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news / updates / monthly specials and discount codes
from Alpha Omega Labs --- November 26, 2018

[ contains additional Discount Coupons good thru November 30, 2018 -- see below ]

Good through November 30:
Free copies of
AO Lab Founder,
Greg Caton's Latest Books
With a minimum $100 purchase at an
at an AO Labs store, we will send you
a digital copy of both books.

From now through the remainder of November, simply use the code below to get a free digital copy of Greg Caton's latest books, The Joys of Psychopathocracy and Living on the Precipice. For more information on the content of the books, see the published book page at

New tools for finding the
correct products on AO Labs' sales sites
At the top of our sales sites, and, you will find two new icons. The first prominently states, "How to Use This Site." When you click on it, you are directed to a brief, instructive page, which in return contains a link to a very detailed page, entitled Traditional Product(s)-for-Condition Recommendations that assists customers in finding the best products for the condition(s) about which they are inquiring.
The second icon, which reads, "Wholesale and Private Label Queries," when clicked will lead you to a query page that assists in getting wholesale and private label information.

New Discount for Late November

Two new codes are provided with this Letter: a 10% discount for purchases of $75 or more, and a 15% discount for purchases of $150 or more. If you wish to take advantage of one of these codes in addition to the "free book" offer above, simply use the discount code below to reduce the cost of your order, and then email us at with your order number. Your digital copies of both books will be emailed to your email address.

Discount Code: November 26 to November 30, 2018
Use the following Discount Code on the checkout page of
either of our web stores to get the indicated discount on your product purchase.
NATGARD20 = 20% off the purchase of any Nature's Garden product
---- (no minimum -- from the early Nov., 2018 newsletter)
10%NOV2018 = 10% off any purchase of $75 or more
15%NOV2018 = 15% OFF any purchase of $150 or more
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