Potent Anti-Oxidant / Immune Booster
Antiinflammatory, Antivital, Antipathogenic
Protects Eyes & Neurological Cells
Supports Joint & Skeletal Health.

C60 Black Gold

Introduction Date: 16 March 2020

Code C60-1 -- Price: $39.95
8 fl. oz. (240 ml.)
(8.1154 rounded down to 8 fl. oz.)

Dosage: 1 teaspoon or,
48 x 5 ml. dosages
1 / day or 48 day supply
Roughly $0.83 / dosage
Roughly $4.95 / fl. oz.
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Each dosage contains:
4.0 mg. C60 (0.80 mg/ml)
(Purity Level Used: 99.95%)
5.0 mg. astaxanthin blend*
5.0 mg. rubusoside 70%
(Extract of Rubus suavissimus
which we use as a liposoming agent
to increase absorption)

uckminsterfullerenes (C60) refer to spherical carbon allotropes in which 60 atoms are put together in hexagon/pentagon like structures. They belong to a larger group of carbon allotropes called fullerenes, which is now its own discipline when studying nanomaterials. The purpose of this page is to focus on the product itself, C60 Black Gold, of which C60 is the most important contributor to the functions which this product provides its users. It is the most medicinally active by weight of the product's four ingredients -- all of which contribute to its composite benefits: :
Ingredients: Organic, non-GMO, avocado oil; C60 (99.95% pure); astaxanthin, rubusoside 70% (a Chinese tea extract).
Established Medical Properties of C60: Hundreds of studies have been conducted on the medical properties of C60. Below are benefits that been documented. Note that these studies vary in their use of C60's delivery mechanism, nor are the references cited intended to convey that any of this research involved the direct testing of C60 Black Gold, per se. Even if they did, a presentation of conclusive claims would be prohibited in most countries:
  • Supports Overall Health by Controlling Pathogens 1
  • Boosts the Immune System / increase lymphocyte production 2
  • Acts as a Free Radical Scavenger and Antioxidant 3
  • Helps with allergies 4
  • Promotes UV Protection 5
  • Attack dermatitis and other skin conditions by arresting both pathogenic etiology and inflammation 6
  • Treats acne 7
  • Potentiates hair growth 8
  • Overcomes male infertility 9
  • Improves immune and mitochondrial functions 10
  • Assists in weight management 11
  • Fights arthritis / promotes flexility and less stiffness in joints 12
  • Attenuates liver fibrosis / cirrhosis 13
  • Is non-toxic when property prepared. 14
  • Enhances strong bones & cartilage 15
  • Promotes Anti-Viral Activity 16
  • Brain Activity: Enhances Memory, Concentration, and Cognitive Function 17
  • Expands longevity 18
The combined effects of C60 have contributed to the following anecdotal reports:
  • Easier workouts
  • Feeling less tired
  • More energy
  • Better physical functioning
  • Pain relief from arthritis and other conditions
  • Increased endurance
  • Better sleep . . . and more 19
C60 & Astaxanthin:
The Synergism of Two of Nature's
Most Powerful Anti-Oxidants
Early in our formulary work with C60, we decided to maximize the antioxidant effect by adding astaxanthin -- a naturally occurring compound that is 6,000x more powerful than Vitamin C in terms of it anti-oxidant potential. We found that it mixed well with our base C60/avocado oil blend, even after three weeks of stirring. We encourage you to read our ingredient page on astaxanthin. Also note that we have reproduced leading studies on astaxanthin's properties in the right column.

Amplifying the Effects
The final ingredient we formulated into C60 Black Gold is rubusoside, an extract of the leaves of Rubus suavissimus S. Lee (Rosaceae), Chinese green tea. We use rubusoside as a blending, sweetening, and liposoming agent. It has distinctive medicinal properties of its own which are discussed in the right column.

The Finished Product
After three years of research, we are proud to introduce C60 Black Gold, a powerful antioxidant product that amplifies the best features of C60, the nutraceutical.

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  19. Taken from Why C60 in Olive Oil is the Next Big Holistic Healthcare Product posted by SES Research. SES is a reputable maker of raw or pristine C60 products. We've even used them in connection with our initial research. Although olive oil is the most widely used lipid carrier for C60, we decided not to do it because of its tendency to go rancid, even in C60, and because of what we felt were undesirable organoleptics over time. The organic avocado oil we use is simply a better choice.

To U.S. Users: This product have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Before / After Photos, Greg Caton, Jan to Jun 2018 Why We Waited Until 2020
To Bring Out Own "C60"

In 2017 we began researching different formulas which we would introduce in connection with an Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Center we were planning to open here in Ecuador. As we got close to what we felt were the imminent dates for the opening of the clinic and the release of the products -- which included an earlier version of C60 Black Gold -- we even put out a supplemental article to customers, announcing our intentions. That was in October, 2018.
Early versions of C60 Black Gold, in addition to Michel's training were instrumental tools which I used to regenerate my own body. The idea to do this was not novel or original. Body builders and others in training had already been reporting significant improvements incorporating C60 into their regimen. Such benefits were predictable if you familiarize yourself with the scientific findings discussed in the left side panel.
On March 4, 2019, we experienced an enormous setback to the continuance of the project. My personal trainer, Michel Blanchard, who was also a partner in the project, passed away as a result of complications related to venal thrombosis -- itself the result of a freak accident. We continued our work on C60 and senolytic herbals -- research that continues to this day. Our feeling is that as a result of the crisis of the current CoVid19 global pandemic, it was time to make our final changes and introduce the product.
The results you see on this page are the result of that three year effort.

We have a separate astaxanthin page; however, for convenience, the study selection below gives a good overview of some of the principal medicinal properties of this nutraceutical.

Recent Studies : Astaxanthin
Sourced from PubMed
Disclaimer: The following citations mention astaxanthin, either as the focus of their study, or in passing. Please note that no finding should be inferred to provide the basis of medicinal claims, nor should they be relied upon by the public, as such. Readers who want full access to the PubMed database are encouraged to register with NCBI.
As of Dec., 2017, there were 1,657 citations posted which mentioned astaxanthan. Below we list a few of the more notable:
Below are a series of leading studies on rubusoside: