C60 Price / Dosage Comparison
The presentation of competitors and data related to their products is taken from YouTube channel, K Elmer. "Mr. K Elmer's" C60 international price guide is quite extensive, and what you see below is just a sampling of all the information he provides. His compilation predates our own introduction, so obviously C60 Black Gold is not included. You may wish to study his complete guide to see even more C60 suppliers who sell their products internationally. The PDF is quite complete and unlike my table below, there are hyperlinks to all the relevant company's websites. Note that this table prorates the material in the guide for ease of us. The only purpose of this page is to provide a useful "quick glance" price comparison. As always, any questions can be directed to us at support@herbhealers.com.

Product or
Brand Name
Best Deal Per Oz. C60 Purity Cost:
Type of
Oil Used
C60 Black Gold
$ 4.99 99.95% $ 0.90 Avocado C60 Black Gold not only saturates to 0.90 ml/mg (C60), but it contains two other synergistic ingredients to point of saturation. See: product page.
Bucky Labs $13.73 99.95% $ 0.71 Olive Oil --
C60 Labs $14.98 99.99% $ 0.80 Olive Oil --
C60 Purple Power $29.10 99.99% $ 0.90 Avocado, Olive
or Coconut
Company maintains a high media presence, which undoubtedly contributes to its higher priced products.
Carbon 60 Olive Oil $6.75 99.95% $ 0.80 Olive Oil --
Good & Cheap $ 5.99 99.95% $ 0.90 Olive Oil --
Heavenly Natural $8.75 99.99% $ 0.85 Olive Oil --
Pure C60 Olive Oil $11.99 99.95% $ 0.80 Olive Oil --
SES Research $15.74 99.99% $ 0.80 Olive Oil SES Research also manufacturers the raw C60. They could be more competitive if they wanted to, but undoubtedly they don't wish to give the appearance that they are competing with their own retail customers on the manufacturing side.
Vaughter Wellness $ 9.00 99.95% $ 0.80 Olive Oil --
Wolf-Carbon-Detox $13.73 Not stated Not stated Olive Oil --