"First, we were blocked
by Google and now Facebook."
[ August 1, 2019 ]

August 1, 2019 (Ecuador) -- Last month I posted an urgent message in our "slide presentation," detailing what Google was doing to us and other providers in the natural products sector in an attempt to ruin us. To save you a click, I detail that information again at the bottom of this article.
Yesterday, I received notice from an associate of ours that our pages on our Facebook group were "locked," preventing even administrators from making posts. The lockout began shortly after the following message was posted:
---- We are moving to MeWe :
ALPHA OMEGA LABS Holistic Health 
We knew that Facebook is every bit as committed to censorship as Google, Instagram, and Twitter are, so -- yes -- we created an account on MeWe, a Facebook competitor that's apparently committed to racism and misogyny -- after all, in the new logic of our left-leaning, hyper-liberal time, anyone who believes in freedom of speech, you know, First Amendment rights, civil liberties, the ability to speak your mind even if runs counter to the common narrative, that sort of thing, must be a racist and a misogynist.
Within an hour of this post going up, our account was blocked. No "warning letter". No advance notice. They just blocked us. So apparently, not only is free speech not allowed, when it comes to effective health care, it's a "thought crime" to even think about complaining about it or letting others know that you want to move your discussion to a place where you ARE allowed to say what you want.
Let's put things in perspective here: Can you even for a moment, imagine going to a bar, loaded with "microphones," (which is a perfect metaphor when you understand how heavily monitored the internet is) and when you tell your drinking buddy that you'd like to go to the bar next door, a security agent comes out and threats you for talking about leaving the present establishment.
Not anymore.
It's happening now. Just three days ago, Lisa Haven reported on the removal of three million people off Instagram for just these kind of "offenses."
It is for this reason that it is vitally important for thinking people to begin to network around the jurisdictional boundaries of Big Tech. Don't expect any government to come to our rescue. They an integral part of the system that created this in the first place. And for those you who think that Donald Trump is going to come to our rescue, think again. More to the point: Donald Trump isn't "draining the swamp." The swamp is draining him. If laws actually mattered and weren't window dressing to keep "the little people" in line, the Big Tech companies would be disassembled using the RICO laws that are now on the books. There is no mafia in the history of America that has done more to hurt everyday people than Google and the social media companies. Tens of thousands of people have spent years building their online presence, monetizing their YouTube accounts, etc. only to see their operations deciminated with the push of a button by operators within these high tech, racketeering companies.
I provide a solution in the video below. If you haven't seen it already, I encourage you to do so. When civil liberties threaten one group, eventually they threaten all of us.

July 7 "Urgent Message" Post:

The urgent message YouTube video above was put out in response to a just published exclusive report by Mike Adams at NaturalNews.com:
See: https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-07-02-google-to-block-all-anti-cancer-anti-vax-and-anti-gmo-websites-at-the-browser-level.html

We have known since about September, 2018, that Google was already engaging in the very kind of practices that Mike Adams is talking about now. Because Big Tech is making it increasingly difficult for our customers to find us, we ask that you print out our contact sheet and keep it available when you need it. Below is a transcript of the urgent message above.


Google & The Elite's
Declaration of War on the Natural World
Last week, Mike Adams published an article entitled, "Google to block all anti-cancer, 'anti-vax' and anti-GMO websites at the browser level as tech giant goes all-in with pharma drug cartels." I'm putting link to this article below, because I think it's important for every free man and woman who cherishes what few civil liberties we have left to read this vital article.
Now before you even read the article, I want to note that some people who view this article may think some of the facts are exaggerated. They are not. Our sales at Alpha Omega Labs, which sells only natural proven products -- many of them based on ethnobotanical healing traditions that are centuries old -- have dropped by 25% in the last year alone. And, surprise, surprise, we've been able to trace the problem to algorithm changes at Google. We're getting complaints from some customers now that they've had problems finding us, and we've talked to others in our industry who have been targeted, as well. Some customers have reported that when they attempt to go on to one of our sites, they get a security warning, similar to what you get if you attempt to go on a phishing or spam site.
As Mike Adams notes, this is only the beginning.
The broader goal here -- which is being implemented in stages -- is to eliminate, first, all anti-cancer, anti-vax, and anti-GMO websites. Then gradually, all natural product sites. This is not merely the elimination of what Elitists view as objectionable content. What Google and the other tech giants, like Twitter, Instragram, and Facebook, are doing is nothing less than a declaration of war on the natural world. If you discover, produce, and market a product that could conceivable compete with a Big Pharma drug, you have now been put on notice. You have been targeted for extinction.
With the new social rating service that Google has created, similar to what has now been implemented in China, your ability to function as a normal, thinking human being has come to an end. You will either go along with their agenda to control humanity and extinguish freedom of thought and speech, or slowly but surely, you will be exterminated.
This is 1984 brought to life. If you haven't read the George Orwell novette, you should. So should your children and grand-children, if you have them. If you really want to know what's going in your world, read the book, 1984. This is the world of global tyranny that Orwell knew from his secret society connections was coming.
The world that Google, Facebook, and the other Tech Giants are creating is more tyrannical than anything that ever passed through the power-hungry minds of George III, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Mao Te Tung, combined. And keep in mind that those men collectively killed hundreds of millions of people. It is a world without civil liberty, without independence of thought, without access to natural remedies -- only untested pharmaceutical drugs with ungodly, secondary, deleterious and often long term effects. It is life stripped of the Creator's intent. It is, as Pythagoras wrote in speaking even of animals, a life shorn of sun, of light, of the duration of life to which we are entitled by birth and being.
The people who rule you view you as robots -- tools to be used until they are broken and then discarded. Is this what you really want? Is this the world you really want to live in? Socrates taught that the unexamined life is not worth living. Do you really want to live in a world where you have no ability to think and act for yourself? Where you are surrounded by machines that are programs to catch you if an errant thought crosses your mind, thus targeting you? What normal person could live in such a world?
The problem is that by your inaction, you assent to these things. You assent to your own enslavement. Every time you use Google Chrome -- a browser that is nothing more than a spying device installed on a computer that you paid for – you assent to your enslavement. Every time you use Google.com, you assent to subtle programming that isn't merely designed to change how you think. It's designed to change who you are. You agree to oppression by unseen rulers and tyrannical despots. You can't complain about your mistreatment or abuse, because you agreed to it. You asked for it. Nobody MADE you download the high tech chains that are used to hold you down. You did that yourself. Don't complain about being a rape victim. You invited your rapist into your bedroom and gave him written instructions on how to abuse you.
Instead of Google Chrome, you could use a number of other browsers that are not designed to spy on you, eliminate freedom of choice, and blacklist the sites you want. One good choice is BRAVE . . . B-R-A-V-E . com.
If you are looking for an alternative search engine that won't exclude Alpha Omega Labs, go to DuckDuckGo.com --- an unusual name, I admit. But they're not out to control you and re-program your brain, the way that Google is. So use them. D U C K - D U C K - G O. C O M.

Going forward, we are asking our supporters to bookmark -- even write down on paper -- our names, our websites, our email addresses and how to find us. You shouldn't just do this for us. You should do this for anyone you know in the natural products or alternative media community that you know and trust and don't want to lose contact with.
I'm providing a link below of a simple page you can print out and keep in a safe place so that you don't have problems reaching us.
I appreciate all of you -- the things you have done to help us continue in our work -- and I will respond to any and all responses to this urgent message.
Thank you for your time.