001 R.L. Banks: April 29, 2001 R.L. Banks: May 5, 2001

R.L. Banks: May 26, 2001 R.L. Banks: June 1, 2001 R.L. Banks: June 10, 2001

R.L. Banks: June 10, 2001 R.L. Banks: June 29, 2001 R.L. Banks: July 8, 2001

R.L. Banks: July 27, 2001 R.L. Banks: July 27, 2001 R.L. Banks: August 22, 2001

R.L. Banks: August 22, 2001 R.L. Banks: September 3, 2001 R.L. Banks: September 6, 2001

R.L. Banks: September 20, 2001 R.L. Banks: September 20, 2001 R.L. Banks: September 20, 2001

R.L. Banks: September 28, 2001 R.L. Banks: September 28, 2001 R.L. Banks: October 22, 2001

Robert L. Banks first contacted us in early 2001 with his case ... but not before having received a clear and unmistakeable verdict from the oncologists: he had terminal melanoma, and there was virtually no hope of recovery. That was December, 2000.
Through a combination of Cansema Salve, Cansema Tonic III, and H3O - all purchased directly from Alpha Omega Labs because he could find no alternative health care physician who would work with him, Robert Banks took 10 months to bring about a complete recovery. (He did resort to other therapies, including a health-supporting diet, noted below, and on two occasions, ozone and radiation. But as he states in email correspondence, the Cansema and H3O products are what he credits with bringing about his turnaround).
[Update (2009): Editor -- This story was first posted in November 2, 2001 -- long after R.L. Banks was supposed to have passed on, according to his own oncologists. Regretfully, Mr. Banks passed on not long after the destruction of Alpha Omega Labs in the States.]

A Chronological Summary of Email Correspondence
March 9, 2001 - Cansema first applied. March 11, 2001 - Mr. Banks writes: "After only 48 hours slightly oozing color change from red to white and yellow ... interesting the change in pain intensity not so bad that I can't stand a little of it ... "
April 17, 2001 - Purchased Cansema Tonic III (2 bottles).
May 7, 2001 - Applied Cansema Salve for the second time.
May 13, 2001 - Indicates new growth on upper portion of neck. Indicates experimental usage of DSMO. Applies Cansema Salve again to higher place on neck.
May 17, 2001 - Expresses concern about heal-over. "You're right... a core did come out about 1/2 inch deep that was weeks ago and until today I thought it was filling in ... it was but with dead tissue and God only knows what else ... cleaned it out and tried to clean off the remaining Cansema and DSMO and in the process it started bleeding pretty good ... for quite a while it was a very noticable ... (at least there's been) relief for me - there had been quite a bit of pressure building up - maybe all the dead tissue and acidic (fluid) was causing some of the headaches, etc... P.S. Did you get any more water (H3O) in? THANKS FOR EVERYTHING - RL."
June 10, 2001 - Writes about yet another Cansema Salve application. "I think you're right. I woke up this AM with a lot more pain it feels like it's (underlying growth) trying to get out! More salve? a poltus? What if anything can or should I be doing? - RL."
June 11, 2001 - Discussion shifts to pH monitoring. Alpha Omega Labs staffer ("George") writes: "It appears that you could apply more ointment to the center of the area, though I do not think I would cover the complete area, as this should not be necessary. It appears to be coming along however and this application may only speed things up a little. I hope it is not too painful? Thanks for keeping me posted and the pictures. By the way, what is happening with your pH? Are you checking the urine and saliva? I would encourage you to keep up with this as it will help the overall healing process."
June 14, 2001 - pH not out of range. Mr. Banks writes back, " ... I started cking pH again. It was average 6.6 for a few days. I now have it up over 7. Thanks for the reminder. RL."
July 14, 2001 - With repeated Cansema Salve applications, Mr. Banks notes different color changes to the eschar(s). "There are quite a few areas turning color - a darker reddish color? (Comment requested)."
July 17, 2001 - "George" writes back: "Robert: I just got back from my trip and I see that your color is good, which is important, and, too, the development appears to be coming further to the surface and though I believe it will all eventually come out, a little surgery to de-bulk it would not hurt, either. There may be some associated bleeding with this and I would use a solution of the H3O to assist in ... this. Also, you could (use) ... a 50-50 mix of the H3O and apply it topically throughout the day to further assist..."
Later that morning, Mr. Banks replied, "George, WELCOME BACK ! i'm not sure I understand everything you said in your e-mail and I will try to call you tommorrow. Meanwhile, my pH has been over 7, 5 out of the last 7 days. I need another bottle of Tonic and some of this water (H3O) with some data about it so I can know better how to use it. Again, welcome back. I was feeling a little lost. RL."
July 22, 2001 - Mr. Banks writes back, concerned about excessive "weeping": "(I have) leaking like crazy ever since you said you would like to see it leak more, about a week now and the yellow top layer... if I urge it a little with a Q-tip, it will come off. Also, if I put the Cell Food or the H30 on it, it helps to break it up, making the Q-tip even more effective. Is this the tumor? Or will the tumor be coming out the "Hole"? Is this "eruption" going to decay and fall off? I'm not going to hold you to it ... I would just like all the data I can get . THANKS RL."
August 22, 2001 - Mr. Banks writes: "After 2 days of radiation, 4 days of ozone, and most important, 4 days of Cansema Salve, (you will note that) where I put the salve is where it is delaying and falling off ... "
September 29, 2001 - Letter from George, "Robert: Thanks for the update. You are looking much better. If you are on the 5 cc of H3O concentrate, into the gell cap, 2x per day, I'd stay on it ... from what i saw on the (recent) animal studies, it (the results using this protocol) is fantastic. George."
October 31, 2001 - Latest: Mr. Banks has telecon with "George" to discuss his cancer-free status, possibly use of surgery to remove remaining benign growths; the fact that the H3O caused much of Mr. Banks' hair to revert from grey to its original blond (as can be seen on the photos). Mr. Banks' closing comment to George: "You guys have really saved my life."

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