Case #091617: Cansema® & Breast Cancer w/ Mets to Bone
[Editor's note: As I explain in the link to this page, this case involves a series of emails that are among the most detailed, emotional, personal, and heart-wrenching that we've ever received. Emails are posted below with only minor editing to correct some spelling errors. A complete pictorial on this case is forthcoming.]

Sept. 17, 2016
Dear Greg and Cathryn:
There are no questions in this message. There is no need to reply. Yet I feel very compelled to write you to say thanks, and to let you know we sure appreciate all you do, all the efforts you have made, all the sacrifices you have made over so many years.
As I continue to experiment with several of your products I also continue to read your many website pages. As I learn more and more of your story, as I learn more and more of your products, I stop from time to time to give a prayer of thanks for all your many struggles and efforts. I see many years, and many thousands of hours of your help to only God knows how many people. I must admit I roared with laughter at the ridiculously foolhardy news of Greg being placed on the Ten Most Wanted List. I have come to learn that when someone is really onto helping the World with true health solutions the true Proof of Quality and Knowledge is the level at which the authorities plague a person.
While Gerson, Kelly, Clark, Budwig, Gonzales, and many more true heroes of the real battle against cancer had their run-ins with the law, none where ever given the honor of Ten Most Wanted. You take top prize! Now I know for sure you know what you are doing! As someone who has also produced thousands of web site files I know all too well the amount of time it takes to draft, edit, and post written content. All of your content is extremely well written. Grammar, spelling, and typos on a percentage basis are extremely few. This proves to me your level of attention to detail, which further lends considerable credibility to your claims. I also note an extreme lack of sales pressure and up-sell, which further lends bountiful proof of your selfless dedication. Awesome!
Your command of the English written language tells me you are educated and I have wondered what college you attended. Since I have read many thousands of web pages on cancer and natural healing I feel I am a good judge of such matters. Your written thoughts are intelligent and well argued.
We purchased and applied, according to your instructions, the Deep Tissue salve to my wife's illiac joint. A PET scan had revealed a hot spot there, so the docs performed a needle core biopsy in that spot. They inserted the needle in four spots for their tissue sample gathering. The needle left little round scars, and this is how we knew where to apply the salve. The bone is about one-half inch deep and the lesions are right on top of the bone.
Applying the salve was so easy! Within 72 hours eschars were forming. The cancer is well on it's way out of her bone. Further, she experienced pain relief, too! Tears of joy came to her eyes. Such relief is what she most needed. And all for a little inexpensive salve! At this moment she wanted to go to Ecuador just to give you two a hug. At the same time I experienced the highest level of rage I have ever had - way beyond anger. All I could think of was Greg sitting in jail, and then being kidnapped, for helping so many people like my wife. At this moment I knew I was looking the Devil straight in the eyes.
Yet at the same moment I also realized that both of you must be highly devoted to God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, no what form you worship them in. What else could possibly give you the strength, the courage, the heart, the soul, and the mind to keep going. Your level of dedication to all of Human Kind for so long is Saint-Like!
Thus not only do you stand as extremely beneficial helpers of the Down and Out sick, but you also stand tall as a powerful living Testament to the power of God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. When I see all of the products you used to offer, but no longer do, and when I see a whole new line of products appear on your websites (and now the addict's cure product) I can only imagine how many attempts you have made, but which have not sold well, or whatever reasons you stopped selling certain products. Yet you keep going, keep trying, keep serving.
Thus the most powerful medicine you have supplied to us is your Living Testament. We pray for you daily now as it seems like the very least we can do to help your cause. I only wish I had the skills and money to come join your cause.
I am photographing our entire salve experience, as well as keeping an accurate detailed daily journal. When done I will make the photos and details available to you. We are using your product in a way that I have not seen in your testimonials. Of course this does not mean others have not done it, just it is not written. Further, I believe it is a process others can use, especially those with mets to the bones.
PET scans reveal several small lesions on my wife's spine, and in both illiac joints. We know which vertebrae, but not where on each. Thus we will be using the Deep Tissue to "explore" for these lesions. We will apply the salve along her spine in 4-inch long by 2-inch wide sections at a time. We know that when the salve hits cancer eschars will show up in 3 to 5 days. If no eschar forms, then we will move to the next section. If an eschar or two forms, we will not move to the next section until the process is over for each spot.
My wife knows that the salve will generate mild irritation. For her it is mostly like a bee sting, or strong itch. She is very willing to tolerate this. The ant tinctures help with this. Also, we bandage well as she is still working in the gravel mine every day, bouncing her back hard against the seat of her 40 ton truck. She is very determined! We will photograph and document the entire process. As you know, there are many Stage IV people who have these small mets to the spine and hips, those who have breast cancer in particular. And as we all know, these lesions soon lead to the Pain From Hell, cause the bones to break, and such people live a terrible life, all because the FDA thinks it wrong to use a little jar of salve!
The oncologist's words still ring in our ears when it was said, "There is nothing we can do. No chemo, no radiation, no surgery will help those bone lesions. When the pain gets real bad we can use radiation to help, but there is no cure." Now, we find a simple little jar of salve that does the job! Something in your salve is all the evidence Science needs. Thus the fact they turn their backs on you, my wife, and millions of others makes we want to turn into Tim McVey and go blow up Federal FDA buildings and machine-gun down the SOBs! So glad I am a Christian who reads the Bible and remembers what happened in the Garden the night Jesus was betrayed. Were I to give in to such hatred and rage I would be just as bad as those who persecute you, and that would be the last thing I want to become. Instead I will do the best I can to contribute testimonial to your products.
These spine lesions are all very small. The largest lesion, which is currently in eschar, is smaller than a dime and about as thick. My wife continues to take the Amazon Tonic III, as well. She takes two teaspoons a day for four days, then backs down to 1 teaspoon a day for three days, then back up to the two a day. I continue to learn all I can about detox, parasites, rebuilding the liver and kidneys, and the immune system. Our goal is to buy the time she needs until we can get her liver, kidneys, etc. squeaky clean, and get her immune system up. It has already improved greatly. In the meantime we will buy more salve as we will go through quite of bit of it as we "explore" for spine lesions. Now while we do not like PET scans due to all the radiation, we know of no other way to find any new lesions. We are praying on this.
We also know that when the oncologist sees that certain lesions have disappeared they may ask what is going on, what we are doing. We are NOT going to tell them. And really, I don't think they want to know anyway. What is really interesting is that the eschars are coming out the biopsy needle holes. I am trying to photograph this. I have a very good camera with a very good macro lens, and I know how to use them. The challenge is the light in our trailer. My wife leaves before daylight and returns after dark so I have to use my big flash unit. Even that is hard to use in this little trailer. I am trying to find a place where, on weekends, I can get her naked outside in full sunlight where I can make great photos. I also have some lights in storage. One way or another we'll do it.
OK! Long enough! NO NEED TO REPLY! You are too busy! We need no reply.
Gary and Mary Cooley
Big Spring, TX
Sept. 17, 2016

Sept. 30, 2016
Hi there, Team Caton!
No need to respond to this message unless you see something we are doing wrong. We are very pleased and very excited. Sure, this is nothing new to you, but just wanted to share some joy with you. This pertains to our treatment of Mary's stage four breast cancer with mets to the bones, and using Deep Tissue to remove the bone lesions.
My wife is extremely grateful to you. She said she wants to come just to give you a hug.
Just wanted to let you know that our first use of Deep Tissue was highly successful. Mary had a "lesion" in her illiac joint that showed up on the PET scan as a 10mm hotspot. This lesion was on top of the bone, not in it so to say. I asked the oncologist if they could just use surgery to go in there and scrape it off the bone. The oncologist had said that this lesion would keep growing and eventually cause her bones to break. At that time they would operate and put in a steel rod and screws to hold everything together. Very painful, very expensive, and Mary would be in bed for weeks if not months.
Of course, we were told that, no, they could not scrape the cancer off the bone. Such was not possible. But they could tear her hip all apart and put in steel? This made no sense. (At the time we did not know about your salves.) We are in shock and sick to our stomachs to think all of that was so easy to avoid!
Once your Deep Tissue arrived we knew right where to apply it because they had done a biopsy on that very bone lesion to make sure it was cancer. We could not see or feel the lesion from the surface. The biopsy needle, which was pushed in four times, left little round scars. The bone lesion was about 5/8 inch deep under the skin surface. The Deep Tissue honed right in on it very fast.
We applied the salve four times, once every 24 hours. We read the directions on your web site. (Yes we stirred it well before using!) On the third day we could see some "action", but we applied it one more time to make sure.
After 48 hours it was obvious that something cool was going on. Since we had looked at hundreds of photos of this process in your site and others, we recognized the cancer coming out. There was no blood, only a very tiny amount of pus, and a little lymph. It was all very clean. It had no odor. How absolutely fascinating! What a true wonder!
Over a 14 day period three lesions came out. Two were 10 mm long x 4mm wide and the thickness of a dime coin. I measured them with calipers. As they were ready to fall out they hung on by a tiny little hair thing. The last one was only 3.5mm in diameter and was perfectly round. What was very interesting is that all three came out in the paths left behind by the biopsy needle. Now those holes had healed solid, all back to normal, but the salve followed those needle scars, and the lesions came out the same way. We applied the salve over the entire area, but it chose the needle paths going in and coming out. Now you would think doctors could make a small needle hole into a tumor for a salve path, then apply the salve. But I bet it works well even if there is no such "path". We will find out as the other lesions Mary has do not have such needle paths. Since this was our first time with the procedure we took it easy and covered only three needle holes. After those three lesions came out, and all three spots were healing very well, which was by day 14, we applied salve to the fourth needle hole scar for four days. Nothing came out of this one so we stopped. Like you said it did turn red, it did itch and burn a little, but there was no action - a good thing.
What is interesting is that prior to applying the salve only one of the biopsy needle hole scars was visible. But after the second day, the other three became visible as they turned a slight purple color. Another point is that Mary kept working her job the whole time. This spot on her butt pushed up against the seat of her 18-wheeler, which she drives for 12 hours a day in a gravel mine bouncing over very rough roads. With two normal bandage pads it did not bother her.
She experienced very little pain. She did say it itched bad at times. When she got home I took off the bandage, cleaned the site, then applied your Izulant which stopped the itching. Cool stuff!
To help keep the eschars moist and healing well we used medical grade manuka honey, the Medi-Honey Gel from Derma Sciences in Canada. Since it was a gel it stayed in place. I applied a very small dab with a flat knife. The amount of salve we used was so small I applied it with a tooth pick. All we used for bandages was simple non-stick pads and large band-aids from Walmart. After the eschars fell out the holes were very clean, very pink and healthy. They are healing very fast and very well.
To document the whole event I got out my pro-grade camera, I dusted off my $600 strobe flash (back in the days when I made money), and my macro lens. I printed out a set of numbers. Each day I pasted a number on her skin next to the eschars and took the photos. I then kept a journal detailing what took place and what we did on each day for each photo number. I set a very deep depth of field and used a 2,000 shutter speed to ensure those tiny little eschars would be in razor sharp focus. I also fiddled about until my white balance was right so I got the true color of it all.
The day will come when I will make the photos and details available in a well-written testimonial for you. However, we have many more to go. On October 20 our oncologist has agreed to mark out on Mary's body where all the hotspots (lesions) are, 5 more in all. The doc will make black dots with a marker. When we get home I will take precise measurements to locate those dots. Then we will apply the salve the same way again on all these spots one at a time, all of which are very small lesions. We will photo and document all that we do. We are NOT telling the doc what we are doing with the salve. We said Mary needs to know the difference between "cancer pain" and work related pain, which is a good excuse for locating the PET hotspots.
As you well know breast cancer frequently spreads to the bones - the hips, vertebra, etc. If a person can get these out of their body when they are still small they stand a much better chance of a pain-free healthy recovery. Since most of your testimonials detail the removal of larger visible tumors, we wanted to share removing small hidden lesions before they become large. Of course the large tumor coming out of the man's back is awesome.
Now, with a process so easy anyone could have done it, and for the cost of the salve and some bandages, and the Izulant - all for less than $75 - your products and procedures did in 14 days what modern medicine could not do. No drugs, no surgery, no doctors, no chemo, no radiation - and no bills. Plus my wife could work the whole time. Now how much better can it get than that! No cure for cancer? Really?
The biggest problem we have now is fighting the rage we feel against the FDA and Big Pharma. All we can think about is how EASY this was, that whatever is in this stuff KILLS cancer very FAST. And all those millions of people who are suffering so needlessly! Then what they have done to you. The rage we feel is so deep that we have to pray hard to get a grip on it.
Mary is still following a good cancer diet and is still taking the Amazon Tonic III, and she rebounds daily. I also took your advise and purchased Jim Humble's book to go with the AO Chlorite, and also purchased his 2015 E-Book follow up. Another very fascinating story there! WOW! Thanks for that, too.
With many thanks,
Gary and Mary
Sept. 30, 2016

October 19, 2016
Hi Greg / Cathryn,
All is going very well with my wife's use of internal AT3. We are also enjoying our other products from AO.
Yes, AT3 is working much better after having stopped (the) Budwig (diet). These days she feels (daily) the tumor pain as burning, pulling, etc. which we know is a good thing as per Greg's instruction. To test that AT3 is, indeed, what is causing these sensations, she stopped and started it a couple of times. After a few days of not taking AT3 these sensations did stop. When she starts again the sensations start again. Best of all, we can also feel the tumors getting smaller for sure. AT3 is working.
Recently she was Herxing bad so she stopped for 5 days, felt great again. We, of course, learned about Herxing from Greg. The pains continued all five days with taking nothing (which is a good thing, too) but they faded on the fifth day. She started again after feeling much better, and the sensations started again, which she is glad to have happen. It seems AT3 is working so well it continued to kill even when stopped for a few days.
What is amazing is how far out the little cancer tumor veins go from the main tumor, as she can feel those dying, too. This is what we see in some of your testimonial photos, that is, these veins come to the surface several inches away from the primary tumor, the actual "crab" legs.
We also successfully used Deep Tissue to "pull" three small cancer lesions out of her illiac joint. It took only 14 days and all went very well. She has more small lesions in her spine and other illiac joint. Tomorrow we visit her oncologist who is going to show us on a human skeleton exactly where these other lesions are. We will then attack them with the Deep Tissue as she continues on the AT3.
Thus we know that your products - both internal and external - work! My wife is stage four "terminal" breast cancer. Those three lesions your Deep Tissue pulled out so fast and easy where the very same lesions the surgeon and oncologist said could not be surgically removed! She is going to live, for sure.
We will continue to take good photos and details of the whole Deep Tissue procedure and results. I will put them up on a blog for you to see as soon as I have time. What was amazing is that Deep Tissue pulled a cancer lesion out that was so small it had not shown up on the PET scan. It was not much larger than a pinhead, and I had to use a powerful magnifying glass to make sure it was an eschar, and it sure was. Now that is wonderful!
I also want to say that we are both excited to be using Defense Formula A. I have read much about the ingredients you use to make it. I find it fascinating and am so glad we have it. It does not taste bad either. I used the Worms Be Gone for six days too. It did not taste bad, and I could not tell I had taken it. I had no reaction at all. If it killed anything I did not see it or feel it, so that was nice and smooth, too.
The AO Chorlite is also a fascinating product. I did buy Jim Humble's book per your website suggestion, plus I also bought his 2015 E-Book update. Have not decided on whether or not to use it. AT3 is working so why mess with anything, right?
With those updates I now move to my question. Are you aware of any conflict between graviola and high dose Vit C? Do high dose Vit C treatments neutralize the AT3? My wife needs to go on 10 to 20 grams per day of Vit C for hardening of the arteries, not for cancer.
She has recently developed high blood pressure, over a period of weeks. I suspect this is due to plain old hardening of the arteries due to years of bad diet (she is 66) which she has since corrected starting 9 months ago. But not enough soon enough. After reading the works of Linus Pauling and Matthias Rath I am convinced we need to put her on high Vitamin C treatment, as well as the other supplements these two recommend. This is for the arteries, not for cancer. Yet we don't want in interfere with the AT3.
We know it is not the AT3 or anything else she takes that is causing the high blood pressure as she stopped all of that for 6 days and blood pressure stayed high, dangerously high, as in 205 over 100. My wife, as do I, hates the idea of any heart drugs or surgery. Anything to stay away from the doctors and their drugs! Yet after the Budwig conflict (we are convinced that Budwig did neutralize the AT3) I am leary of creating any more conflicts with AT3. Within a short time of stopping the Budwig flaxoil cottage cheese mix the AT3 worked.
I have read in a very few places that graviola and high dose vitamin C cancel each other out. I have searched for two full days trying to confirm this is true or false. No luck. You know how the web is - Monkey See Monkey Copy and Paste! whether true or not rarely seems to be the point. To me it seems the two would work together, not conflict. But I don't know.
I am also thinking this way: We could tell if there was a conflict because the AT3 pains would stop, true? Further, since Vit C is water soluble, and since the body does not store it, then if the AT3 pains stop ( a bad thing), then if we stopped the Vit C, the AT3 pains would start again. Thus we could indeed test for conflict this way, or so it would seem.
Of course, we know all persons are different. What works for one may not work for another. That said, have you seen anyone take AT3 with good success who also used high dose Vit C? In my wife's case high dose means in the 10 grams per day, maybe as much as 20 grams a day.
Many thanks folks!
Best regards,
Gary Cooley
October 19, 2016

November 8, 2016
Hello Greg and Cathryn,
Using Deep Tissue we successfully removed three moree cancer lesions from my wife's spinal column, this time in the T-6 area. As with the previous 3 lesions we pulled out of her spinal base in the sacrum area, it took 14 days. We use Izulant to treat the itching. One lesion was 10 mm wide by 10mm high. The other two were only 4mm round. The PET scan did not show the two smaller ones, of course.
After a few days for a break we will next go after the lesions in the T-12 area. Since we do not know exactly where these lesions are we have to "explore" with the salve. We apply it to an area about 2 inches high by 2 inches wide for four applications. If nothing shows up after 5 days, we move to the next spot. So then to date we have removed 6 breast cancer lesions (mets) out of her spine. I bet we get another 6 based on PET scans. Again, these are all small lesions which to date have not done any serious damage to her spine. However, if allowed to grow, they would ruin her spine for sure. So by getting them while they are still small we are avoiding many problems.
This is SO EASY to do! Simple bandages from Walmart for a few dollars. A tube of medical grade manuka honey for $14, and a jar of salve for $53. Cheap! The only pain she feels is the itching. As she says that is nothing compared to chemo, radiation, and surgery. She still works a hard 14 hour day. The Izulant works well to stop the itching for about 5 hours or so. She also continues on the internal AT3. She has learned when to stop when the Herxing gets too bad. It makes her sleepy and tired so she stops for 5 days then starts, again.
The AT3 is working, we think. We can feel two tumors and both are now much smaller. She feels the pulling, the burning, etc. She says she feels the tumors "writhing about" and "shape-shifting". What happens is they swell up, then the swelling goes down again. So from this we know the AT3 is working. I continue to take good photos of it all, and I keep a good diary of all this. When we have finished with the Deep Tissue salve treatment I will post the photos and details on a blog site for you to see and read. From this you can take what you want for a testimonial. The whole time all we can think of is how all the doctors - the surgeon, the oncologist, the radiologists, and all the other "ologists" said they could not remove these lesions with radiation or surgery. They said they would only for palliative care if the pain got bad. How sad, how sick, how evil!
It is fascinating to think we hold in our hands in that little jar the cure for cancer. We see it work with our own eyes. Any idiot can use this stuff, a child could do it for a parent. While we try, we cannot begin to imagine how hard all of this has been on you, that is, you making the cure and then being on the 10 Most Wanted list and put in prison for it. Thanks again for all you have done, and do.
By the way, the doctors do NOT know what we are doing. They never bothered to examine my wife so they do not see the red spots in her skin where the eschars came out. However, the day will come when they will get the truth. We are praying now that when that day comes that Jesus put the words on our heart that they need to hear.

Gary and Mary Cooley
Big Spring, TX November 8, 2016

November 30, 2016
Hello Greg,
Wanted to keep you up to date on how things are going. No need to respond, know how busy you are, I respect your even taking the time to read this. These are some observations that hopefully will be useful somehow to you and others you treat. I have given detail as I am hoping it will help other women with this type of breast cancer.
I think I have read all of your website testimonials and have not seen anything similar to this, that is, how we are using the salve in multiple steps to locate and remove spine bone lesions, so that is why I share. Yes, rest assured that when all of this is done you WILL have our permission to use any or all of the photos in testimonials. It is the least we can do for you and those whom you treat. This process may well be very useful to other women with breast cancer. I find an extreme lack of testimonials from women with stage four breast cancer who have NOT had chemo, radiation, surgery, or drugs, so this case is important for that reason alone. In this case the doctors can NOT claim it was their cut, burn, and drugs that did the job.
We are now pulling out another group of lesions from my wife's spine, this is the third group now. We have pulled six lesions so far, looks like another larger one and a whole sprinkling of little ones in this group. This group is in the T-12 section of her spine and will make at least a total of 8 lesions pulled out. The nurse did the best she could to show us on my wife's skin where the PET scan showed the lesions, but the nurse was off a couple of inches. As a result we had to "explore" with the salve, which is why we bought the large jar last time. By the way, thanks for such fast and good delivery!
My wife had done so well with the other two salve processes, she got brave and decided to do larger patches this time. I said that you folks did not recommend this, but she went for it. We did a 3.5 inch high by 2.5 inch wide patch in an attempt to find the lesion in the T-6 area. It took only two applications (48 hours) for an eschar to start appearing, so it worked okay. We hit it two more days to make sure the lesions where good and dead. By day four there were a total of three lesions on the way out of the T-6 area. Where the lesions came up was about two inches from where the nurse said they were, so not too bad there. It then took 15 days for the eschars to come out, and a few more days to heal over.
By the way, the scars from the eschars - all six at this point - are well healed. They are very smooth on the skin surface, and most likely in a year or so will no longer be visible.
After a few days off to give her a break, we then moved on to the lesion hunt in the T-12 area. We used the 3.5 by 2.5 inch area again, putting where the nurse said the lesion was in the center of this area. After four days, nothing. So we moved down an inch lower from the edge of the first area. Bingo! We hit it this time. We applied salve in about a 2 inches by 2 inches area this time as the itching was way too bad in the larger area. After the second application the itching was so bad we took it off. We gave her 24 hours off, then applied the salve again. As before, the itching was so bad, even in the smaller area, we took the salve off after about hours. The next day was the forth application, which we left on for 20 hours. It did the trick this time.
Now that my wife has been through this a few times she is getting good at tuning into when the salve hits cancer. And I am getting good at identifying cancer eschars and telling them apart from other eschars. My wife is a natural redhead and she has the light skin and all the freckles and moles that come with being a redhead. What we have learned is that the salve also removes freckles and moles, as you have mentioned in your sites. As the freckles and moles eschar, they itch worse than the cancer eshcars!
More than likely you have seen that freckles and moles form a totally different eschar, look totally different. Unlike cancer eschars, we see the freckles and moles rise up and form pimples. A little of the salve always sticks to the very top so all of these pimples have a little black cap. Since my wife has a lot of these she ends up with a whole rash of itchy pimples. That is why we cut down the size of the application area.
Cancer eschars on her form up as craters, they sink in, not rise up, as opposed to a rising up pimple formation. These craters are always rimmed by a healthy pink formation of new skin. They look like moon craters. Further, the color of the cancer eschar is a light tan color with a hint of green. The salve does not stick to cancer eschars like it does the pimples. The pimples, unlike the cancer, are only on the surface. And so it is I learn to tell the differences between cancer and freckle eschars. Some of the moles and freckles are the size of some of the cancer eschars, and it has taken some practice to know the difference. In the end it is very simple to tell.
Regarding the feelings, my wife says she can tell when the salve hits cancer because it burns, not itches. She feels this sensation well before the eschar forms on the surface. If all she is feeling is "freckle itch" then she knows we're on the wrong spot. She will feel "cancer burn" in 24 to 48 hours if we are on target. So far we have not had to apply the salve more than four times per spot. Further, we have also learned it works to take a day off, the effect is not lost if she does. She is learning quite well how to listen to her body in all of this.
One of your links below says that it may not be necessary to hit the bulls eye with the salve. We find that sometimes this has been true, other times not true for her. I think it depends on whats under the skin. For example, on our first process we knew exactly where the lesions were because they had done a large-bore needle bone biopsy to get cancer core samples in the spot. We could see the needle scars well so we placed the salve on them, which worked well. The salve went right down the needle scars to the lesions. In other spots we do not have the luxury of needle holes to tell us where to apply the salve.
However, on day four of the application we saw a new needle scar show up. Eschars had already formed on the surface near this new one in the other needle holes, but I applied salve on it, and sure enough, here comes a new eschar. What was interesting is that the salve had "traveled" sideways to this spot and had "lit up" some scar tissue made by the biopsy needle. When I put the salve on this new needle hole, a new eschar popped up in 24 hours. Interesting that it would cause scar tissue to turn red without forming an eschar at first. And all the eschars here formed in the needle holes.
However, in the current process, we had applied the salve only about a half inch above where the current eschars are coming out. It was not until we moved down and applied right over the lesion that we got results. My thought is that if there is bone in the way one needs to get the salve right over the lesion, but I am not sure. However, it does not really matter to us as it only takes a couple of days to know if we have hit or not.
So far this group of eschars has been the most painful for her. Yesterday the pain was so bad it drove her nuts. She was working all day, she did not dare cry as nobody at work knows what is going on with the salve. It burned really bad, also lots of deep stabbing pain. When she got home she broke down in tears after 12 hours of pain. I cleaned it off, put some liquid pain killer on it, and gave her a Tylenol #4 and that did the trick. She had the same pill with her all day but refused to take it at work, so that would have helped the pain. However, such pain that can be numbed by Tylenol #4 is not real bad pain!
She has been really great in all of this, a real sport, a great attitude.
This time there is quite a group of little sprinkles or fragments of cancer lesion eschar with one larger one that is about 10mm by 10mm. There was a large lump about 2 inches long by 1 inch high that is red and quite swollen, but it went way down over last night. This would just be the salve pushing all those little lesions out. She feels much better today. Yesterday she had some very deep stabbing pains that went down her leg, into her stomach, etc. It could be lymph vessel reaction, or nerve reaction. After all, this is on her spine. However, these pains did not scare her and I think they are just part of the process.
I keep thinking of Webster Kehr (CancerTutor) saying not to use black salve on the spine. However, in my wife's case, it has not been an issue. I would be surprised if the deep tissue salve did NOT penetrate into her spinal column, and therefore she for one, is proof it is harmless there. Since breast cancer frequently spreads to the spine, I think the salve is an excellent way to deal with it. Sure better than radiation!
She continues to take the internal AT3. She still feels it working on the two tumors in her breast that we can feel. These tumors change shape. Our theory is that as the AT3 "attacks" these tumors, they swell up some. Then, when cancer cells die, her immune system removes dead cells, clearing the path, the tumor "deflates", and then the AT3 attacks a new group of cells, and the tumor swells up again. She continues to feel the pulling, twisting, swelling, and similar sensations in those tumors. We suspect, and do not expect, the tumor sack itself to go away. However, the center of it will be dead.
At this point what we are pondering is why the AT3 seems to be working on the breast tumors but not on the spine mets. We are not sure that it is NOT working on the mets, just that while the breast tumors, which are much larger than the bone mets, are getting smaller, the spine mets have stayed the same size - based on PET scan measurements. However, not growing is also good!
Another important observation is that each time the salve hits a lesion my wife feels soreness and other mild pain disappear in her spine. This means that the cancer was indeed eating into her vertebrae. She experiences EXTREME joy, relief, and is so thankful to YOU for making such a wonderful product when this happens! The salve kills these lesions in about 24 to 48 hours. As soon as they are dead, her pain disappears in those spots. Each time we go to the cancer ward we see people being eaten alive by cancer. Such pain, such distress in their loved ones faces! And all for nothing! It is SO stressful for us seeing those people suffer for no good reason except evil Big Pharma!
I have read all the negative stuff about the dangers of black salve use. Bullshit! Sure, with the wrong product, and with the wrong use maybe. But not with your product and instruction. I will talk about this in my testimonial site for sure.
In my journal I detail what bandages we use, and how we apply the salve. All the bandages we use are the el cheapos from Walmart. I did buy some fancy high grade medical tape off Amazon. My wife had a real bad reaction to that fancy tape. It burned her skin bad, worse than the salve! I use the back of a silver spoon handle to spread on the salve for large areas, and a wooden tooth pick for small areas. How basic is that!
After this current process we have two more lesion spots to go. There are lesions on both of her hip bones. The nurse tried to locate where, but I suspect she was off by an inch or two, so most likely we will need to "explore" with the salve again to hit them. If we are lucky the salve will flow into the lesions even if we don't get it right over them, but if not we'll keep going until we do hit them. We know they are there, we have seen them on the PET scans. And now, thanks to experience, my wife will know when we do hit them right with the salve as she will experience burn and not just itch.
Finally, thanks for the links you give. I always read them. I will order the Copaiba soon as I need more AT3 and more Defense Formula and a few other things. The Izulant works well for stopping the itch. What happens is my wife is at work all day and she cannot reach these spots herself so she just has to suffer with it until she gets home where I can put it on. However, for the price, the Copaiba is well worth buying to experiment with. When I buy your products I always think of that movie with Sean Connery Medicine Man.
Regarding the Ashwin Link with the photo of you in your library, I have read that a few times before, and again when you sent it. All I can say is that our prayers remain with you in this horrible evilness! Thanks for all you endure!
Thanks for reading all of this, hope it helps someone somewhere.
Best regards,
Gary Cooley
Big Spring, TX
November 30, 2016

December 21, 2016
Greetings Greg and Cathryn,
We sure hope that you two get some time off and have a great break over the holidays!
Mary wants you to know how extremely grateful she is to you for both your deep tissue black salve and for the help you give with it. We have now removed four of the five larger breast cancer lesions in her spine using your deep tissue salve, one at a time. We will soon start on the last one. I think we'll be done by mid January of 2017.
Mary reports with excitement and gratitude (and on several occasions tears of joy and relief) that the pains her back are now GONE! That cancer was eating up her spine for sure.
Further, with each of the lesions that were seen on the PET scans, there were two other smaller lesions in each spot too small for the PET scan to detect. These too have come out. To date a total of 12 lesions killed out. I suspect the final number will be 15. Ten of those are very small, which means we got them before they did much damage.
The larger lesions were all in the 10mm size. Most of the smaller ones were in the 4mm range. All were the thickness of a dime. Compared to most of your testimonial photos these are all small tumors. People need to know how well your product works on small tumors too, and that getting them while they are small is a MAJOR advantage.
I continue to photograph and document all that we do. We are so fortunate to have done this way before these lesions became larger, and therefore painful to remove. To date Mary has not missed a day of work, and has not had to use pain killers except one day when she used one pill.
The main "pain" has been itching. The Izulant ant tincture works very well to stop itching. We find that for Mary it takes on average 14 to 16 days for eschars to form and fall out. We find it takes on average three to four salve applications to get the job done. By the way, your instructions have been 100% right.
After the fifth large eschar drops out Mary will get another PET scan as final confirmation that all five lesions are gone. Once we have that confirmation I will produce my testimonial, which will be about 25 photos and several detailed paragraphs long. Since I have several months of notes and some 100 photos the main challenge will be the editing, but I will make it as short as possible - without compromising information. We will also ask the oncologist to write a letter stating that those lesions are gone.
Regarding Mary's two breast tumors that we are not treating with the salve, but instead are using the AT3, the PET scan will tell us the progress there. They sure feel smaller! If all else fails we know we can kill them too with the salve, but she'll have to quit work for sure to do it this way. If the AT3 at least shrinks them down, then it will be easier on her if we need to salve them. I know I can get the drugs we need on the dark web, so if need be, that is what we'll do.
We'll never forget the day the examination room was full of doctors and nurses telling her she had stage four terminal breast cancer. They all agreed that chemo, radiation, and surgery would do no good. They said that they could NOT remove the spine lesions with surgery, even though they were just under her skin. They all acted so sad for her!
The only drugs they wanted to prescribe, Mary refused to take. Thus, we will have a stage four breast cancer testimonial with no surgery, no chemo, no radiation, no drugs.

Merry Christmas!
Gary and Mary
Big Spring, TX
Dec. 21, 2016
PS: No need to respond, just keeping you up to date.

January 5, 2017
Hey Greg . . .
Last eschars now coming out of my wife's back. This will be a total of 15! Most are small, as in 3 to 4mm. Several are in the 10mm range. We are so grateful for getting it out when this small!
What is totally awesome is two of the eschars were thick enough for me to cut in half, stand on end, and photograph the tumor inside up close. What the photos show very clearly is how the black salve penetrates inside the tumor, and all the way through the tumor. The DMSO in the Deep Tissue really goes to town. It soaks into and through the whole tumor, as well as all around outside of it. I don't know if this is true for larger tumors, but I bet it is.
What is also amazing is how hard these eschars are. I had all I could do with a razor blade to cut then in half to see inside them. It was the outer top that was so hard, the area the salve comes into contact with at first. Man this salve just plain knocks the shit out of cancer! But you know that. While you have accomplished a great deal, and helped thousands, I think your biggest accomplishment is staying sane knowing full well you have the cure for cancer and so few believe it. That has got to be a very very tough row to hoe.
Another fascinating thing is that one of the larger eschars came out, and the hole healed up well. Then it started to itch, got real puffy, and unlike the other healed eschar holes, it rose above normal skin surface. I checked it for pus and lymph. None. So we hit it with the salve again. Sure enough, out comes another eschar! Then once again the hole healed up, but once again, it got all itchy and swollen. So we hit it a third time, and sure enough, here comes a third eshcar, and a larger one at that. Thus we have learned that at least for my wife, if an eschar scar puffs up (I have photos) then there is more cancer that needs to come out. Three eschars from one hole.
Just goes to show that the Deep Tissue does go deep. My wife said it felt like a nail had been driven into her back and it hurt but not too bad. She felt it go deep. So the salve went in deep and took about 20 days to reach, kill, and pull out all the cancer in stages. This shows it just keeps on working. This product is a true miracle. She could feel pain run all the way into the tumor in her breast from her back so I suspect there is a lymph vessel connection there.
My wife says her back has not felt this good in several years. We suspect those cancer lesions have been alive for several years, somewhere between 5 to 8 years, which is about right for her kind of breast cancer.
We have used almost a whole large jar of salve. My wife's back looks like she took two rounds of 12 gauge bird shot as the salve took out several small freckles and moles. We laugh at this, see it as funny because it is NOTHING compared to the hell of chemo, radiation, and drugs!
The internal AT3 seems to be working as the two large tumors we can feel are smaller, by not quite a half of what they were a year ago. However, what really matters is how active they are with cancer. It is quite possible they are nearly dead, or are dead, and what is left behind is so-called scar tissue. My wife is up to two teaspoons a day with no problems. She can still feel "action" in those tumors so she will keep taking the AT3.
I am working on all the photos and details for the testimonial. We go to the oncologist on Jan 19. I'm sure that the oncologist will want the usual 6 month PET scan and that will happen in late January or early February. I will include PET results in the testimonial.
We are so hoping that the cancer has not spread to any organs, or more bones. But if it has we will not give up or get frustrated. My wife is doing all the right things - eating right, rebounding daily, etc.
Now going to order more AT3 and another large jar of salve and a few other things. Going to keep these products around for awhile. Your Izulant works well with the itching but will also try the other product you recommended too. Izulant works better than a $40 little half-ounce topical we bought. All of this will be in the testimonial.
Sorry you did not get any holiday time off! Thanks for all you do for people all over the world. Wish you could see my wife's tears of joy at all the relief she feels from not having so much cancer in her back, from not worrying about her back or hips suddenly breaking. It is a beautiful site to behold.
Best regards,
G. Cooley
Big Spring, TX
January 5, 2017

February 1, 2017
Hello Greg & Cathryn . . .
From Gary and Mary in Texas.
We have finished - for now - using the deep tissue salve. Actually we were finished three weeks ago. We've been wrangling with the insurance company and the docs on getting another PET/CT scan. Finally have one set up for Tuesday next week. Then we have to go back a few days later for the results. I will do my best to get the photos up with all the details for you in February after we know what is going on.
In all we saw a total of 15 "cancers" come out of her spine, sacrum, and illiac joints. Six were in the 9 to 10mm size, the rest were all in the 3 to 5mm size. With the exception of two of the larger ones, all were only about 1 to 2mm thick. We them all while they were still very small. Wonderful! Of course, anything less than about 7mm the PET/CT scan did not detect so the new scan will show only about six that are gone, not the 15 we saw come out.
Further, as far as we can tell, Mary has not suffered any injury or side effect in her spine or anywhere else from the salve treatments. The eschar sites are healing well. They are all smoothed over and feel like normal skin. The "holes" remain very red in color, but who cares about that! In time they will fade. What is interesting is that some of the medical grade bandage tape we used caused worse damage to her skin than the salve!
Of course, the docs all said that they could not remove these lesions with surgery, and that radiation was not a good option either, and that chemo also was not a good option. Of course we were glad to hear that on all accounts. Thus the salve is the hero in this situation. The amount of damage and pain this has saved Mary is beyond measure! So we thank YOU for all the many many years of spiritual and emotional pain you have endured so people like Mary can have this salve. Thanks for being on the Ten Most Wanted List for people like Mary!
For sure the world needs to know about this salve, so I am dedicated to getting up the photos and details as soon as I can. This all will be on a website that very very few will have access to, you being one. Yesterday we had to go to a dermatogist for a spot that has been on Mary's nose since she was in her early twenties. The oncologist was worried it was some kind of skin cancer. Well anyone could see it was not, but we went anyway. In the dermatologist office was a very interesting poster.
It showed an 86 year old man with a couple hundred round yellow stickers stuck on him all over his body. Each sticker represented a skin cancer which had been burned off. The man had been a body guard all his life, out in the sun. I can only imagine how much it must have cost him for all those treatments. The farmers around here get skin cancer all the time. Many of them do use black salve, they are used to it, and think nothing of it. They see cancer, put it on, and go back to work. If it was legal you can bet the local feed and grain stores, and the Tractor Supply stores, would stock it right along with all the livestock salves.
I bought and read two books on DMSO. There is another wonderful and cheap product. You know the story there too. Well the old farmers around here use it all the time on their animals and themselves. They call it "dim-so". Heck, I had never heard of it until I read it as one of your ingredients in the Deep Tissue. Didn't know what it was so looked into it. Makes me wonder what else the evils thugs are hiding from the world.
We believe the PET/CT will show that the spine and bone lesions are all gone. Since the breast and arm pit tumor are still the same size they were a year ago, it will be very interesting to hear the oncologist reaction as to why some cancer is totally gone while other tumors remain. I suspect the doc will say that the cancer has morphed into some other type of cancer. The breast tumor is the size of a regular almond, but not as thick. The arm pit tumor is larger, about the size of a fig, in two lymph nodes which morphed into one tumor.
We have started adding 3 to 5 drops of DMSO (99.99% grade) to the AT3 doses. We also apply a little DMSO over the two tumors which are just under the skin. There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that your salve works like magic, killing cancer on contact in a matter of 24 hours or so. However, the AT3 does not seem to be reducing the two tumors very much, if at all. Somehow it is not coming into "contact" with the cancer.
Maybe as you suggested it is a first pass liver challenge, or some other physiological thing that is preventing the AT3 from working. There is no doubt in my mind it is not that the AT3 does not work. It is that her body is not allowing it to work. That is, her body's chemistry keeps it from coming in contact with cancer cells, or that by the time the ingredients reach the cancer cells they have been rendered inert. Maybe the DMSO will help, maybe not, but worth a try. I can't it doing any harm.
She has been taking AT3 for almost a year now. The PET will give us a measurement on the two tumors compared to six months ago, and also to one year ago, and from that we will know how well the AT3 is working. The PET/CT scans she gets measure the tumor hotspot activity size.
However, those two tumors are not getting larger, either. That is good news. Further, if she has no new cancer showing up in her liver, or lungs, etc., then we can say that the AT3 has at least stopped metastasis. That is a major accomplishment! If this is the case then it cannot be said that the AT3 is not working. Stopping the mets is the name of the game as you know better than I.
The oncologist said that if the two tumors start to hurt that they can remove them with surgery to relieve the pain. Of course this would not be any kind of cure, but it might reduce the total tumor burden her immune system needs to fight. We want to avoid it if at all possible. However, we know that these tumors are most likely turning loose cancer stem cells that her immune system needs to fight, so if that stops then the immune burden may be reduced. Our jury is still out on the surgery. We would much rather use the salve, and we know from your writings that we can use it in reduced form over a longer time frame, and that may be what we do. It sure would be better than surgery.
Aside from the cancer Mary is also fighting high blood pressure. In time that will come down, but it will take time. We have her on a Dr. Rath program for it. Otherwise she is in good health. She gets blood tests every three months, they measure a total of 44 different blood elements. These show that her liver and kidneys are in good shape, indeed actually getting a little better due to the careful diet we are both on. Mary continues to work a 12 hour day. Her attitude remains great.
Our prayers remain with you both. Thanks for all you do for people all over the world. No need to reply, just wanted to keep you posted.

Best regards,
Gary and Mary
February 1, 2017