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Hi everybody at Alpha Omega Labs,

My name is Bevan Potter, I live in Queensland, Australia, the place where operations for Skin Cancer seems to be a regular occurrence for almost everybody over the age of forty.

In August 2001 I was admitted to hospital for the removal of multiple cancerous lesions and extensive facial reconstruction. The lesions were basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinomas. The surgery was performed and an appointment was made for a checkup a month later. The result of the checkup was that the operation went OK but I would have to be admitted again at a latter date for a more extensive operation.

I was very unhappy about this so I decided to search for alternatives. About this time a friend sent me an email pointing me in the direction of Alpha Omega Labs and I purchased a jar of Cansema , with stunning results, it literally ate the lesions right out. That little jar of black gold has saved me from ongoing torture and thousands of dollars expenses.

I was so impressed with Cansema and so angry with doctors that I decided to build a web site to tell others about Cansema and all the other amazing products from Alpha Omega Labs. Since then I have successfully helped many others in the same situation as myself.

Please use any of the information in this email for your testimonial page.



Episode One


This is how I looked after the operation for the removal of cancer to the right side of my face. Several stitches to my cheek, nose, ear and forehead.


Two weeks after the operation I was pretty happy but I had a feeling there must be a better way.

Two months after the operation I wasn't happy about doctors, I had purchased Cansema on the internet and it immediately found cancer exactly where the surgeon had operated.

Cansema at work showing scab formation the day after application, fixing what the surgeon left behind.

Seven days later the scabs came off leaving cavities. I was wondering why doctors don't give a warranty like I have to do when I repair a computer.

30 days later the wounds have healed over with very little scarring .

Cansema did a perfect job but the repercussions of the surgeons knife means my nose and ear still don't work properly

Episode Two


This is the area of my forehead where the surgeon was going to operate, the greater part was to be removed and a skin graft executed

Two weeks before the operation I applied Cansema to the worst parts, this photo shows the scabs which had formed the next day.

Seven days later the scabs came off leaving cavities, but much better than the surgeons knife

Fourteen days later everything is healing fast with the help of my home grown Aloe Vera.

30 days later the wounds have almost healed over with very little scarring.
Cansema has saved me from the embarrassing situation of having an undesirable part of my body stuck on my forehead.
I'm also a few thousand dollars in front from the exercise.

Today I'm letting nature give shade to some of my face.
I'm much happier and wiser about my control over cancer and I want to share my newly gained knowledge that there are alternatives to surgery.

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