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Our contact information is as follows. We can be reached by regular mail (international), phone, fax, or email. Because of the bulk of communications we get, we prefer that testimonial information be communicated by email.

Alpha Omega Labs
Casilla 09-04-99P
Guayaquil, ECUADOR
Phone (U.S.): (305) 851-2308
Fax (U.S.): (888) 450-7909
We greatly value the input we get from our users. It allows us, in many cases, to review and even alter formulas and protocols. We particularly like to hear from practitioners. Please specify below, if the information you are providing comes with your permission to reproduce your comments on our web site. Any restrictive instructions you provide with your testimonial will be honored and observed. Obviously, we would prefer that you make the third choice under "Testimonial Guidelines" below (unrestricted reproduction), which is pretty much what you agree to if you send a "Letter to the Editor" to your local newspaper. But, again, if you attach restrictions, we will follow them religiously. Your feedback can be sent by using the fill-out form below or by sending e-mail to: support@altcancer.net

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