Case:  "Spitz" (6 year old male cat)
Date:  July 21, 2001

Here is the last entry in a running email thread between
Alpha Omega' herbalist, James Carr, and "Lynn," owner of
a 6-year old cat, named Spitz, who had fibro sarcoma as
after one month's use of Cansema Tonic III and HRx was
found by the attending veterinarian to be cancer-free.
The thread starts with the most recent response and
works back:



Congratulations on Spitz recovery, and thank you for the testimonial.
Now... about your questions:

(1)  Continuing with the HRx is a good thing, yes.   Everyone in my family
uses the HRx... 1 fl. oz. to a gallon -- just to keep our systems from getting
excessively acidic (because we're not about to completely revise our
eating habits).    Even at 1 Tbsp. (15 ml, or a half fl. oz.) to a gallon, you
will notice that water just seems to taste better... (showing, once again,
that our bodies know more than we do!)

(2)  Shelf-life.   This varies.   Black Salve and Bloodroot Paste are
very shelf-stable.  We're talking 5 to 10 years or more.   They can dry
out, sure.  But you can easily reconstitute them with a few drops of
water.  Unfortunately, Tonic III and the CanSupport products are not
as stable.   You need to keep them refrigerated and with those
products I would assign a six-month shelf-life to be safe.   HRx,
likewise, has a VERY LONG shelf-life.   We're going to be around
for a while, Lynn -- so please don't purchase products just because
you think you need to keep a stash on hand.    You're only tying
up your money -- when you can always buy them, down the road,
when you really need them.

(3)  Spitz's Tonic III ... the leftover product should be kept in the
refrigerator.   You might go one more week with Spitz just to make
sure you've knocked out any remnant cells, and then again, you
can use it for anyone in the family who happens to need it.
Remember also that Tonic III can be used both internally and
externally.   It is not as aggressive as Cansema Salve on skin
cancers, but it is good for a wide range of dermatological

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

James Carr
Alpha Omega Labs  (

At 07:59 PM 07/20/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear Mr. Carr,
>I cannot thank you enough for your advice concerning my cat and his 
>diagnosed fibro sarcoma.  We completed the month-long treatments one week 
>ago.  Today I took Spitz to the vet.  He was amazed that there is no 
>longer any sign of the tumor, and kept saying, "I am so glad you brought 
>Spitz in for me to examine.  If you had just told me that the tumor was 
>gone, I never would have believed you."  Spitz did not care at all for the 
>taste of the Cansema Tonic III, and he learned to avoid me each morning 
>and evening around treatment time.  However, he was never sick, never 
>seemed to lack energy (in fact, he acts more like a kitten now), and just 
>didn't seem to have any negative effects from the treatments.  I am still 
>putting the HRx in his water; am I correct in assuming that is a good 
>thing for him to continue?
>My husband and I, as well as several of our friends and relatives, are 
>thinking that it would be a good thing to have Black Salve, Tonic III, 
>and/or capsules on hand just in case anyone in our circle of family and 
>friends should need treatment for cancer at some future time.  Could you 
>please advise concerning the shelf-life of these products.  Also, I have 
>more than half a bottle of the Cansema Tonic III left from Spitz's 
>treatments.  Will it keep in the refrigerator or do I need to discard it?
>Again, thank you,
>Lynn West
>   James Carr  wrote:
>Don't you dare cut that leg off!
>Use the following: Cansema Tonic III (use 10 drops, morning and evening;
>total of 20 per day), and HRx Concentrate (prepare for her drinking water).
>Allow about a month for the process to complete itself.
>James Carr
>Alpha Omega Labs (
>At 06:07 PM 06/07/2001 -0400, you wrote:
> >I have a 6-yr.-old cat that has been diagnosed with a fibro sarcoma, the
> >result of vaccinations. My vet has recommended removal of the entire
> >right front leg and stated that even that would not certainly prevent the
> >return of the cancer. A holistic veterinarian that I consulted stated
> >that he considers this cancer to be incurable and that his treatments
> >could only slow the growth of the tumor. Your website was recommended to
> >me by a lady in a health food store. S! he was telling me about the Black
> >Salve, but upon seeing so many different products, I am not sure what I
> >should order to treat my cat's tumor. I would appreciate your help with 
> this.
> >
> >Thank you!
> >
> >Lynn West
> >