Organic Turmeric from Ecuador
Reliefs Depression & Dementia / Pain Relief
Anti-inflammatory / Helps Fights Cancer
Pure Turmeric Powder
Code TUR-2908 g. (Bulk 2 lb.)Price: $19.50

Pure Organic Amazonian Turmeric
from the jungles of Ecuador's Pastaza Province

(dark color, richer taste, our personal favorite, foto at right, grown in
rich volcanic soil, arguably the best tasting turmeric on the planet)

Code TUR-250250 g. (8.82 oz.) Price: $6.95
Code TUR-450450 g. (15.87 oz.) Price: $12.95

New Amazonian turmeric varieties: darker & richer.

Turmeric Powder
Pure 100% turmeric powder.