September 20, 2019

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There are many copycats to the original herbal products found at Swedish Bitters, but none compare in quality or effectiveness. For the rest of September, Swedish Bitters is offering a 25% discount on ALL herbal teas, tinctures, and extracts PLUS free shipping on all orders over $50 within the domestic U.S. (Call 660-463-2158 for shipping quotes to all other countries.)
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The Original Online Maker of
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Despite the fact that "Black Salve" is used to remove skin cancers and other skin problems around the world, many in the West are unfamiliar with Black Salve or the larger discipline to which it belongs: escharotic medicine. This is because orthodox medicine frowns on any system of eliminating malignancies that is simple, effective, inexpensive, and lends itself to self-adminstration.
Black Salve is the subject of a new book by Greg Caton, one of the co-founders of Alpha Omega Labs, which introduced Black Salve and escharotic medicine to the online community in 1995 -- (see details on the book and Greg Caton's introduction to it below). Despite the fact that Alpha Omega Labs sells its Black Salve at prices that are much less than its competitors, this month the company is offering all the products in its Salves, Creams & Tonics category at 25% OFF with this mailing. (Use the discount code 20SEPT19 at checkout to get the discount.)
To get a sense of just how effective this approach is at eliminating cancers, feel free to browse any of the hundreds of testimonials and pictorials on the Cansema product page.

Learning About An Effective Method of
Removing Cancers --- The Descent Down the Rabbit Hole:
A Brief History of Alpha Omega Labs

Last month we announced the release of Black Salve, the most instructional book on the use of escharotics ever written. The digital edition has been available on the author storefront since the end of July. In mid-September, we are releasing a second edition in both digital and print editions. (The primary change is that I'm adding an Appendix F, which is an extensive personal pictorial of my removal of skin cancers and actinic keratosis through the years.)
Black Salve is coming out at a particular crucial time now. There are now numerous parties on the internet offering advice on how to use to the salve, and much of this information is incorrect and even harmful. It is my hope that Black Salve will help restore a proper footing on the best way to use Black Salve to treat diseased tissue.
The book begins with an introduction by Bradford S. Weeks, M.D. -- an integrative physician in the States whom we have known for many years, an is illustrated by the famous political illustrator, David Dees. I dare say it is a must read for anyone interested in escharotic medicine. Questions about the book can be addressed to

Discount Codes thru Sept. 30, 2019
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Swedish Bitters -- To get 25% Off on herbal teas, tinctures, and extracts, use SB25SEP19. You'll also get free shipping on any order over $50.
Alpha Omega Labs -- To get 25% Off on all products in the Salves, Creams & Tonics category, including all the companies Black Salves. (If you are ordering from outside the U.S. or Canada, please use the same category, but use our international site.) In either case, use 20SEPT19. Additionally, you'll get a free digital copy of BLACK SALVE on any purchase over $75.

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