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The testimonials below are exact text duplications of testimonials submitted to tru-derm's manufacturer. Most of them are either handwritten, or typed and then signed by hand. All are authentic. Since we do not have signed releases from the parties who submitted them, we are putting only the initials of those submitting testimonials. We provide this information not for the purposes of making claims, but to provide a better idea to end users, in simple layman's terms and not medical jardon, as to the applications to which tru-derm is best applied.
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Bypass surgery and endarterctomy surgery last year haleft me with some large scars on my chest, leg and neck ... Prior to using your cream I was using Vitamin E cream. The sars weren't showing much improvement and I was convinced that I would just have to live with these ugly scars.
After three weeks of using your Tru Derm scar cream I noticed an improvement in the scars. The darker color blended in more with my skin color and the raised ridge from the incision on my chest actually was getting less noticeable. I will continue to use your cream as long as it improves the appearance of the scars. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I will recommend it to everyone I know that has a skin problem ... With all the products on the market today that don't work, I am really glad to find one that does.

Pittsburgh, PA 15236
April 17, 2001

Thank you so much for the sample of Tru-Derm. This is a great product!
In the short four weeks I have been using it as a face cream I have noticed some wonderful changes in my skin. For instance, the pigment spots on my face have lighted up almost to the point of being gone. I believe that in the next few weeks they will completely disappear. The texture of my skin has also gotten considerably smoother. I actually look better than I did five years ago! Also, I have a chicken pox scar on the bridge of my nose that used to be deeper. I don't understand how Tru-Derm has helped to smooth that out, but I sure am happy with the results.
The girls at work noticed a difference in my skin after the first couple of weeks. They all look forward to using your product ad looking great, too!
Thank you again for helping me find the fountain of youth! You can bet that I will use this product for years to come.

St. Louis, MO 63132
March 29, 2001

It was very nice talking with you the other day. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!! Finally, a scar cream that really works. I have told all my friends about it, too.
I had a large horizontal scar across my knee which was very red and slightly hard. After applying a small amount of your cream twice a day, I soon noticed a distinct change both tothe color and "feel" of the scar after a few short weeks.
I am delighted to know that Tru-Derm Scar Cream will also help such things as crows-feet on the face. Every woman in the world should know about this side-benefit of your cream and what it can do for them.

Tecamachalco, Naucalpan, Edo Mexico
June 13, 2001

I have to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I have been using Tru-Derm for about 1 1/2 months and my mother and husband could see how much the discoloration of the scars on my face disappeared after only 2 weeks of using Tru-Derm. I am 38 years old and have had problems with scaring on my face since I was 19. It totally lowered my self-esteem and I always wanted to hide my face, not to mention the anguish it caused me personally. I am in tears of joy right now because I don't even have to wear make-up to hide my scars and even when I do wear make-up the scars are virtually unnoticeable. My husband had commented on how pretty my face looks and continually urges me to order more and keep using the product. Needless to say, I will continue to use your product. Thank you all so very much for giving me back my self-esteem. Now I hold my head up high when I go out and I feel good about myself for the first time in years. I am definitely a Tru-Derm believer.

July 4, 2001

Thanks for the Tru-Derm cream... I really love it! I got burned to a crisp and had very bad sun poisoning a few weeks back and your cream helped tremendously. I peeled 3 layers and even though the freckles remained, the patches of different colored skin disappeared and I am patchless and my skin looks great! I love to use it as a regular face cream at night as well...

April 23, 2001

Hi! I am a seventeen year old girl who loves to wear skirts and prace around in bikinis... The only problem is that I have warts on my legs which I've had laser surgery to remove them. The laser left horrible scars which I thought I'd never be able to get rid of. Thanks to Tru-Derm, I have hope again. Before I tried Tru-derm, I wouldn't wear anything that showed my legs, but now I can. It reduced my scars, and I'm so thankful. If it can get rid of all the scars I had, it can work for anyone!

(Handwritten letter submitted by mail)
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I'm writing more on behalf of my kid sister than myself (of course I love your cream, too). She's living with me and my husband along with her 2 kids (my niece and nephew). She's going through a though divorce and staying with us until she gets on her feet. We have a big house and bless my husband, he's been very good about this. Anyway, we are very close. I'm the oldest of 5 girls and she's the youngest. We all get along with each other but she and I are the closest. We all suffered from pimples growing up - but Patty took the worst of it. She's 35 and during this divorce her self-esteem is way down. She has acne scars and is going to the dermatologists and getting all those expensive treatments is just not possible. She just can't afford it. I get the ALLURE magazine and she saw your advertisement for Tru-Derm scar cream. We ordered it and she loves it. Even though she knows all her scars aren't going to "fade away" - it makes her skin smoother, softer, and moisturized. She's getting compliments and I'm encouraging her to go out one night (I'll watch the kids). As for me me I also lvoe your scar cream. I have some acne scars but not as bad as my sister's. I also had a small mole removed right in the middle of my chest. It left a slight indentation (I'm a waitress and have to wear a low cut uniform). Everyone says they can't see it, but I do. Tru-derm has moisturized and softened it. It also has a very nice creamy texture and no smell. You can wear it under yor make-up (which we both like). It's just a great cream all the way around. And it also non-irritating to my skin, which is especially sensitive. I have gotten no reaction from the cream...

(Handwritten letter submitted by mail)
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