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Subject: Mini-Quickie Cancer Update (with Photos)

My brother Norman in the below photos shows the result of the cancer treatment.  One lip unresponsive due to cut nerves, gauntness from losing weight as a result of eating through a tube in the belly, purple mouth (last photo) from gentian violet to treat the mouth sores.  Told me a couple of days ago he drank some coffee and a smoothie, still hurting, but tolerable.  The two females are my sister Claudia and Norman's daughter Ashley.

Bob Hurt

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Date: Sat, Sep 20, 2008 at 6:41 PM
Subject: [hurtfamily] Mini-Quickie Cancer Update (with Photos)

After getting a load of encouragement from my personal friend McHenry last night, I started today off with a new beginning.
He told me that after her cancer, his mother's taste came back kind of "all of a sudden," and I took his words to heart (as I always do, you know), so instead of putting a half cup of warm coffee into my feeding tube to get the day rolling, I loaded it down with healthy honey and drank it instead, with my own mouth. 
And that's the dog-goned truth.
It wasn't all that bad, I didn't gag or throw up, it didn't burn my mouth or my tongue, and I was so excited I marched right back in that kitchen and poured myself a glass of whole milk, added an envelope of Instant Breakfast, and by Gosh I drank that down too.  Will wonders never cease!
(McHenry told me to do whatever I need to do to gain weight... I thought of eating pure lard like it was ice cream, but I reconsidered).
So I'm working on my web site, collecting and adding up my business receipts for my 2007 taxes (I had put off doing them for some reason), and am actually accomplishing something of value today.  Ashley, in the meantime, is working on her art project here in the same room (see photos below).  She has her red bull and glue gun and her cell phone and her walkman or ipod or whatever they're calling it these days and is humming along to herself with an occasional curseword thrown in here and there when the occasion warrants it.
So life is good, and I wanted to share the moment.
PS  Oh yeah, and here's a photo with sister Claudia taken before we went to the Acupuncturist last week, and the last one is with friend McHenry who was here from Burleson a few weeks or so ago (he's the one actually "wearing" a hat; I'm the one just with a hat on).  He thinks we're Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; I think we're Martin and Lewis.  He is what "cool" looks like; I'm what F-Upped looks like.

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