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Before / After Photos, Greg Caton, Jan to Jun 2018
Can people really live
to be more than
250 years old?

My sojourn into the suppressed, hidden world of anti-aging cultures, legends, techniques, and protocols -- largely unknown to the modern world.

ew areas of anthropological study are as controversial as that of human longevity. On the one hand, the official narrative is clear and unambiguous: legends of human beings living well beyond their 120's is pure fiction. "No area of human life is as chockful of lies and deception than these errant, exaggerated fish stories of people who live well beyond what we all know humans are capable. Shut up and don't be so damned stupid! Everybody knows that the oldest human on record only lived to be 122 years old."
Quite apart from the cases I'm familiar with that defy this narrative, I have an even bigger issue with the source of the official story line.
It comes from the same pathological liars who would have you believe that foods laden with harmful agrochemicals, grown from GMO seed, are actually good for you, all evidence to the contrary. It comes from officials who would have you believe that chemotherapy and radiation are the only proven therapeutic approaches to treating cancer. Again, all evidence to the contrary. Or that biopsies aren't metastatic. It comes from the very same people (if we can call them that) who make their living by keeping the Homo sapiens slave race in misery. It comes from the "Dr. Oz's" of the world who would tell you that my own miraculous transformation, experimenting as I have with proven anti-aging herbal combinations, some pharmaceuticals, and even the assistance of a contrarian trainer, is a fluke if not a fraud.
This article attempts not simply to debunk the "common narrative" as it relates to human longevity, but to provide an opening gambit to what will become an ongoing dialogue between Alpha Omega Labs and those of its customers who wish to go beyond disease avoidance and arrest or deter the aging process itself.

Dr. Alexis Carrel & "The Immortal Cell" / Li Ching-Yuen
tories of extraordinary longevity date from antiquity. In the West, biblical accounts are full of stories of people living hundreds of years old, with the longest living being Methuselah at 969 years (Genesis 5:27). In the East, Hindu scriptures teach that the current age, a Kali Yuga, is the period of smallest average human lifespans. The longest human lifespans exist during a Satya Yuga -- where the average age is 100.000 years, which is followed by a Treta Yuga, where lifespans drop to 10,000 years. Obviously, even the mathematically challenged would agree that these figures tower over 122 years.
It would be easy to discount these kind of lifespan figures as purely mythological if we had no evidence of virtual cellular immortality, but we do. And it's indisputable. From 1912 to 1946, Dr. Alexis Carrel, a French surgeon and biologist, conducted his famous chicken heart tissue cultures. (In actuality, since Carrel died in 1944, it was his colleagues who continued to maintain the cultures for nearly two more years.) Now it is important to note that although the average chicken, depending on breed can live to be five to ten years old, the oldest chicken on record lived to be just 16 years old. By maintaining chicken cell lines more than twice that age without signs of "aging," Carrel was able to prove that when placed in an ideal environment without the aging effects of the accumulation of toxins, animal cells were immortal. Critics will be quick to add, "Yes, but since Carrel's study was 'in vitro" and cell lines live 'in vivo,' that's only theoretical."
Perhaps, but then why do we still have convincing evidence in modern times of people who lived to be several hundred years old?
One case that has fascinated me since it first came to my attention in the late 1980's is that of Li Ching-Yuen. Now, of course, despite the fact that the Chinese government followed Li Ching-Yuen's life and advancing age for well over a century, reports of his longevity are completely trashed in his Wikipedia bio, which is no less a disgraceful coverage of the man's true life than my own.
While in Vilcabamba early this year, I happened to ask Dr. Alan Lee, who I highly respect as a fellow herbalist and naturopath, what he thought of the "myth" of Li Ching-Yuen.
"It's not a myth," Dr. Lee responded tersely. "Not to the Chinese."
"How do you know this?" I pressed further.
"Well, for one thing, my grandfather knew Li Ching-Yuen personally while he was alive. He lived in the same province. And the Chinese government recognized his true age at 256 years old when he died, having followed his activities for many, many years."

Dr. Vladimir Volkov & H+ Therapy
any times, insights on a given line of investigation come from unexpected places and circumstances. In July, 2003, I was in St. Petersburg, Russia, visiting with Dr. Vladimir Volkov about the effects of "hydrogen therapy." My journey was in connection with my ongoing investigation into properties of H3O (calcium sulfate hydronium concentrate).
Interestingly, Dr. Volkov believes that aging is brought about by a deficiency in H+ ions, which act to help the body in its natural purification processes. He had very strong opinions about the current "alkalize the body" rage! "It's complete nonsense," he stated emphatically. "The problem isn't that we're too acidic. What garbage. Every physiologist knows that the body becomes more alkaline as we age. The pH of our stomach acid increases with age, becoming more alkaline. Do you want to age more quickly? Go ahead and start alkalizing. The problem isn't that we're too acidic. The problem is that we accumulate and experience a build-up of the wrong kind of acids. And an alkaline diet doesn't neutralize them on account of the pH buffering system. It doesn't work that way."
Dr. Volkov is convinced that 250 years is the minimum lifespan that should be considered "normal." In his view, the proper hydrogenization of the body makes this possible. I have been privately testing Volkov's principles since 2002 (primarily with our manufacturer of variants of H3O. In 2016, Ed Wunder, an AO Labs customer who had been working with H3O for years, as well, began making "The HydroGenie," which generates a high volume of H+ which can be internalized either through the lungs or via hydrogenated liquids. I have come to believe that the combined use of H3O and the HydroGenie produces results that bring the user closer to the state that Volkov has documented.

Long-Lived People of the "Amazonian Underworld"
eep in the Amazon, where I've spent long stretches of time -- away from family and friends -- the theme of long-lived peoples living in hiding is an every present meme. One example haunts me to this day: In the summer of 2008, I spent considerable time outside Tena, Ecuador in Napo Province with a highly regarded shaman and herbalist (whose real name I won't disclose for reasons of personal privacy). I took quite a number of entheogenic journeys with "Don Pablo" and knew him quite well. In any event, several years earlier Don Pablo was on a hunting expedition in neighboring Orellana Province when he came upon an unusual clearing which appeared to have a cloud-like mist resting just above it. As he entered the clearing, he felt as though the earth was sinking beneath and then he suddenly "fell" to a completely different clearing, where he was greeted by a strange people who looked unlike anybody he'd ever seen in Ecuador.
Not thinking he could ever return to his "former world," Don Pablo took to the customs and ways of his adopted people and became one of them. He acquired the skill of communicating telepathically, as they did. He married. Had children. He lived a long life without aging, as he discovered that these people lived many hundreds, if not thousands, of years. One day he was approached by one of the elders of his village and told that it was "his time to return." He was saddened by this news, but complied with the instructions of the elder and was led to a different clearing where there was what appeared to a portal one could walk through. Upon entering the portal, Don Pablo was returned to the very same clearing where he left his old world. There, he was greeted by his brother, who had accompanied him on the expedition. Over come with joy, Don Pablo's brother explained that he had been "gone" for three days and his entire extended family was out looking for him. Strangely, we can actually find a fictional story in the West that bears an uncanny resemblance to this event. (See: The Inner Light, of the Star Trek: The Next Generation franchise).
I was so struck by this story, with all its detail, that I asked Don Pablo's brother about what happened. I found no contradiction in his story. I could easily discount this entire recounting were it not for the fact that such first-hand reports come up again and again if you obtain the "confianza" of shamans in these deep Amazonian areas.

My Own Journey Begins
e often fail to act on our own knowledge and counsel until confronted with a situation that forces us to do so. This was certainly my case. In January of this year (2018) I had to face the fact that I had gotten horribly overweight and was showing serious signs of advancing age. Still 61 years of age, I looked horrible; I felt horrible; my posture was getting worse; I was worn out from overwork; I was experiencing a growing number of small aches and pains in various joints that could clearly see would only get progressively worse with time. I realized that I needed to start putting into practice the many things I'd learned over the years about arresting and even reversing the aging process.
Additionally, I was annoyed at the lengths I was having to go through to try to make myself look better than I was. For example, I had serious issues with alopecia (male pattern baldness). Now, mind you, it isn't my intent to "bald shame" anyone -- (is that what they'd call it now?) -- because people should look how they want to look. But speaking personally, I found it a depressing reminder of my advancing age. Naturally, I did all the crazy things men do to try to hide it: I colored my hair, combed it so as to hide the bald spots, often wore a cap, etc. Still, any act of grooming brought it to the forefront as an unavoidable and constant reminder. If you doubt my reporting as to how I looked, you can look at any number of my YouTube interviews prior to January, 2018, to see what I looked like.
Earlier photos (such the "Christmas photo" taken at right in 2015 when I was 59) clearly show how grey I had gotten to say nothing of the badly thinning hair, particularly from the front to the crown. In the top row of four pictures below (all of which enlarge when clicked), you see the photos taken in January, when I began working with my trainer, Michel Blanchard. Coloring got rid of the grey -- although it was a reddish-brown that is not at all my own natural color -- but, of course, the photos show the natural effect of untreated alopecia. I wanted a natural approach that accomplished two things:
  1. Get my body to produce my own hair in its original, natural color, and,
  2. Regrow the hair I had lost.
This is an experiment I began on August 20th, less than 6 weeks ago, using my own personal formulation incorporating extracts of avenca (Adiantum capillus-veneris), mutamba (Guazuma ulmifolia), he shou wu (Fallopia multiflora), and kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa) -- the first two herbals coming from Peru and Brazil, and the last two coming from India and China. Already there is impressive new hair growth over the frontal lobe and crown, where most of the hair loss occurred. Additionally, the hair is well on its way to returning to its original color, although it is presently still very much "salt and pepper" -- see photo at left. (I will continue to document the results of this experiment as I continue.)

Such elements to deter the "appearance" of aging do nothing to address the deeper issues, and they most certainly do not address systemic cellular processes that are central to the aging process -- which we'll get to in a moment. Nonetheless, knowing full well that our "perception" of our age (and the perception of those around us) is important in providing incentivization and drive to any anti-aging program, I decided to start out with a professional trainer to improve my appearance, loss the excess fat (because obesity itself accelerates the aging process), increase muscularity, and keep my spirits high while I worked behind the scenes to focus on deeper, less visible elements of my evolving anti-aging regimen. Additionally, a well-structured weight training program contains elements of cardiovascular exercise, is naturally detoxifying, and helps build bone density -- all of which is important in any anti-aging program.
I was fortunate enough to find my trainer in a friend I had known for years, with whom Cathryn and I are quite close. Michel Blanchard is not only a professional trainer. He used his own training program to leverage himself into a career as a model with the Elite Models for over ten years, specializing in men's underwear and fitness gear -- arguably the most demanding type of modeling work in terms of physical presentation. Sent on photo assignments worldwide over a decade, Michel (then working under an assigned "modeling name" of Mitch Blanchard, because executives at Elite felt that Michel's first name, common in his native Quebec, didn't sound sufficiently masculine) worked during this period almost without interruption. He represented 40 of the world's top underwear manufacturers and marketers, many of them household names. From the late 80's to nearly the year 2000, Michel shuffled between an active modeling career, a demanding work load as a trainer, and a researcher in anti-aging and rejuvenation. (Additionally, Michel has degrees from McGill University and Parsons School of Design, above and beyond his being an American certified personal trainer and nutritionist.) 1

Michel ("Mitch") Blanchard: Over A Decade in the High-End World of Fashion & Fitness Modeling

Developing a New / Better Model for
Approaching Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine
One of the basic tenets of naturopathy is that as artifacts of nature, and not technology, we humans will find our best health care solutions in Mother Nature herself. In the vast majority of cases, this verity holds. In the case of cancer, for instance, which comprises a large percentage of our workload, we see almost daily how natural solutions outperform conventional, high-tech therapeutic solutions, and do so at a fraction of the cost.
Anti-aging approaches, however, propose unique challenges that don't exist in the world of battling degenerative disease. Perhaps this is because the goal itself isn't natural. If, as Professor Guy McPherson says only half-kidding, that, "Birth is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate," if, there is nothing more natural in the world than getting old and dying, then perhaps meaningful, effective solutions to arresting the effects of aging will arise that appear to selectively counter nature herself -- at least at this stage of the discipline's development.
In contemplating these unalterable facts, I came to the conclusion that we do, indeed, need a "new, better model for approaching anti-aging and regenerative medicine." Part of my metamorphosis in thought came in working with Michel, who himself has used a combination of low-dosasge hormone replacement therapy and a variety of specialized nutraceuticals. He has also been working for most of the last 30 years as a personal trainer and nutritionist.
I was attracted to investigating these options as part of a comprehensive anti-aging regimen for two reasons: (1) They work with little to no side effect. Michel, who turns 53 this month (see photo above) is living proof of their effectiveness, as are friends and loyal clients who follow his advice and regimen. (2) The cost here in South America is a fraction of the price of the very same materials if purchase in the U.S. or most Western European countries. My own regimen would cost about $2,500 per month if I were purchasing them within the U.S. Here in Ecuador, my supplemental regimen, including herbals as well as products made on the pharmaceutical side, cost me about $250 -- or less than 10% of the cost in the U.S. The price differential is nothing short of eye-popping.
Additionally, Michel plugged me into a network of people who are involved, either as surgeons or their patients, who have made use of the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery to shed 15 to 20 years off of their appearance. Amazingly, the quality of practice here in Ecuador is superior to what I've found in the U.S., and -- once again -- cost a tiny fraction of what one would pay in the so-called first world. Although I've never had any cosmetic surgery done myself, I am amazed at the results of people who have tapped into this network.

The Critical Importance of Detoxification / Fasting (Autophagy)
In our 28 years of working with advanced degenerative conditions, we have learned that those with the best recoveries are those who have been conscientious in detoxifying the body --- the liver, gallbladder, colon, the lungs, blood, lymph, skin and the systemic removal of toxic heavy metals. The importance of detoxing cannot be underplayed. If age reversal is your goal the correct functioning of these organs is vital. Our skin (wrinkles, age spots, etc. . .) have a direct correlation with our liver and gallbladder toxicity. If our lymphatic system isn't working to remove the toxins from our body this will be reflected in one's level of energy. Our bodies must work in perfect harmony the way they do when we were young. During our lifetimes we are exposed to heavy metals in many different sources from our food to our teeth. The immune system is what suffers from this exposure over time. The body must be cleared of all possible toxins to allow our bodies to function at an optimal level at any age.
Speaking systemically, we have known for some time that there is a correlation between fasting and longevity in both human and animal studies. 2 In fact, Yoshinori Ohsumi won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work showing how cells "recycle and renew their content, a process called autophagy. Fasting activates autophagy, which helps slow down the aging process and has a positive impact on cell renewal." 3
Through our own internal research we have come to believe that no comprehensive anti-aging or "age reversal" program is complete with a component that includes fasting or calorie restriction. For this reason, we are developing our own formulations to assist in making the fasting process as easy and comfortable as possible in preparation for the opening of our clinic -- (see below).

Latest Results in "Stem Cell" Technology
Yielding "Striking Anti-Aging Results"
New developments in the field of anti-aging / regenerative medicine show significant promise. These developments include: stem cell therapy involving the use of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), 4 stem cell brain implants, 5 PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy), novel DermaPen applications, 6 among other approaches. The use of our own autologous pluripotent cells offer a limitless arena for age reversal medicine. The use of both PRP and autologous stem cells can help greatly improve injuries that remind us that we are getting "old," providing your body the basic building blocks needed to regenerate damaged tissue.

Coming Soon: Amazonian "Age Reversal" Retreat
Come join us at this new and exciting retreat with the sole purpose of making you feel and look younger. We are in the process of recruiting practitioners who take a natural approach in regenerative medicine, introducing a protocol designed to offer complete detoxification and cleansing of the vital organs of the body. Taking advantage of the amazing natural resources available at our fingertips, found both in the beautiful Andes mountains and Amazon Jungle.
Our Amazonian Age Reversal Retreat will employ the latest developments in stem cell technology, controlled autophagy, anti-aging formulations -- both herbal and pharmaceutical. The clinic will also provide classes to teach visitors how to effectively extend their lifespans a minimum of 20 years -- on average -- depending on effort and commitment. We hope to have our clinic in full operation by some time in 2020.
In upcoming newsletters, I will discuss more specifics, but for now we wanted to alert our "opt in" customers of this latest development. Questions about the Clinic can be addressed to


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