Elmo - when first diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma

At 14 years old, Elmo could have easily died
from an extensive squamous cell carcinoma ...
With the help of Cansema and his tenacious
owner, that fate was avoided.

When Elmo our 14 year old cat was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer on his face our vets suggested black salve. The type they sold was $300.00 They are very kind and said if I can find it somewhere else to do so. Your site with the pictures of other pet owners was very helpful. I gave me confidence that if Cansema helped other animals it would work on Elmo too. I feel it is my obligation to share Elmo's story and subsequent victory with others.
The Cansema was applied topically in December and the cancer within 10 days decavitated and came out. The picture attached shows the cancer next to a dime. I thought all was well.
In June of this year the cancer returned or more likely we never really got to the root of it. I applied the Cansema topically 2 more times. Each time more cancer was removed in different areas on his face. We did not realize there was more than one tumor. The last decavitation was spreading down his nose and across his face yet still when this huge escar came off the main tumor was still bloody and red beneath. We knew even though the tumor was still intact it was severely reduced in depth simply because when Elmo touched it the bleeding could be easily stopped. Conversely before the Cansema was applied topically the tumor bled profusely. One time it necessitated going through a bag of cotton balls and handfuls of paper towels even a dish rag was soaked in blood. We wondered if Elmo could bleed to death from a skin cancer.
We decided after this last application that we would wait and receive the capsules you recommended and watch it closely and allow Elmo's foot to heal from the application of the pain patches. Each time before we applied the Cansema salve our vets put a duragesic patch on his leg.The pain patch is taped on after he was shaved. I waited 24 hours to apply the salve giving the pain patch an opportunity to release pain meds in Elmo's system. We also supported him with Noni Juice, Liquid Minerals and Colostrum and a patented product that releases oxygen from his body's water called Oxygen Elements www.oxygendrops.com Clinical studies of the Oxygen Elements showed patients who had chemotherapy and radiation didn't get nauseous and lose weight while using this product. These products aided Elmo to keep his appetite and kept his weight at a good level. They allowed the immune system to be strong and allow the herbs in the Cansema capsules to go to work. My vets use and recommend the Oxygen Elements.
We gave Elmo 1/3 capsule of the Cansema in his food and quickly worked up to 1/3 capsule twice a day. As you can see this picture taken August 27 Elmo's cancer is gone. This happened differently then the decavitation. The tumor got drier and smaller and receded and fell off. There was no decavitation, no hole as when the salve was applied.
I welcome you using this information to help other pet owners. I without reservation recommend the use of Cansema topically and internally. Make sure you have a vet who will work with you to aid in pain relief. It may also necessitate a tranquilizer. We gave Elmo one tranquilizer about 10 hours before application on the second application simply because if he even brushed the Elizabethan Collar with his tumor he would knock off the ointment and start it bleeding. The tranquilizer allowed us the 24 hours that were crucial to get the Cansema applied topically and to start the isolation of the cancer and beginning of the decavitation process. I can't stress enough the Cansema salve is painful and you must work with a vet. Our vets would apply the pain patch and I would apply the Cansema as I said 24 hours later at home.
You may use my name and e mail and I will be glad to talk to others and give them the benefit of my experience. I will forward the pictures via e mail.
Thank You from Elmo and me.

Charlotte Wagner
Corona, California (USA)
Email: charlw@pacbell.net
Submitted via email: Sept. 2, 2003

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Elmo - when first diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma Elmo's first necrosed tumor, compared to size of dime The picture at left was taken in December, 2002, shortly after Elmo was diagnosed and before the application of any Cansema Salve.
After a slight application of Cansema was made on the target growth (left), a small piece of the now necrosed tumor came out (photo at right). As shown in this photo, the growth was about the size of a dime. You will see, however, that the photograph reveals that the malignancy removed was "superficial." Not enough product was used to remove the entire carcinoma, as Charlotte would soon discover. Two other applications would be required.

Elmo - showing first re-application of Cansema in June, 2003 Cansema is applied against in June, 2003, after discovering that the first application did not get all the squamous cell carcinoma.

Elmo - when first diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma After Day 4 of the reapplication in June, 2003, Cansema Salve became difficult to confine, area-wide --- as additional product was needed to gain added depth and surface area to attack the underlying growths.

Elmo - After first decavitation ... after reaching the decavitation stage following the first re-application of Cansema Salve in June, 2003.

Elmo - on July 22 after the first decavitation comes out from reapplication The first reapplication in June, 2003 produced a decavitation, but another underlying growth is revealed in the process.

Elmo - Decavitation from application to another tumor found just under the 'main' one In this picture you can see the decavitation from an adjacent growth, also removed with Cansema Salve -- right under the "main growth" which was originally diagnosed.

Elmo - after cancer fell out Elmo -- after the necrosed "main tumor" fell out.

Elmo - in the aftermath of the removal of both squamous cell tumors Elmo -  In August, 2003 (left and right) at the conclusion of Cansema use. Note that the hair has not yet grown in where the primary squamous cell carcinoma growth was found (and Cansema subsequently applied) ... At right is a side view.

Elmo - cancer free and of good weight Elmo on August 27, 2003 --- cancer-free and of good body weight.

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