October 3, 2019

The prostate can be maintained for optimal health
and prostate conditions even remediated if you know
what herbal combinations improve prostate function.

Effectively Addressing Prostate Problems
(Indigenous traditions understood the importance of maintaining
critical organs and systems of the body: liver, gallbladder, colon,
lungs, blood . . . and in the case of men, yes, the prostate.
As herbalists and naturopaths, dealing with prostate issues has been a regular part of our work over the nearly 30 year life of Alpha Omega Labs -- primarily in working with cases of BPH (benign prostatic hyperphasia) and prostate cancer. For some time now, we've had a prostate protocol page for dealing with the latter. We've even created specially priced "bundles" --- one with Flor de Mashua and the second without.
As in the case with most conditions, it is easier and cheaper to maintain good organ functions than it is to deal with diseased conditions in those same organs. With the use of our prostate-supportive products and access to the free consultations of our practitioners, you have access to the best products available from the naturopathic community to assure good prostate function. Items included in our prostate bundles are as follows:
  1. Amazon Tonic III -- Our internal escharotic.
  2. Botanical Support -- Prostate -- This product is one of ten "organ-specific" herbal support formulas from our Botanical Support group.
  3. Prostamen -- Our general prostate support product from Nature's Garden.
  4. Ajo Te -- Cleans the blood and assists the organs of elimination in clearing out debris created by the other products, particularly where a malignancy is involved.
  5. Sangre de Drago -- Indicated for cancers of the reproductive organs.
  6. Flor de Mashua -- The subject of the short YouTube clip above, Flor de Mashua is used exclusively for prostate issues. We first learned of it from an aged herbalist in Tungurahua, a few hours north of Azuay, where we live. This product is 20% off this month. See discount codes below.
These and other amazing formulas with long histories of effective use can found on our online stores, or you can write to us at support@herbhealers.com for more information, or call us: (305) 851-2308.

Discount Codes thru October 31, 2019
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