October 29, 2019

Important news for November below.
Amazon bans our Black Salve book -- read article below.
November Special -- extended from October 14.
Free 120-Cap Bottle of Moringa with $100+ Purchase
See other discount specials below.
One of the greatest obstacles we encounter in our work is the
"magic pill" mindset -- that in every case there should be a formula
that quickly eliminates a medical problem. What too often
gets overlooked in a sea of GMO-based and nutritionally
deficient industrial foods is the importance of nutrient-dense
"super foods" -- among them, Moringa . . . Superior food is medicine.

Moringa: From Detoxificaton to Anti-Cancer
Properties, It's Hard to Find A More Vital
'Super Food' Than This Humble Tropical Plant
This week we're highlighting the most miraculous, healing 'super food' we know: moringa. Since you will never hear about this amazing healing plant from those representing the "orthodox mindset," we've created a Moringa product page with a complete list of medicinal properties and supporting documentation.
To get your free 120-capsule bottle of organic Moringa leaf, just use the discount code MORIN100 when checking out of either of our online stores --- offer extended through the end of November.

News for November
Black Salve: Banned by Amazon
Paperback Out of Stock
Pending Arrangements with New Publisher
Earlier this month, we announced that the paperback version of Black Salve was being introduced. Well, now we're having to secure a new publisher. Why? Because Amazon has just banned the book. Our publisher, CreateSpace, is owned by Amazon, and has determined that the "content violates (our) guidelines," without specifying what that violation is. (They never do.) The book had been been available for sale even on Amazon, along with a couple of my other titles.
We knew all along that Black Salve that actually works is banned on Amazon.
(If you do a "search" for "Black Salve" on Amazon you get an assortment of marginal topical products that are not even escharotic preparations. I suppose the thinking is that if they co-opt the term "Black Salve," they'll turn this effective, ancient approach to ridding the body of malignant growths into an urban myth. Again, this is more application of Gresham's Law: the introduction of the bad will drive out the good, or more precisely in this situation, the introduction of the ineffective will dilute knowledge and use of the truly effective. This approach, as I've written about repeatedly, is a standard practice of the morally bankrupt, pharmaceutical industry. In addition to medicine, you can say the same technique applies to general science and education.)
So, we knew they wouldn't allow effective product on the market, and we knew the reasons why. What we weren't prepared for was this level of censorship. (Click on image of cancellation notice at right to read the details. These people have no respect for First Amendment issues. The people at Amazon are Americans in name only. They hold themselves professionally above the law.)
All paperback orders for the book up to and including October 26th were shipped. Refunds are being issues for orders that came after that. Additionally, we have removed the title from the paperback section of the bookstore until alternate paperback publishing arrangements are made. All digital editions of our books are still available.
Questions about the book can be addressed to greg@gregcaton.com.

Discount Codes thru November 30, 2019
Use the following Discount Code on the checkout page of
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Only one discount code per tranaction.
10NOV2019 = 10% off any purchase over $100
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FLOR1019 = 20% off Flor de Mashua (8 fl. oz.)
MORIN100 = FREE Bottle of Moringa (120 Capsules) with any purchase of $100 or more
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