Serebryanaya Tabletka
(The Silver Tablet)

Editor's Note: This is a translation of the latest manual for the Duna Silver Tablet, also known as the "Sputnik." Some of the ideas do not translate well into English; nonetheless, we have tried to make it as understandable as possible. Many of the properties discussed in this manual pertain as well to other devices we carry that use similar mechanisms of action. Ecomed has their own stimulator, as does NIICP -- a competitor of Duna, which also operates out of the city of Tomsk. Nonetheless, because of its use of silver in the electrophoresis process, among other elements unique to Duna's manufacturing process, this material should be viewed as exclusive to Duna model. Given the depth of medical terminology used in portions of text, links to keywords that are not normally used by layman are provided, so that definitions are readily handy.


Autonomous bipolar impulse stimulator of gastrointestinal tract, SZhKT -4- Dunes (further referred to as "stimulator"), trademarked Serebryanaya Tabletka (Silver tablet) (registration certificate of Ministry of Healthcare of RF No. 29/02061097/1079-00 of November 21, 2000), is destined for recovering of motor evacuator and secretory activity of internals of the alimentary tract. Used for general therapeutic, gastroenterological, gynecological, urological, surgical departments of medical prophylactic institutions. It has a wide range of influence on human systems and organs. Stimulator may be used either in hospitals or at home via practitioner prescription. Stimulator is improved analog of well-known make called Kremlevskaya tabletka (Kremlin tablet) and is the incarnation of modern home medical micro electronic progress and latest technologies of non-medicamental influence either on separate organs and systems or on human organism as a whole. (Editor's Note: All the "Russian zappers" we carry follow this "Kremlin tablet" model -- coatings, size of units, microvoltage used, and other factors aside).
Sputnik The Silver Tablet is designed taking into account physiological peculiarities of the human body, and full and extensive safety of electrostimulation influence is provided. Application of stimulator makes a great therapeutic effect curing either adults or children, and in some cases is the only alternative method to surgical operation available -- without there being potential loss of organ functioning. (Editor's Note: The stimulator provides a far less invasive approach, but, moreover, is often the best, if not only, logical therapeutic choice.)

Mechanism and Principle of Operation

Silver tablet is a streamline capsule consisting of two, serving as electrodes, metal half-spheres, assembled on isolating bushing made of special plastic materials. Inside the capsule there is a micro block-generator of bipolar electric impulses, and power source. Bringing the capsule into humid medium of organism there happens a electrode locking and working program is being started by means of specialized integral chip. The generator produces a complex of electric impulses close by its parameters to those physiologically natural signals by which organs and systems of healthy human being are controlled. Being in a mouth and further in gastrointestinal tract (further referred as GIT), electric impulses of Silver Tablet influence (various) tissues including vessels, nerve-endings that stimulator may cover, causing organism reciprocal reaction in the form of peristaltic waves pushing stimulation along and to lower sections of GIT.
The Silver Tablet advances the work of all intestine sections, organs and systems, being surrounded by the GIT to which it is in such close contact. It acts reflexively through organ reciprocal reaction to impulses coming from stimulated organs via the central nervous system to all organs and systems of the body, causing them to become normal in series. Getting out of the body by natural means (in 1.5 - 2 days as a rule) the stimulator is disconnected automatically.
The mechanism of healing influence of the Silver Tablet on an organism differs considerably from traditional therapy with pharmacological preparations used. The recovery of activity of the organs contained in the walls of plain muscular tissue elements (in particular, GIT), and the tissues having lost normal function, pulse currents are used (to remediate).
Stimulation of peripheral nerves by electric impulses stirs up their metabolic process, (which in turn) speeds up the disintegration processes of organic compounds with calorification and formation of substances being necessary for the vital functioning of nerve cells. In turn all this promotes a normalization of conductivity and excitability of peripheral nerves and speeding-up of their recovery. Further electric stimulation of nerve tubes that contain vegetative conductors, strengthen nutrition of innervated tissues, in consequence of this the intensity of plastic and energetic processes in organs increases. At the same time nerve regulation of clonus recovers itself, the muscle strength and volume increase, their adaptation and tiredness barrier as well. Besides contractions and relaxations of muscle fibers taking place during electric stimulation, (the Silver Bullet) prevents muscle atrophy. At the same time a content of compounds increases in cell plasma of muscle and nerve tissues feeding cells with energy (ATP, kreatine-phosphate etc.), ferments increases in activity, speed of oxygen utilization increases as well, power inputs for impulse stimulated contraction decreases compared to usual, voluntary ones. Owing to nerve fibers edema's decrease caused by inflammation, their conductivity recovers leading to pain sensitivity's weakening.
Alongside with improvement of functional features of stimulated nerves and muscles, electric impulses deepen tissue-breathing in symmetrical muscles stir to activity a neurohumoral regulation of organs and tissues. In aggregate all specified processes lead to normalization of activity of the struck organs and systems, and human immunity increase as well. Thus the so-called after-effect is kept - after unitary application of a stimulator, activity stirring-up of all organs and systems does not stop. After-effect lasts about six months after electric stimulation.

Possible sensations during usage of stimulator

Depending on a nerve system type (individual sensitivity of every patient) some possible not-exceeding-the-norm variants of inner sensations of the patients during a stimulator's work inside a body, are observed. Many do not notice these impulses at all that are similar by nature to human normal biorhythms. Those whose sensitivity barrier is higher, feel painless spontaneous contractions of stomach muscles, right-side abdominal muscles and leg ones. (Editor's Note: This varies considerably from person to person -- one Alpha Omega Labs' customer affectionately refers to his zappers as "leg shakers" -- after the response he gets from them once they enter the region of his cecum.)
Many men mark an erection increase during capsule passing through a large intestine during some days after it left the body. Some women describe a sensation of child bearing when stimulator is inside. While keeping a stimulator inside a mouth, a patient feels pricking of different intensity under a tongue. Thus, a spectrum of possible sensations in every case unique and depending on individual patient's organism features, is quite varied - from very little sensation at all in one case to another case that may involve a whole range of feelings.

Usage instructions and some results of treatment

Atony and cuts of intestines of various genesis including:

  • against background cerebral blood circulation violations;
  • in postoperative period (including postoperative commissure processes);
  • during traumas and poisonings;
  • during peritonitis of different localization and widespread types. 90% of this group have a positive result in treatment including intestine peristaltic normalization and pain syndrome disappearing.
(Editor's note: The portion above was the most difficult to comprehend and we are currently getting clarification on the translation.)

Chronic Constipation & Vermifugal Activity

The Silver tablet's treatment is the most effective in combination with diet therapy and pharmacological medications, it prevents haemmorrhoids and relieves its course. Duodenostasis (either general health of the duodenum, or relief from duodenitis, probably), and dyskinesia of biliary - functional duodenostasis and postcholecyctitisectomic syndrome (condition of the gallbladder), hypotonic dyskinesia of non-liver biliary. Despite the time limits of the stimulator being in this zone (swallowing it), it recovers either motor functions of stomach and duodenum or bile duct system of pancreas and non-liver biliary. The stimulator stirs up duodenum activity and leads to bile secretion dynamics recovery (confirmed by clinical results).
Helminthiestic duodenostasis (ed: probably meant duodenitis), including opisthorchiasis etiology. Electric stimulation has a negative effect on vital activity of opisthorchiasis, as a result they cease laying their eggs for 2 - 3 months and one may see clinical signs of recovery.

Hepatitis (includes acute viral ones).

Not only non-liver biliary operation resumes but liver cholepoiesistic function is stimulated as well. Level of bilirubin quickly becomes normal and other indices of process activity, state of health considerably improves and right subcostal heaviness disappears. Stimulator is recommended to take repeatedly.

Chronic Pancreatitis

A bile duct system function of pancreas is recovered and quantity of digestive ferments standardizes, a paint syndrome diminishes.

Gastritis (hyperacid, normacid, anacid)

The stimulator influence on the processes of blood and lymph microcirculation in hollow organs as blood circulation dynamics in hollow tube walls considerably owes active peristaltic contractions. Disappearance of eructation, sickness, discomfort sensations in epigastric tract, is observed.

Stomach Ulcer

The stimulator is used only during in phase of remission of the process. Promotes fast cicatrization of ulcer defect owing to metabolism processes improvement in a stomach or duodenum wall.

Functions (includes hard ones)

It is evenly shown that autonomous stimulation promotes a volume and velocity increase of lymph flow-out 5-6 times as much than during a usual catchment. There were no lethal outcomes among patients who tried this method.

A Syndrome of Exasperated Large Intestine

After using the stimulator, a moderate haustrated appearance can be observed via X-ray. A mucus and liquid volume decrease in intestines can be indexed. Users' intestine motor-evacuator function improves.

Postcholecystitis Syndrome

Electric stimulation is used during early postoperative period. Positive influence on liver bile secretive apparatus is observed. When using the stimulator one can reduce early the postoperative period after cholecystoectomy by 2 - 3 days, prevent from postoperative paresis of intestines and avoid a groundless bile loss during exterior catchment of choledox (bile material).

Vegeto-vascular dystonia
(loss of tone within the muscules of the vascular system)

An excessive heart beating, vegetative paroxysm and emotional lability disappearance is observed, arterial pressure index becomes stable, a capacity of work increases.


Using of Silver Tablet leads to considerable cholesterol level decreases in blood -- considerably more than is normally seen from orthodox pharmaceutical therapeutics. A normalization of lipid metabolism, which atherosclerosis' treatment depends on, takes place.

Diabetes Mellitus (primarily Type II)

Health status is considerably improved. Patients suffering from the Diabetes, Type I, have their insulin dependence decreased in as much as Silver Tablet stimulates pancreatic activity. Patients suffering from the Diabetes, Type I and Type II, have their index of blood sugar content normalized, a dosage of sugar level diminishing preparations decreases, urine's index becomes normal as well.

Gynecological Problems

(Over time) female sexual function decreases. Recovery processes accelerates and inflammation decreases (with use of the stimulator). Stimulator usage leads to menstrual cycle dysfunction recovery. Besides, stimulator is effective for elimination of intestinal paresis after any gynecological operations, and during postnatal period as well.

Andrological Problems

(Over time) male sexual function decreases. (The stimulator can be) used for prostatitis curing and erection strengthening. Stimulator diminishes pain that ceases quicker two to three times as much as during standard treatments, such syndromes as prostatorrhoea completely disappears. Antiphlogistic effect confirmed by low level leucocyte in the gland is observed and leucocyte granules' level recovers.

Skin Diseases & Other Effects of Slag

Some patients' alimentary canal effectively clears from slags and old stratification, done by Silver Tablet, leads to considerable coverlet status improvement, skin allergenic reactions' disappear as a result of organism being deprived of slags. (Editor's Note: Russian medicine gives considerable attention to keeping the GI tract clean and the effect of "slag" or metallic and other heavy matter which can get 'stuck' in the GI tract on overall health -- even the condition of the skin. Professionals who work in colon hydrotherapy witness this firsthand --- clients very often report a positive change in the condition of their skin as they proceed through treatment).
We would like to notice that practically every patient who used stimulator observes vital tonus increase, health state improvement, melancholy disappearance, sleep and appetite improvement, work capacity's increase and alcohol withdrawal syndrome disappearance. Immunity levels increase considerably, a run of many diseases is relieved including spasmodic asthma, blood pressure becomes normal, patients suffering from either hypertension or hypotension, have their health state improved, headaches and toothaches are removed, sight improves, hemoglobin level index becomes normal. As medication-free way of treatment, Silver Tablet is especially effective for patients who have allergenic considerations regarding standard treatment, and patients who are intolerant to medication.


Contraindications include:

  • Mechanical intestines blockage
  • Acute cardiac infarction, cardiac asthma, cardiac and vascular aneurysm, serious heartbeat and blood circulation disturbances, presence of the artificial heart beat manipulator.
  • Epilepsy
  • Diagnosed malignant new growths
  • Pregnancy
  • Hemorrhage of various genesis
  • Acute tromboflebitis

Method of Using the Silver Tablet

The Silver Tablet can be used in several ways: by swallowing the stimulator, inserting it in the rectum or vagina, or by inserting the stimulator in the opening in the intestines during the surgery. The choice of the method depends on the disease the patient suffers from, his pathological condition, general condition, and the circumstances of providing medical help.
In order to check the working condition of the stimulator it is necessary to join the outputs of the indicator of the attached luminodiode with the metal tips. The luminodiode is supposed to emit light every 3 seconds. Before opening the stimulator pack it is necessary to take down the electric potential by touching the hand to the ground metallic structures or faucets.
Before using the stimulator it should be soaked in the disinfecting solution (1.0 g of the washing liquid to 20.0 ml of water) for 5 minutes; then washed thoroughly in the running water and put for 5 minutes in the 40% ethyl alcohol. (Editor's Note: We have no doubt that many people skip this part of the program -- after all, how many people thoroughly wash their fruits or vegetables before consuming them? Nonetheless, we feel it is an important addition and should not be ignored.)

Holding the Stimulator in the Mouth

The method is based on the fact that being held in the mouth the capsule stimulates the biologically active points located in the mouth and closely connected to all cerebral centers. It is used in pediatric cases, in the cure of seriously weakened patients, as well as in those cases where it is difficult for a patient to bring himself to swallowing the stimulator.
The capsule is placed underneath the tongue for 10 to 30 minutes. In case there is a metal crown on teeth, in order to avoid possible painful sensations, metal crowns should be isolated by cotton plug, soaked in water.
(Editor's Note: Unless the individual or practitioner is familiar with the Chinese system of meridians, the material in this paragraph should be skipped.) It is best to carry out the treatment in the hours when the corresponding meridian is the least active (taking into consideration knowledge of the 12 Chinese meridians, according to which the life energy of a person circulates - one round of circulation is completed in 24 hours). In the period of the least activity we can influence through the meridian and with a help of the Silver Tablet on a diseased organ or body system. The issue of how long the treatment should be (10 minutes or more) should be decided individually, depending on the condition of the patient, because the equal period of treatment can turn out to be too weak for one patient, or too strong for another.
The course of treatment lasts from 7 up to 30 days - until the stable positive result is achieved. "Duna" is a device of a multiple use in case when taken orally without swallowing. After the treatment the capsule should be washed with water, soaked dry and kept in a waterproof container.

Recent Testimonials
(Editor's Note: The following testimonials are of recent submission (to April, 2003) from Russian practitioners and concern the usage of the Silver Tablet.

  • Parasite infection. The patient P., age: 46. Diagnosis - a massive opisthorchostic invasion. He refused flatly to be hospitalized for opisthorchosis treatment. During last 6 years suffered from chronic cholecystitis with aggravation every 1-2 days. Constantly had undergone treatment with drugs used for curing that morbus. According to the patient, sicchasia did not virtually pass off between meals, there had constantly been a bitterness in the mouth. After single stimulator usage the complaints did not disturb the patient for half a year. Afterwards the patient agreed for hospitalization and, after a month of opisthorchosis treatment he swallowed the stimulator. After it the mentioned above symptoms did not come out again.
  • Diabetes - Type II. The patient R., age: 69. Diagnosis - diabetes of the second type. He had been refusing to use the stimulator for a long time, but at the urging of a nurse (she has been using the stimulator herself for ten years) he agreed to swallow Serebryanaya tabletka. He could not swallow the stimulator at once that's why he kept it in the mouth before taking his pills during two weeks. After the first week of stimulator use he managed to reduce dosage of pills taken half as much, blood sugar concentration levels remained the same. After seeing a positive take he agreed to swallow the stimulator. After a month, the attending physician could not believe the result: blood sugar levels became normal (5 mmol/l), he did not require blood sugar reducing drugs at all.
  • Gallbladder. The patient K., female, age: 70. During 7 years had been suffering from chronic cholecystitis. Regularly, she underwent treatment in day and night clinic, was checked out with improvement; but, however, aggravation started in 2-3 weeks. On the recommendation of a physician she acquired Serebryanaya tabletka, but she could not swallow it. She used the stimulator, keeping it in the mouth, every day, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, during 15-20 minutes. On the third taking she fell asleep and swallowed it. Next day she found out unusually dark liquid stool. After a physician examination, he came to the conclusion: a massive liver cleanup occurred.
  • Hypertension. The patient B., female, age: 54. Lives in Achinsk, a cardiac disease invalid. She has been long persuaded to adhibit Serebryanaya tabletka. After two months she swallowed the stimulator at last. After week stimulation it was possible to lower medicines' amount, hypertensic crises decreased considerably, the patient marked increase of vis vitae.
  • Various disorders of the GI Tract. A child, age: 7. Often was ill, has very bad appetite. From 4 to 7 he underwent dysbacteriosis, kidneys and liver morbus treatment, had a lowerleg morbus with idiogenesis. The boy swallowed Serebryanaya tabletka. On the third day he asked for a sausage (according to his mother it had never happened before). During the following winter the boy never fell ill, grew an additional three centimeters and put on the weight to four kilos.
  • Infantile Indigestion. A newborn baby suffering from posseting and retching has been given the stimulator wrapped in cheesecloth, every day for 5 minutes instead of dummy. When he was 5 months old his mother gave him the stimulator for 5 - 7 minutes he took it into his mouth by himself and sucked it with pleasure.
  • Numerous fractures & severe trauma. Patient P., age:13. Brought to resuscitation department of children's hospital in the city of Tomsk (Russia) after he fell down from an 8th floor. The boy had a numerous hip and pelvis fractures, concussion of the brain and pain in both kidneys. Being critically ill for 2 weeks in resuscitation, he was moved to traumatology department where his mother (after 2 weeks minimal nutrition) independently fed him a great quantity of ravioli and fruit drink. The patient was brought again to resuscitation department unconscious. Surgical treatment was carried out with further intensive care. After surgical measure vermicular movement was entirely absent, after endoscope examination the boy health status was considered to be heavy. The patient, swallowing selectively, could not swallow Serebryanaya tabletka by himself. The stimulator was administered by catheter. By this time the intestines had not been functioning for 5 days. After electric stimulation, intestines began functioning, and Serebryanaya tabletka was expelled the following day. The patient status was still considered to be critical and the stimulator was administered again. It left the body in 3 days, the boy's health status began to sharply improve. He was checked out of a hospital in 1.5 days in satisfactory condition.
  • Hypertension. Patient T., age: 62. During 14 years she had been suffering form hypertensive disease of the second stage, NK 2A. On a physician recommendation she acquired Serebryanaya tabletka. By the examination moment, her blood pressure had been 170/100 Mmhg. After the first application of the stimulator (stimulator kept in the mouth during the lowest meridian activity) blood pressure lowered to 150/90 Mmhg. The patient health state was satisfactory. Further electric stimulation treatment was prescribed.
  • War-related Traumas. Male, age: 40. Took part in war in Afghanistan. On returning, he had an entire "bouquet" of diseases: insomnia (he slept 3-4 hours a days), often depressions, one kidney was about to fail, practically constant chronic pancreatitis aggravated, duodenum peptic ulcer, chronic piles aggravated from time to time. After stimulator first using the man refused to carry on prescribed therapy. He described his sensations after stimulator using this way: "As if I was covered with absorbent cotton". The patient became calmer, the sleep recovered. After 2 years he took the stimulator again. By this time chronic pancreatitis had entered a stage of remission, peptic ulcer prophylactic treatment was carried out in spring and autumn. After Serebryanaya tabletka's repeated using he starts feeling a considerable stamina increase, mood improvement. He is very happy with treatment results very much.

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